Washington State Fair bans firearms; workers robbed at gunpoint

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Guess the criminals didn’t receive the memo.
gun free zone
KOMO: Puyallup police are beefing up patrols around the Washington State Fair after armed robbers hit three times over the weekend.
No one was hurt in the incidents that happened several blocks away from the fair. The robbers struck Sunday night just after the fair closed and workers were heading home.
The State Fair had been operating only three days when robbers decided to move into the surrounding neighborhoods. Robbery victim Leif Strom was walking in the 1000 block of 7th Avenue Southeast when he got held up. He and another worker at the State Fair were heading east toward home when confronted by four men in a white Buick.
“One of them came up and the other one was behind him and he asked me for all my money and I gave him $6 at first,” Strom said.  But Strom had just finished a 10-hour shift selling items at the fair and had been paid $100 in cash.  “But then he pulled out a gun and he asked me for it all, and so I gave him $100 and just walked away before he asked me for my phone or anything,” Strom said.
Strom said the robber was only 5’8″ tall. Strom stand 6’6″ tall. Strom said the man’s gun made up for the size difference.  “I guess you feel pretty big when you have a gun,” he said.
Just 8 minutes later and a mile away on the complete other side of the fair grounds, two more pairs of State Fair workers were robbed at gunpoint. Police believe they were targeted by the same group of robbers.
“I’d say it was very bold to be doing this, especially this time of year with the fair going on and so many people being out and about,” said Capt. Ryan Portmann of the Puyallup Police Department.
Portmann said the department already have extra police in the area for the fair, and now they’re going to bring in even more to ease growing concerns.  “The Fair is safe,” said Portmann. “This is highly unusual to have this type of a crime series to occur during the fair.”
Residents fear this will hurt the image of the fair, but they’re confident in their police department.  “I think it was just a few incidents and I know our police force is definitely working to catch the guys,” said Puyallup resident Sarah Lawson.
All of the victims were fair workers, but police don’t if they were targeted specifically or just random targets.

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  2. Actions have consequences!

  3. When guns are outlawed , only outlaws will have guns .

  4. Just how many laws and statutes must “We the People” (the true U.S. citizens) now disregard and defy to exercise the civil rights guaranteed to us by the founding document of this country, the Constitution of the United States of America in order to defend our lives, our families, and property?

  5. Hundreds of thousands of serious crimes are prevented each year through the use and possession of a firearm, far more than they create in yearly homicides — many of which are in defense or centered in ‘gun-free’ zones through illegal use.
    It is for this reason that throughout history those who wish to do harm have feared guns and the ability of firearms to prevent crime, excess power, and even takeover. The reality is that a well-armed populace of law-abiding citizens has a very great defense against criminals, gangs, and those who wish to do harm to the citizen base. An unarmed public, on the other hand, can do virtually nothing to defend itself. If the fact that citizens who are exercising their right to keep and bear arms intimidates liberals so much, then liberals need to do a reality check to determine why the rights of the people are so intimidating to them.

  6. And yet, just try to present this obvious lesson to a liberal…

  7. ANY form of Gun Control is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

  8. We need only look to Chicago to see the stupidity and danger of strict gun control laws.

  9. Police do not know if the incidents are related to the Fair?
    The robbers must be related to someone on the police force.


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