Washington state demorats approve bill that prevents employers & landlords from discriminating against illegal aliens

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Another instance of demorats giving privilege to criminal illegal aliens over those of law-abiding US citizens and legal immigrants.

From MyNorthwest.com: Washingtonians are protected from discrimination based on factors such as gender, race, religion and sexual orientation — and now, Democrats in Olympia want to add illegal immigrants to the list of protected groups.

Sen. Doug Ericksen (R-Ferndale) told KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson that Senate Bill 5165 prohibits discrimination by employers “based on citizenship or immigration status.” This applies to every realm from employment to housing rental and even to insurance transactions.

In other words, if an employer had two equally-qualified candidates to choose from — one a citizen and one an illegal immigrant who had been deported several times — and the employer hired the citizen, this could be grounds for a lawsuit on the immigrant’s behalf.

“Under Washington state law, they would have the right to a cause of action against that employer if they were discriminated against because of their legal status,” Ericksen said. “Now federal law might come in and have something to say about that, but this is what Washington state law would say. ”

The bill passed on the Senate floor on Tuesday.

Ericksen welcomes political discourse, but said that the extent to how far to the Left the Democratic legislators have gone is extreme. Now, he said, moderate Democrats are actually in the minority.

“I don’t know how we’ve gotten quite to this point, but I have never seen a Legislature like the one we currently have, in term of the bills they’re moving and how far Left, socialist — there’s no other word for it, socialist — they have become,” he said.

Nationally, he said, people find the Green New Deal in Congress to be radical, but really, it just promotes the kind of ideas that have flourished in the Washington state Legislature for years.

Read the whole story here.


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9 responses to “Washington state demorats approve bill that prevents employers & landlords from discriminating against illegal aliens

  1. Wish somebody cut those fingers off and put them where her sun doesn’t shine? That is the most gross gesture any one can do, worse in a woman.

  2. Leeann Springer

    Alma: It’s a ” no-class gesture” for anyone to make. Women (not ladies) who make that vulgar sign are “gutter trash”. As for discrimination in regard to renting, I would refuse any illegal alien. Washington State, like California and other “leftist states” will crumble from within, with no tax base. I own a rental house and if a background screening report came back suspicious, there would be no renting it. I live in a relatively obscure valley at the foot of the Ouachita Mountains. Just in the last 8 years, we’ve had families from Houston, Texas, California, Chicago, and Arizona move into the population. They moved here for various reasons. Some came to get away from high taxation, crime, sanctuary city issues and “over control” of petty laws. If Washington States continues with the madness, they will create a situation of mayhem with illegals and it will bankrupt the state. Leeann

  3. Any employer/landlord should have enough common sense to keep their thoughts to themselves during the application/screening/hiring process. This goes not only for illegal aliens, but muslims as well.

    When people need to bring along another person to translate, or start demanding additional break times, or places to pray during working hours, that will just lead to trouble down the road.

    I can’t believe a bill like this is even necessary in this day & age. Numerous companies have been seeking BI-LINGUAL applicants for so long, English-speaking-only people are at a disadvantage.

    I’d love to see what would happen if a bunch of illegals apply for jobs at Boeing in Everett, were rejected, and they got some group to sue Boeing on their behalf, even if they’re clearly not qualified.

  4. I know a lot of small employers hire illegals and pay them cash “under the table”. Large employers are supposed to be fined for hiring illegals. Isn’t it a Federal law and isn’t it still in effect?

    • Yes, it is still illegal.


      • Absolutely. Not only can they not “legislate” their own laws that circumvent the legislature, whatever protections there are are afforded to “citizens”, not illegal aliens.

        These guys are nuts. We know why they’re doing it. I just can’t believe how many are falling for it. These “sanctuary cities” are the same idea. If something is against federal law, a state can’t just “opt out”. Remember, they take an oath to uphold the laws. All who do these things should be removed from office and brought up on charges.

  5. Where The Jobs Are

    Liberal game is this, illegals take super low wages, they don’t have to give them benefits, the families move into liberal owned homes they buy cheap and rent them out at premium prices, 20 people live in the home, the neighbors on either side that lived there 40 years get tired of cars being repaired on the front lawns, kids everywhere, gun shots (never had those before) garbage, etc. and move to Idaho. Ah peaceful again. Liberal that lives on Vashon Island goes to the city, buys the house real cheap, hires illegal cheap labor to fix, other liberals do this same thing further down the block, young millennials move in, others do, another liberal buys cheap house, keep fixing, rents skyrocket, housing prices all go up, by then all the illegals are long gone, liberal bank accounts soar. Rinse, repeat. Then they notice presidential crackdowns, so in response, resist, resist more, slander, make wild accusations, Cohen Cohen Cohen, keep medias fed, quick get that law protecting their illegal work crew final. Rinse, repeat.

  6. This isn’t the only incidence of this. Basically, there are laws against this. A state or locality can make a local ordinance that is STRICTER than the existing statute, but they CANNOT overturn the statute and declare that they will not enforce it.

    They are attempting to force people to break existing law. This too was part of The Plan. They want people to become so fed up with government that they beg “them” to institute one that pleases them. As disgusting as that is, it isn’t hard to understand.

    What’s hard to understand is how they get these “officials” to violate their oaths of office and participate. Clearly they must feel an affinity to The Odor, not the people that brought them to power. What they are proposing is a crime itself. If the local prosecutors won’t bring charges, maybe its time for the feds to step in?


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