Washington State concerned with water quality

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Senator Maralyn Chase, Washington State Senator from the 32nd Legislative District in Shoreline believes the state has more important things to do than balance our budget (which they failed to balance during last fall’s special session).  Her latest killjoy bill?
SB 5777 which would require charity car wash fundraisers to follow all sorts of new guidelines to save our water.  The text states the following.
All charity car wash fund-raisers that do not use the facilities and premises of a commercial car wash facility must adhere to the following requirements:

  • Use only biodegradable soaps;
  • Wash all cars on gravel, grass, or other permeable surfaces;
  • Use hoses with nozzles that automatically turn off when left unattended;
  • Block off all storm drains surrounding the premises during the charity car wash event; or
  • Use a storm drain insert on all storm drains surrounding the premises to catch car wash water during the charity car wash event; and
  • Pump water from car washes into a sanitary sewer drain; or
  • If of this subsection is not feasible, pump car wash water onto grass or landscaping to provide filtration.

The bill would further require this:
Annually, during the month of May, each public school shall conduct or promote educational activities that provide instruction, awareness, and understanding of the effects of storm water pollution in Washington, including the effects of vehicle washing activities on local water quality and drinking water quality.
I get the need to keep our waters clean, hence that’s why King County alone has four treatment plants (stormdrains are connected to the sewer system in the combined sewer system throughout the county)  and has an annual budget of $111.2M (operating) and $210.0M (capital-related).
With an anticipated budget deficit of almost $2 Billion, you’d think that lawmakers could prioritize OUR needs and fix the spending mess THEY created.  But no, they’d rather force young children doing fundraisers to comply with more regulations and indoctrinate teach them about environmental issues instead of the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic.  
Senator Chase is a buzz kill, and she and everyone in Olympia are not doing the job they were elected to do – bring us a balanced budget and get the state’s spending under control.  Guess that’s too much to ask when you’re more concerned about water quality and being a big government nanny.

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0 responses to “Washington State concerned with water quality

  1. and the people keep on voting for these screwballs, all they care about is spending, new laws, control and regulations. Lastly tax the ‘rich’ to pay for it.

  2. In the local ‘big-city’, greenies were concerned with sewage plant
    overflows into the river/lake after the occasional heavy rain,
    so they decided to force everyone to disconnect from storm drains.
    Now the sewer lines are plugged because they aren’t flushed
    (as resigned) and the rainwater goes down the granite hills and
    streets directly into the lake with all of the erosion/debris and
    pollutants and the sewage plant still overflows.

  3. Leftists and logic? lol


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