Washington, D.C. is America's adultery center

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Bill Clinton, John Edwards. Newt Gingrich, John Ensign.
The first was a U.S. president; the third a former Congressman and House speaker; the second and fourth are former U.S. senators. What do these men have in common, other than their being major Washington Beltway politicians?
While Clinton and Edwards are Democrats, Gingrich and Ensign are Republicans. All are adulterers.
So it comes as no surprise that, by one measure — those who sign up for the “Life is short. Have an affair” website Ashley Madison — Washington, D.C. has more adulterers than any other city in America.
Neal Augenstein reports for wtop.com, Feb. 24, 2012, that more people per capita in the D.C. metropolitan area sign up for the website Ashley Madison than in any other city, according to the site, which helps people looking to stray. Washington has the highest per capita membership among the site’s 13 million users, The Washington Post reports. The site claims 38,000 registered users in the District.
Ashley Madison’s CEO Noel Biderman rationalized to the Post that it’s because D.C. has so many successful people. People become successful from taking professional risks that often pay off; that risk-taking personality trait also prompts personal risks such as adultery. “The more successful you are, the more prone to cheating you are, and Washington is full of successful people looking for something outside their marriage.”
So the political capital of the United States of America is also the adultery capital! No wonder our country is so screwed up.
Founding Father John Adams certainly anticipated this sad state of affairs, writing in a letter to Mercy Warren in 1776:
“Public virtue cannot exist in a nation without private, and public virtue is the only foundation of republics. There must be a positive passion for the public good, the public interest, honour, power and glory, established in the minds of the people, or there can be no republican government, nor any real liberty: and this public passion must be superiour to all private passions.”

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0 responses to “Washington, D.C. is America's adultery center

  1. No wonder there’s absolute panic when someone like Sen Santorum shows up talking social conservatism, huh? So we have a choice between morality and corruption … still want the corruption? OY VEY!

    • yes, and this was … how long ago? I used to smoke weed, too, and I even did a few other things I’m not terribly proud of now … If you’re waiting for God or even Jesus to run for public office … not gonna happen. She and Rick have been married more than 20 yrs. What were you doing 20 yrs ago? I’ve grown up since then. Obviously Karen has too!

  2. Successful people may be risk takers yet they also must be disciplined.
    “The more successful you are, the more prone to cheating you are”…that’s a rather blanket statement that excludes the many successful people who don’t cheat.
    Washington DC is just a culture that holds itself above the morals and standards of decent people. They do whatever they dang well please – both with our tax dollars and their personal lives.

  3. It’s because they are away from home and feel that they can misbehave. I’ll bet that Las Vegas has more sin than Washington; it’s just that there is more media coverage in Washington.

    • I suggest you try actually reading the post before you comment on it. If you had, you’d realize that media coverage has nothing to do with why D.C. is the adultery center. That dishonor is determined by the number of people who registered (for extra-marital hook-ups) on the adultery web-site.

  4. Christians are ‘confused”, in my somewhat unpopular opinion. They think the Federal Government is a “Christian government” and the “Romans 13 Authority”. (They need to read the KJV.) The officers of the church of Jesus Christ when submitted to God’s Word and Spirit — thus anointed thereby – are the Romans 13 Authority. The Federal Government is Whore Babylon and the seat of the 666 beast system. Leviathon behaves like Leviathon.

  5. O how I wish these ppl in Washington DC knew how harmful marital affairs are to their children. They do not understand, while in heat, that affairs can do so much psychological damage to the kids. It totally ruins their sense of trust, they have to relearn how to trust anyone, especially a spouse, again.


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