Was That a Fake Baby Bump?

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Here’s something totally non-political for a Friday….
Beyoncé is a very popular pop singer and actress. I’ve never listened to her, other than her serenading Barry and Moochelle as the “First Couple” danced at his 2009 inaugural ball.
But I do know that Beyoncé’s husband is Jay-Z, a wildly successful rapper, record producer and entrepreneur, because of the sinister name of one of his songs, “Lucifer,” and the occult symbolism in his music.
Beyoncé says she’s pregnant and is due to give birth in February, which means she’s in her second trimester.
Earlier this week, she appeared on the Australian talk show “Sunday Night HD.” As Beyoncé sat down before her interviewer, her baby bump appeared to collapse, fueling rumors that she’s wearing a prosthetic belly, and that she and Jay-Z had hired a surrogate to carry the baby, their first.
Here are pics of her sitting down, showing the peculiar collapsed baby bump. To watch an ABCNews video of this, click here.

I know this belongs in the category of Pop Culture Trivia, but it just looks weird to me. I wonder what readers of FOTM who have carried a pregnancy to term think. Let’s hear from you!

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0 responses to “Was That a Fake Baby Bump?

  1. I saw this on another site, and I think it’s pretty much a trick of the light. The center image has her hair hanging down in front of it all blurry too, so it looks weird, but that’s her hair there and some shadow. But her dress is so snug, it would definitely crump up under her bump. I don’t think it’s fake right now, but we’ll see.

  2. When I was little (many years ago) – My grandmother (Baptists preachers wife) used to gossip about people and spread rumors. (it was a very common thing among church goers in the south) – Sometimes people would end up being very hurt and many of the rumors weren’t even true.
    Witnessing that type of behavior ended up being one of my many early experiences that turned me off of Christianity and “conservatism.”

    • What does the speculation of these photos have to do w/conservatives? Huffpo has posted the same article and they are far from conservative and Christian.
      Turns out both sides – libs and conservatives – have opinions I guess…

  3. “Turns out both sides – libs and conservatives – have opinions I guess…”
    Lib or conservative has nothing to do with it I guess. I did witness more of the vicious judgmental gossiping from the world of church goers. I’ve witnessed equally disturbing behavior from some people you would classify as “lib” as well but I’ve encountered more honest and truly decent. non-disingenuous people from the left.
    Remember Mrs. Hariet Oleson on little house? That’s the type of person gossipy judgmental types remind me of. Charles Ingles would have been considered an evil lib by many neo cons 😉 (His whole Anti-Slavery, pro Native American stance on the show and what-not)

    • Libs or conservatives have nothing to do with it? Then why did you attack this post as to the viciousness of cons?
      Truly decent people from the left? Ah yes, the likes of Pelosi (a “Catholic”) that defends abortion, the sacred RevAl that lies about a woman being raped to push his agenda, and – most important – a president that supports partial-birth abortion. How truly decent of him.
      And speaking of vicious words from a church-goer, what about those words spoken by Skippy’s pastor of over 20 years, “God dam* America”?
      Spare me your lib kool-aid talking points. Go to the same article on this subject posted at Huffpo and play with your basement buds. you’ll be much more appreciated there, I guess.

      • “Truly decent people from the left? Ah yes, the likes of Pelosi (a “Catholic”) that defends abortion, the sacred RevAl that lies about a woman being raped to push his agenda, and – most important – a president that supports partial-birth abortion. How truly decent of him.”
        DCG: I said I’ve encountered more decent people who lean left. I’m talking about REAL, EVERYDAY people. I do not know or would even want to know Pelosi. She comes off as disingenuous to me.
        By the way, most of my family and closest friends who lean left DO NOT support partial birth abortion. That’s another example of why we shouldn’t stereotype each other based on what a few bad apples do or support.
        Like I said above, not trying to have a flame war here – I just figured I would use this as an opening to have that debate that Steve invited me on a few weeks ago. I realize I sounded like I’m trying to step on toes here with my first comment — I’m really not.

      • By the way, I don’t post on HuffPo and other liberal sites. In my fairly independent mind there is an extreme aversion to group-think and fighting some imaginary “liberal cause” ..
        I’m starting to think it’s a mistake for any of us to fly a “conservative” or “liberal” banner and fight tooth and nail against any perceived attack on our “cause” . There are bad people on both sides – I would have been considered a “bad apple” among many people on the left due to my extreme anger and hateful remarks in the past. Why should this imaginary “left” be held responsible for my past hateful comments? What ever happened to individualism and personal responsibility. I read a bizarre comment recently that the person who shat on the police car at the OWS rally was “MY PEOPLE” . That was ONE person who represented his own immature self.

  4. note: I am the tbm guy, my legion of anger left by the wayside…not trying to troll your page.
    just a friendly fyi. 😉

  5. Anyway, Elwyn: Hi 🙂 ..
    Not trying to disparage you for reposting this — I just do not like tabloid hit pieces. Tabloids are known for starting many cruel rumors and needlessly hurting people. It just reminded me of one of my early experiences in Church in regard to Gossip … Thought I’d share as I was asked once by Steve to explain why I’m against modern Christian conservatives — I didn’t reply to him at the time as I really didn’t want to have another flame war on here. I still don’t , so I ask that you don’t take this as a personal attack on you.

    • Tbm, now The Tman:
      First of all, why did you change your alias, again? Why do you keep changing your handle? That’s not the sort of behavior that engenders interpersonal trust.
      Secondly, why are you picking on me for this post? I was trying to find something light to post for a Friday. Not having had a baby myself, I don’t know how to interpret these strange pics of Beyonce, and so I posted this to ask women who are mothers for their assessment. If you don’t like tabloid “hit pieces,” then don’t read my post. Simple solution. Your saying “not trying to disparage you for reposting this” is disingenuous because you ARE, because you then immediately did exactly that.
      In my post, I stated this subject is rumor and does belong to the category of Pop Culture Trivia. I am a person who is curious about almost EVERYTHING – a Rorschach inkblot test I once took said “curiosity” is my dominant trait I.really was curious about why Beyonce’s baby bump seemingly collapsed as she sat down. If any mother out there testifies that their baby bumps also behaved in like manner at 2nd trimester, I would totally accept their explanation. I have no opinion about Beyonce and, frankly, could care less whether her bump is real or not.
      Of all the subjects under the sun, I’m just flabbergasted you picked this one to raise a big stink. But I guess that’s what happens when you have an inherently negative view of FOTM. Everything we do is distasteful to you; nothing we do will ever meet with your neutrality, even more unlikely, your approval. That’s the definition of prejudice.

      • I intended my scorn for the people who came up with this non-story, I just came off the wrong way. I guess I have a habit of coming out guns-drawn, so to speak, huh? :-/ As for the article: So often these days these tabloid writers stomp all over celebrities without respect for their humanity. (celebrities are real people and are affected by things just like you or I) Hurtful untrue rumors are started all the time by these type of publications (which HuffPo is becoming more tabloid like all the time — Not sure if that’s where you got the story, just saying) …
        Secondly, Tbm was an e-mail address I happened to use as a handle temporarily. I posted a comment letting you know it was me – not like I was trying to be sneaky. 😉
        Thirdly, No everything you do (say) here I disagree with.
        Have a good day.

        • That was meant to be *NOT everything you do (say) here I disagree with.
          big difference.
          I’ll b’gone now – Not trying to be a trouble maker 😉 If I had the option to delete my comments I would have taken down my first one minutes after I wrote it. I realized soon after the fact that I sounded condescending.

        • The Tman:
          You wrote: “Thirdly, Not everything you do (say) here I disagree with.”
          Then, prove it! Write a comment — just one — wherein you’re actually friendly, or approving, or just pleasant.
          No one (certainly not I) is asking you to leave. I had removed the ban on your IP address weeks ago precisely as my gesture of friendship.
          As for your objection to Conservatives & Christians:
          No where in any of my now thousands of posts on the Fellowship have I ever, ever claimed C & C to be better people, but I do believe that Conservatism is the better political ideology and Christ is the Truth and the Way. In fact, I stated in FOTM’s “About” page: “There are good and bad people in every race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation. No group has a monopoly on either good or evil.”
          A central tenet of Christianity is that we are all sinners, which was why the Second Person of the Triune God became man, to suffer and be executed, so as to atone for humanity’s sin, and to show us how to be human — how to treat each other, how to stand up for the truth, how to endure our inevitable sufferings that life throws at all of us, and how to love God with our whole heart, our whole mind, our whole soul, and with all our strength.
          When one of FOTM’s posts turns out to be mistaken, I’ve corrected or outright deleted them. If someone can show us a compelling reason or evidence for some position, we’ve been known to change our minds. Having said all that, Fellowship of the Minds, as we stated in our “About” page, is Conservative and Christian and polemical. We are in a political war and we do fight — fiercely — to defend our beliefs, ideals, and values.

  6. I’m starting to realize how wrong headed it is to stereotype people and groups — I’m sure not all Christian conservatives are like the people I’ve personally encountered. I can assure you that the stereotype you have of “leftists” is absolutely wrong too — I believe in hard work and family values – An extremely large number of people on the left do. I just have a different take on how to deal with things:
    Take homosexuality for example: I and everyone in my immediate and extended family is heterosexual. I believe a kid is best raised by a loving mother and father. I don’t think a kid being raised by gay people would necessarily end up wrecked — Quite the contrary, I’ve known of many children of conservative Christian parents who ended up quite wrecked. I do accept that we live in a *FREE* country and that I have no right to dictate to other gay people how they live their lives. Having gay people in society is just a fact of life – It will never change. Heck, it may even be an oddity of nature – There are gay animals for crying out loud. That doesn’t mean gay people are animals. Marriage will always be dominated by heterosexual couples – allowing gay people to pretend to be husband and wife will not ruin our world. Just live and let live — The more you guys fight them and give them the impression that you want to discriminate or outlaw them, the more militant and harder they push.

  7. One more reply to DCG:
    “And speaking of vicious words from a church-goer, what about those words spoken by Skippy’s pastor of over 20 years, “God dam* America”?”
    Just another judgmental Christian in my view. I have no inclination to defend him … I imagine I’d have to walk in his shoes to understand his position or even be capable of understanding what he meant.
    I assume he didn’t mean America as a whole or the America of MLK’s dream … I also assume he has dealt on the receiving end of extreme racism and oppression (which did exist, brutally and unfortunately, for black people of his age who were around in the mid 20th century) — That doesn’t mean reverse racism is an appropriate response if he truly does “hate whitey” as some conservatives suggest.
    I know you guys are fond of pointing out that the KKK was started by democrats. I’ve noticed it being mentioned here in the past. Can you explain whether you think those democrats of yesteryear were mostly liberals as the democrat party is today? The same area that was dominated by the democrats of that time (southern “bible belt” states) started becoming mostly republican in the 20th century. Tell me how I’m wrong here if I AM wrong ; But from the research , I’ve gathered that the same southern conservatives who were once the dixiecrat (democrats) transitioned to the republican party — It’s not like the majority of the south turned from liberal into conservative – it’s always been a staunch conservative area. How can you explain why the southern republicans vastly voted AGAINST civil rights in the 1960s ?

  8. One more comment about race and racism: Again, No need to respond to me with anger — If you disagree just rationally point out what I’m wrong about and why. Steve wanted me to explain why I’m against conservatives (There are many many things – the following (double standards) is just a drop in the bucket)
    I’m not one of those people who think everyone or even the majority who oppose Obama are racist, although I know for a verifiable fact that many are. I’m not one to throw around charges of “racism” as a blanket statement criticizing the tea party. Morgan Freeman and others are stereotyping — though I understand completely why he said what he did. It stems from your double standards: Many of you pointed out the guy who shat on the police car at the rally as representing all liberals and protestors. — So if it’s ok for you to condemn everyone in a movement based on what an individual did or said, why is it so wrong for people like Morgan Freeman to do it to you? (I don’t think either is ok but just pointing out the double standard here)
    Here’s another ironic double standard I notice from many in the Tea Party. When Obama was elected some people in the media suggested perhaps America is “post racial” and coming out of it’s racist past -> I didn’t agree with those statements but here’s my point: I lurk and read many comments on the internet from as many different viewpoints as I can ; After the election I didn’t come across ANYONE who voted for Obama saying anything like “See, I’m not racist since I voted for him” — I personally didn’t even consider race in my support for him — Here’s my gripe though, I constantly see tea party people making comments like ” The left voted for Obama to prove they aren’t racist” –> Whats ironic is the fact that I’m constantly seeing tea party people literally saying their support of Herman Cain shows they aren’t racist.
    I also think it’s sad that many in the Tea Party called the majority of black people racist because they overwhelmingly voted for Obama instead of the white guy. Clinton got over 85% of the black vote and I never saw any accusations like that back then.

  9. I hope she is in a family way…a cute girl likely to be blessed with a adorable child. It might just be the grandpa in me,but it seems a baby bump would be preferable to have speculated on than the whispers about the cheap-beer and blended whiskey purported to have caused my delicate (ahem) condition 🙂


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