Was Killing OBL Legal?

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Got him!

 The folks over at Politico have a question: was killing OBL legal? As more details of the death of 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden surfaced Monday, some individuals suggested that the killing of the Al Qaeda leader by U.S. special forces may have violated international law.
However, human rights and civil liberties groups that have sharply criticized the Obama administration for its use of lethal force against terror suspects outside of war zones remained largely mum after the notorious bin Laden was shot by U.S. Navy SEALs in an operation that took place in Pakistan, where the U.S. is not involved in formally declared combat.
Tom Malinowski, the Washington director of Human Rights Watch, said his group wasn’t prepared to express an opinion “until we know more solid details about the facts of the operation.”
The American Civil Liberties Union, which has vocally opposed the Obama administration’s use of lethal force outside of armed conflict zones, told POLITICO it has not released an official comment on bin Laden’s death, and has no plans to comment on it.
Some legal scholars and intelligence analysts are also expressing concerns that the covert military operation in Abbottabad was further evidence to them that the U.S. is taking the wrong approach in the so-called “global war on terror.”
Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern went as far as to say that bin Laden was “martyred by U.S. forces acting arbitrarily and independently in a Muslim nation.” “The professor turned president was out to show how tough he is and how his crackerjack extrajudicial assassins can get their man,” McGovern said. “There are commonly accepted legal ways to capture and bring such people to a court of law — yes, even the ‘bad guys’ like Osama bin Laden.”
Terrorism – even that perpetrated by Osama bin Laden — is a criminal action and doesn’t necessarily require military force, according to Mary Ellen O’Connell, a law professor at the University of Notre Dame. “If we’re not there by the authorization of the U.N. Security Council, then we should be using law enforcement methods – not military force,” she told POLITICO.
I would like to ask: Was bombing the USS Cole legal? Was the 1993 bombing of the WTC legal? Were the 1998 US Embassy bombings legal? Or was hijacking four planes on 9/11 legal? I’m no lawyer yet I’m going go out on a limb here and suggest justice was served. And I don’t care if it violated U.N. Security Council laws.

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0 responses to “Was Killing OBL Legal?

  1. lowtechgrannie

    Hasn’t Osama Bin Laden been the target since 9/12/2001? According to the MSM and the politicians, taking him out was going to set the world spinning on a different axis. Guess what, nothing in my life has changed except I’m less inclined to travel by air due to TSA searches and ever longer waits in line. Fortunately, most of my family lives within a 10 mile radius of me so airports don’t figure very prominently in my plans.

  2. I agree with you DCG. Man,after reading this,what an upside down mess we have let the left wing idiots make.

  3. That depends on the party affiliation of the CIC at the time of the mission.

    • Thomas Morato

      Excellent point Dave. So much said in so few words.

      • Thanks, Thomas.
        Yeah, I don’t do the twelve paragraph comments I composed back in the Usenet days, as I figure most regulars are intelligent enough to noodle the rest out on their own.
        Sometimes that works, other times, not so much.
        Besides, I’m 47 now, and time is more valuable to me then back when I was young and “immortal.”
        LOL – Plus, I really hate typing, because I really suck at it.

  4. Me too! I don’t care if the useless occult-infested United Nations’ Security Council laws were violated — that is, assuming the whole thing really happened. LOL

  5. “Wanted dead or alive” means dead.

  6. the harder the whitehouse pushes this about osama,the deeper they get. Anyone notice? I hope he is dead,whenever he got that way.lol they said obama cried didn’t want to do this,and Hillary pushed him into it.lol now their is an imam wanting obama’s head. I’ll send him a mapquest,but I don’t know his address. Please,everyone don’t forget what was going on before this happened, as this is what they want to accomplish. Barry is no more in my eyes then the day before all of this happened. {Ineligible} oh,and why the honorable funeral? {disgusting}

    • Ok i was enjoying the comments untill you questioned the honourable funeral. Dare i say do you really think the US treated him with so much respect when ditching him in the sea? (it wasn’t a burial at sea, it was a ditching.)
      I can just imagine everyone getting their 2 bits worth in by booting his body about and probably stabbing him and shooting him a few more times just to get some infurities out of their system from the last 10 years.
      But hell if they did bury him honourably then good for them and how big of them to do so.. because while he was alive he was a tyrant who deserved to die but once dead he was just a dead body that needed to be disposed of. I wonder who gave them the smart idea to ditch him in the sea anyway!?

      • “I wonder who gave them the smart idea to ditch him in the sea anyway!”
        Perhaps it was the same camel-washing pukes that sent all those people leaping from the upper floors of the WTC on 9/11, desperately seeking to avoid being roasted to death, and two of which were business associates of mine.

  7. You it’s my thoughts show your true colors as a “muslim”…you want an “honorable funeral”? Forget you….how about an honorable funeral for the thousands of Americans that OBL killed? I don’t care what our US military did to OBL’s body after he died…there I said it. Screw that respect…and you. Nuff said…(sorry patriots, I’m pissed!)

  8. In the perfectly legal world, the US would contact the Pakistani’s authorities and let them know where Osama was. They would then go and kill or arrest him. In the real world – what you don’t do yourself is unlikely to get done.

  9. “I wonder who gave them the smart idea to ditch him in the sea anyway!”
    how many other enemies have the US ditched in the sea eh? Im still awaiting confirmation it was him….. still waiting… and waiting .. and waiting…


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