Warning!! This Will Make You Throw PC Out Window

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OK, I’m a glutton for punishment. After yesterday’s Israel Policy speech, I could not blog for fear of what I’d say. Well check this Vid out on the Koran and U.S. policy.  I’ll be busy for a while. 

   Steve                                          H/T igor

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0 responses to “Warning!! This Will Make You Throw PC Out Window

  1. Wow
    this was SO spot on, especially after yesterday which had me nearly completely undone.
    There was so much I wanted to say but I was afraid if I did online that the Secret Service would be at my door….thank G-d my Corgi and my husband share my sentiments!
    thanks for posting this video Steve, I love this guy.

  2. I like when someone ties things together like this in a quality video. I will do my part to make sure this goes triple viral.
    Now, I am going to put on some music – soft rock from the 70’s – and detach for a while, because I am about to explode.

  3. my dad sent me that video and i thought well what the heck i watched it and man oh man could not believe the depths of ignorance the pc nation has fallen to this time. its well past time for change, the change that removes the obama administration and all like minded cretins from power in washington d.c.

  4. Steve when i saw this vid i knew i had to share it with you and eowyn and everybody here at the fellowship i was utterly astounded that our government would burn the holy bible and then on the other hand say it is wrong to burn the koran. and the way this guy put together his video with both obama, clinton and pretraous talking their nonsense caught on film.

  5. pretty much explains the grand plan. the government right now is despicable.

  6. catscanner150

    I’m not afraid to say, that I will not, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, SUBMIT TO SHARIAH. Mohammed was nothing more than a deranged pedophile and allah is just another name for Satan, and if anyone thinks they can force me to submit, I will be more than happy to send them straight to Hell, BY ANY MEANS AT MY DISPOSAL.

  7. It’s only the “holy” Koran if the holy Bible and the holy Torah get equal billing… anyone who feels different can eat Spam.

  8. Anybody still wanna tell me that Barack Hussein Obama is not a Muslim?

  9. lowtechgrannie

    Loved the ending, “Fight the Power!”

  10. BTW:
    That guy pounding on his pooter is me trying to get into my blog.
    I have been locked out for weeks, and I have no idea why.


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