Warning Signs of Tyranny

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In 1998 radio host, Roger Fredinburg, did a 21-part series of interviews with scholars, historians and holocaust survivors.  Towards the end of the interview with Dr. Henry Feingold he asked about the “warning signs of tyranny”.  Dr. Feingold’s answer rings even truer now than it did in 1998.  His answer is long and detailed; the self-commanding , faceless, heartless bureaucracy euphemistic vocabulary and code words, the “Do Not Bend, Spindle or Fold” mentality that makes us stand in line. In the last 2 minutes he brings up the possibility of a “demonic leader“.

H/T to Roger Fredinburg

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0 responses to “Warning Signs of Tyranny

  1. Freedom from responsibilities or having to think for oneself, an ever-growing, endless really, list of consumer choices that numb the mind into blankness, and a “one size fits all” solution to WHATEVER: what’s there not to like about fascism? Behold the Obamamama: creator of the first-ever fascist nanny state! How much will Himself charge for speeches after he leaves office? As much as Billy Boy-o? More?
    Emanuel Rahm Bahm ‘Thank ya, mam!” and Billary are laughing themselves even sicker than they already were… and ya can take THAT to the Bank of Goldman’s Sacks! Constitutional Republic? Public, schmublick, who’s to know, as the Invisible Hand of the Fed Res ‘Bank’ is far faster than the blinkered eyes of the sheeple, now 80% of their way to the slaughter…..

  2. Sounds like healthcare reform.


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