Warning! Orly Taitz Website Has Been Infected with a Virus

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                                                                          I just tried to go into her website and my anti-virus software started going crazy screaming “Threat Has Been Detected” and flashing MALWARE at me!  
If she can track down the perp who trashed her website, it could make for a juicy lawsuit !

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0 responses to “Warning! Orly Taitz Website Has Been Infected with a Virus

  1. whew! thankyou LTG-perfect timing.

  2. I ‘ve been there a few times today so I will make sure to run an antivirus scan tonight. Thanks. I didn’t receive any warnings.

  3. this warning has been posted many times in the past to steer traffic from her site, no truth to this

  4. Big Ben is right – you can safely bypass the phony warning.

  5. I will bet it leads to the Illegal’s computer in the White House!

  6. The reason why some people get warnings and some do not is connected to what your browser allows. You can stop a lot of dangerous scripts in FireFox by looking carefully at the add-ons you allow. Obamabots are damaging Orly for what should be very obvious reasons and if they can frighten off visitors to her site the fewer donations she will receive. I left her website a few minutes ago (3rd time today) and have not seen the malware warning; I went through this one in 2010 and proved the warning was phony when I just decided to crash through it anyway and was not harmed in anyway.

  7. Kenzo Breazeale

    She should be using a MAC!

  8. why have no magor news programs posted any of this have we already lost this great country to this imposter

  9. At library today (March 26) and as I have limited computer expertise, I did get the virus warning and did not click acceptance of the software. I had the librarian shut the computer off. She gave me a temp. access id and I decided not to attempt her website again. 🙁


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