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HBO Broadcasts Young Girl Sucking on Huge Plastic Penis Cup


In no way is this acceptable:


Cult comedy Angry Boys aims to shock viewers with its mockumentary style humor, but one right wing group thinks the HBO hit has gone too far and accuses a recent episode of being “akin to showing child pornography.”
The most offensive scene depicts a young girl sucking on a bright pink penis-shaped cup during a sketch about a Japanese mother (played by Australian star and director Chris Lilley) who forces her skateboarding son to act gay as a marketing tactic.
“It’s difficult to imagine that HBO would go any lower,” Dan Gainor of the Culture and Media Institute tells RadarOnline.com in an exclusive interview.
“HBO’s new show Angry Boys includes one episode so foul that they have a little girl drinking from a giant cup made from a replica penis. Oral sex ‘humor’ involving a young child shows precisely where the left’s mind is really at,” he fumed.

The Left is so far gone that we can’t even find agreement on the basis that this is unacceptable.  
Snatch their FCC license and lock these bastards up in the deepest, darkest and dankest hole and leave them there to rot.
Tom in NC

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  1. God help us.

  2. Just sickening…

  3. edward oleander

    Trying to blame “The Left” for this is also vile, and Tom should be ashamed of himself for trying to make that link. Most of the Libs I know would call this sexual abuse. Using the disgusting and disturbing sexual abuse and conditioning of little girls as an excuse to blast all Liberals is grossly inappropriate.
    Libs do NOT condone the use of penis water bottles, penis corn-dogs (yes, a hotdog embedded in a penis-shaped cornbread, all on a stick), or other such phallocentric garbage. Crap like this comes from societies (mainly Japan) where men are dominant and encourage a near “cult” of penis-worship that reinforces their misogynistic grip on power.

    • Liberals suck eggs, and they are useless miscreants because they accept homosexuality and child molestation as something like a civil rights issue.
      This is what liberalism is, that they are too stupid to accept it.
      The next thing will be more “snuff” movies. Where does it end? Oh, I know,
      artistic freedom.
      Liberals should be discriminated against. I hate speaking with them, I don’t like dealing with them, and they are not nice people. I no longer have any liberal friends. As they have all become psychotic assholes. Other than that, I don’t have an opinion.

    • You’re wrong.
      The Left is comprised of those who are pushing continual redefining of sexual norms and boundaries and the early sexualization of children – and those who support and defend them with a nod and a wink and with my tax dollars.
      The Left is the group that castigates and labels in the vilest of terms those who would oppose their agenda in this area – as bigots, phobic, intolerant, repressed, hate-filled, and Nazis.
      You are correct in being outraged over this, but it’s Left who have tilled the soil and planted this fruit in our culture.

    • The narrative was written by the Radar website, my words are in red but I agree with what they said. That being said, leftists are purveyors of more filth and perversions such as pornograhy, abortion, racism and yes pedophilia. Christians, true Christans don’t engage in this filth, but thanks to the pagans in the past and now the modern leftists, our society I fear will always be polluted by it.

    • oleander,
      While not all pedophiles are liberals and not all liberals are pedophiles, The Left most certainly are to be blamed for the continuing debasement and moral corruption of our culture.
      From “Meet the academics who are trying to redefine pedophilia as ‘intergenerational intimacy’”:

      “a decade ago…a parallel movement had begun on some college campuses to redefine pedophilia as the more innocuous ‘intergenerational sexual intimacy.’ The publication of Harmful to Minors: The Perils of Protecting Children from Sex promised readers a ‘radical, refreshing, and long overdue reassessment of how we think and act about children’s and teens’ sexuality.’ The book was published by University of Minnesota Press in 2003 (with a foreword by Joycelyn Elders, who had been the U.S. Surgeon General in the Clinton administration)…. In 1990, the Journal of Homosexuality published a double issue devoted to adult-child sex titled “Inter-generational Intimacy.” David Thorstad, former president of New York’s Gay Activists Alliance and a founding member of the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA), writes that “boy love occurs in every neighborhood today.”

      Joycelyn Elders. Gay Activists Alliance. NAMBLA. Are these individuals and organizations not of the political/ideological Left?

    • Lilley however, is not Japanese, he’s Australian. And leftist sites are reviewing this show as “edgy”.

    • Then perhaps you can explain to all of us why it is lefties who are trying to get adult sex with children legalized in many parts of Europe.
      And I’m not talking just Holland, either.

    • Ed, I have one thing to say to you about one of your remarks here:
      DO NOT USE JAPAN AS A SCAPEGOAT FOR THIS! I’m of Japanese blood, and can tell you this: JAPANESE SOCIETY DOES NOT CONDONE THIS BEHAVIOR! There are nations in Asia guilty of child sex trafficking, but Japan is not one of them.
      The far left wing fringes of the Democratic Party have given these kinds of things a hall pass, while when someone who is perceived as a conservative stumbles with this, the far left wing fringe members bully the person by giving him a political head bashing.

  4. Isn’t Bill Maher enough penis for HBO?

  5. The United Nations (Communist International) is enforcing the destruction of young minds in the Free World. Reason? So Communism can succeed.
    Liberalism, Socialism, Communism all represent An organized murder of the minds and souls of little children, as a means to their ends.

    • edward oleander

      Did you post this in the wrong thread, or did you skip several steps in drawing your… interesting… conclusions? Please, go ahead to fill in the gaps. Please start with the role of the UN in producing and/or distributing penis cups….

  6. OMG !!! This is absolutely horrible !!

  7. With all of Obama’s False Narratives – you would think he would step up to the plate – about something like this – w HBO and this young child –
    and the poor children who were blindfolded by their “teacher” in a California school – subjected to taste tests – and was spoon-feeding them his own semen and his semen-laced cookies.
    But them again Obama HIRED Kevn Jennings as the Czar of Safe Schools – who is a known pedophile – famous for his work w NAMBLA, his lectures on FISTING to young school children, and placing child porn in the schools. This is BOLD indoctrination – of young school children – to create fresh meat for the gay culture.
    It is also the means in which a pedophile working in a California school – would be able to continue his assault upon other people’s children – without any concern or oversight – and have protection from the teachers’ union – because Obama is union-owned- and inciting the indoctrination of young school children into the gay life.
    Obama’s background with Frank Marshall Davis, the Marxist activist, and famous pedophile, author of perverse erotica – must be the reason that Obama refused to identify Frank Marshall Davis as his “mentor” in Hawaii – only referred to him as “frank” in his book – dreams from my father.
    Obama has an affection for pedophiles – because he included them in his Hate Crimes Bill – but intentionally excluded Christians – although he claims to be one.

  8. To be a liberal is to be a homosexual is to be a child molester. This is child molesting, are you saying this is being shown on HBO? This is unreal.
    First it was blantant homosexuality, now it is blatant child molesting.
    We are about 30 years too late in stopping the homos.
    The best thing to do is to never, ever, let a liberal, communist, thug near you or your children.

  9. Something very Oleander about these perversions.

  10. That is soooooooo wrong!!!!

  11. We have now come to an age where Porky’s is good, clean fun because the “cutting edge” alternative is worse.

  12. Part of a trend… we’ve already covered Glee but…
    “Glee: The Pinnacle of Cultural Marxism- Part One,” by Flavia, Revolt Against the Modern World, 21 Feb 2012

  13. Time to reverse the mutant homosexual leftist agenda. They have made huge gains under Barry’s rule and all of us (the vast majority) who believe that God wants (by design) man and woman to procreate and bring up children with healthy minds, to live moral lives, are being destroyed by the calculated and relentless “political correctness” that allows leftist perversion to be legitimized on a daily basis. Time to take the gloves off!

  14. In his novel “1984” Orwell had the “Anti-sex League”. What seems to be developing now could be called the “ANY-sex League”! The end result may not be so different: the sex act is cheapened, robbed of the intimacy, the affection and caring that has, historically, been associated with sex. Once sex is debased to the point that it is “just something you do for the heck of it” the emotional fervor, attachment and such that used to be part-and-parcel of sex can, then, be redirected to “the love of Big Brother”.
    Read “1984” with half a mind on the current state of affairs … it’ll scare the pants off you! If it doesn’t I’d almost suspect you might be brain dead.

  15. Pedophiles. That’s what these ppl are. The whole world is coming “undone” as wickedness rises. Why do they want to corrupt the children and molest them and defile them?? Because they are unclean spirits full of Satan — and it’s the nature of the 666 beast that man is rising to manifest as. These are the last days.

  16. The picture clearly goes too far, but this is not the product of any group, namely “the left” as you put it. This is the product of individuals with issues beyond political affiliation. To blame the nature of behavior on a group makes you no better than a racist or sexist, which you also probably are.
    Do some research and you’ll see that people who claim to identify with “the right” are convicted of child sex abuse crimes far more often than members of the left. (eh em… Sandusky) But even with that being said, I don’t feel that being a conservative doesn’t make you any different than a liberal, and I don’t believe political affiliation should ever be a factor in the determination of moral character. We’re all just people trying as hard as we can to make the decisions that lead us on the right path to happiness, just as all of our ancestors did. Breaking people into categories only damages the integrity of the nation.

    • “Do some research and you’ll see that people who claim to identify with “the right” are convicted of child sex abuse crimes far more often than members of the left.” Link to this claim?
      “I don’t feel that being a conservative doesn’t make you any different than a liberal, and I don’t believe political affiliation should ever be a factor in the determination of moral character.” That’s how you feel. Apparently you didn’t read some of the earlier comments. Joycelyn Elders. Gay Activists Alliance. NAMBLA. Margaret Sanger. Planned Parenthood. ACLU. George Tiller. Hmmm…what do these folks have in common? I wonder…


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