“War hero” John McCain suppresses information on America’s still-missing POWs

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POWs in Vietnam

I know Conservatives who are critical of Senator John McCain’s (R-Arizona) politics but nevertheless still hold an admiration and respect for McCain for having been a prisoner of war (POW) in the Vietnam War. Indeed, McCain successfully parlayed his years as a POW into potent political capital as a war hero and patriot.

It is therefore extremely important that the truth be told about McCain’s betrayal of POWs.

Sydney Schanberg is an award-winning (including a Pulitzer) long-time journalist best known for his book, The Death and Life of Dith Pran, on which the 1984 Academy Award-winning movie “The Killing Fields” was based.

In the following explosive article for The American Conservative, Schanberg uncovers the role McCain had played in suppressing information about what happened to American soldiers missing in action in Vietnam. The article is long, so please pace yourself. Or you can watch this video:

A big h/t to my friend, John Molloy, Chairman of the National Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans Coalition.


john-mccain-lord-of-the-tarp1McCain and the POW Cover-Up

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17 responses to ““War hero” John McCain suppresses information on America’s still-missing POWs

  1. I thought Chuck Norris took care of all that??

    Why, do you suppose, are people so prone to hero worship?

  2. It is long past time for this old fart McCanus to just go away.

    And I really don’t care if he goes away mad, either.


  3. I saw this article this morning on another site, and it nearly turned my stomach. To think that hundreds of Americans spent the remainders of their lives hoping for eventual rescue, and our government was denying that they existed. It made me review my own life and what I was doing in the 70s, 80s, 90s, while these men were imprisoned. It also confirms that there are very evil people as our presidents, on both sides of the aisle in Congress and Senate, and of course in the various alphabet agencies.

    • Gingercake . . . Your contribution to this article should touch the hearts of every American who lived through the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s. I found that as I read the entire article, including all the footnotes in their entirety, I not only began crying, but started having a feeling of “pressure or discomfort in my chest.” I graduated from high school in 1964, so many of the young men who went off to Viet Nam were my contemporaries. To know assuredly that many of our young men came back horribly scarred . . . together with the fact that we did not honor our code of “no man left behind!” I have added to my list of people who I hold in the highest of disdain, not only John McCain, but his father, together with Kissinger, Nixon, Bush Sr, and all the other people who have deliberately withheld information about our men being left behind. May they burn in Hell for All Eternity for their deliberate misleading the American people and the families of those who were left behind.

      Some years ago I was dating a young man who was one year older than I; since I was not one to drink, he never drank in front of me. We had discussed Vietnam and he had told me that he had never served in Vietnam. On one occasion he happened to call me while he was severely inebriated . . . he started talking about Vietnam. I was extremely taken aback. The next time I saw time, I questioned him about Vietnam . . . his reply was, “I never went to Vietnam.” (His brother went to Vietnam and subsequently died of agent orange.) I have all these years wondered what horrors he saw there, so foul, so evil, that he was left unable to even talk about Vietnam unless he was drunk.

      Thank God John McCain was never elected POTUS, as we can see, he really is a POS! He needs to leave the Senate . . . another great reason to insist on term limits. We don’t need to have men of his low caliber as leaders in the halls of Congress.

      • Yes, John McCain has got to go!! Hopefully this current p-gate scandal (and hopefully soon revelation of it) will bring him and many other abusers down.

  4. I’ve read articles since the war ended about our servicemen left behind. Every so often a soldier’s family member was given evidence they were alive only to be thwarted by those trying to cover-up the evidence until people were too tired to fight them. The excuses given by the government not to follow up on the leads were always so lame. McCain is just another traitor and coward.

  5. John McCain is a man with many secrets and he is constantly hiding; sad, sad old man. According to Robert Dornan-former California Congressman-John McCain wasn’t fit to be President because he forced men under his command to allow him to have sex with their wives in exchange for him not ruining their careers. You think he actually had a hard time as a prisoner?

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  11. Fred Farklestone

    That isn’t a picture of POW’s held by the North Vietnamese, it’s WW11 photo !
    If you’ll notice in the lower left hand corner of the photo, credit is given to Carl Mydans, a famed WW II photographer!

  12. “Operation Detain McCain” Pete Santelli live-Sedona,Arizona,support our Veterans!!!!!

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