Wanted: Man who threw firebomb in CA

America is falling into a moral abyss. Deeds that once were unthinkable are now daily fare. This one, however, is astounding even for a jaded society such as ours.

Police are looking for a man who threw a Molotov cocktail at a man sitting on the ground outside a grocery store in Long Beach, California.

In the picture below, you can see the victim sitting on the ground (left), while waiting for his father to come out of the store. In front (to the side) of the sitting man stood a woman (wearing a red top) with a baby in a stroller who narrowly escaped the fire bomb.

As the man sat, to his left was a man lighting the Molotov cocktail:

In this next picture, the perpetrator is running away after throwing the Molotov cocktail:

The victim, set on fire, runs into the parking lot and is helped by bystanders, while the blaze rages in front of the store:

Here’s a video of the surveillance tape:


Police are asking for the public’s help to identify the perpetrator, a man in his late 20s.

Place: El Paisano Ranch Market in the 200 block of West Pacific Coast Highway

Date: Friday, October 19, 2012

Victim: A man in his 50s whose identity is not revealed due to concerns about his safety. He was taken to the hospital, with serious burns to the lower part of his body, his hands and his face. He is in serious condition and medically sedated. Police said it didn’t appear the victim and suspect knew each other and the case is likely not gang related.

Police are asking anyone with information about this crime to call (562) 570-7260.

H/t NBC4 Los Angeles and Daily Mail


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7 years ago

This is absolutely horrible. Let’s all start praying for this poor, poor victim and so that the perpetrator is arrested. Imagine how much this victim is suffering! This is a deed inspired by Satan. Truly, when God is excluded from a society, for example, within the Democratic party platform, such sinful behavior has no bounds and the depravity will relish and grow! When God means nothing, anything can happen.

7 years ago

This is almost beyond belief. It makes me think of pictures we saw out of the Vietnam era–how could this be happening in this land? Could it dare be that the relative morality being taught in the schools, and the lack of parental teaching are to blame? Shame on America–we were destined to be better than this!