Want to See an Unhinged, Deranged, Psychotic B*tch?

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Now I’m sorry to submit our loyal readers and fellow posters to this rabid, utterly insane cow but I thought you should know what we are up against. The evil that permeates through this woman and through the democrat party as a whole is not to be taken lightly, it needs to be defeated and vanquished from our society.
Her along with Obama, Reid and Pelosi and all democrats are a disease eating away at the very fabric of our nation, They have to be stopped, they have to exorcised from the political arena once and for all.
~Tom in NC

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0 responses to “Want to See an Unhinged, Deranged, Psychotic B*tch?

  1. I am living for the day Tom. It will come. For all of them.

  2. I was half expecting Hillary or Mooshela…or even Nancy…
    but Mad Maxine didn’t disappoint…clearly possesed

  3. She forgets to tell you she is a DAMN REGISTERED SOCIALISTS, the cancer on our Republic! This bitch needs to be in China or Russia! Semper Fi.

  4. seems like her brain is starved for oxygen

  5. 6 members of the House Ethics Committee, including all five Republicans on the secretive panel, will recuse themselves from the long-running case against Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters (Calif.), raising new questions about the future of the matter. No reasons were given for the voluntary refusals.
    H/t Steve.

  6. There was nothing that she said that was deranged or unhinged. She simply stated the Progressive Democratic platform and fawned on Obama. What’s the deal??

  7. No, the real demons are those who promote vacuuming the brains out of precious unborn children, bitch!

  8. This was one of her tamer speeches. But it was still full of exaggeration and prevarication. The woman has no integrity, but then neither do most of her peers in the democratic party. She has always and still does, disgust me. I know someone exactly like her who treast people with disdain and disrespect and on Sunday she goes to church as if that will absolve her of all her nastiness during the week. She’s obviously ignored the gospel or at least learned nothing from it. I happen to know that Maxine Waters treats people the same way. What a real shame that you send some to school, but they don’t learn a darned thing, She’s should not be calling anyone else demon; because the real demon has a hold on her that is going to take a lot more than a day at church to excuse her of the things she does and says. When the dictionary defines “mean spirited”, it should mention Maxine Waters as an example..

  9. I expected most of what she said but the thing that p!ssed me off the most is the fact that she gives a moment of silence for Whitney Houston. I have a simple question maybe one of you guys can help me…. Why is it everyone continues to talk about and praise people like MJ and Whitney Houston that killed themselves with drugs and no one in the media even cares to talk about the men and women in uniform who have died then a brief statement every so often?

  10. I totally agree Blake. I know ppl make mistakes, but what messege does this send to our kids? I do not think giving her the same honors as our fallen, heroic men and women in uniform is appropriate. And we wonder why our children are confused on drug issues.
    Then this weirdo, She had a moment of silence in honor of someone else…..yet the WHOLE moment she looked thru her speech, turning pages, right in front of the camera! What the hell was the moment about?

    • I do want to make this clear though, My opinion about the flag being flown at half mass does not change the fact that I do NOT believe that Whitney was a horrible person b/c of mistakes she made. If I felt that way then I would be living in a house of glass throwing stones. We are ALL sinners. But I don’t think we as a society should ever miss a teachable moment that would benefit our youth. The fallen men and women deserve to be honored in a way that is unique to them b/c they are fighting for us all when they fall.


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