Want a treehouse on your property?

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No treehouse for you!

Better get approval from your local government agency first.  Yep, big government is everywhere, even in your backyard.  In Southworth, Washington, Kitsap County issued a work stoppage order to the Freeland family after a neighbor complained about their children’s treehouse.
The boys’ father built the treehouse.  He is a landscape architect and built it without putting a nail in the tree; it’s built around the branches.
The county said the treehouse is illegal, and must come down. The Freelands say the county has also complained the treehouse is dangerous. “I feel the safety of my children is up to me on my property,” the boys’ mother said.  “We feel on our own property in the United States of America, we can do what we want as long as we’re not hurting anybody and we’re not hurting the beautiful Puget Sound,” said Gabrielle Freeland, the boys’ mother. The Freelands say they will adhere to the work stoppage, but they have no intention of tearing down what they built for their boys.
Jeff Rowe, Kitsap County Chief Building Inspector said on Tuesday morning that he’s concerned because the family used recycled materials including repurposed timber to build the treehouse. Rowe says the family will need to hire a licensed person to prove the materials used are safe and also determine whether the treehouse is structurally sound. He added that he’s acting out of an abundance of cautious because he believes the treehouse is dangerous to children. “It’s not what I would call your typical Normal Rockwell Treehouse.”
The Freelands says they plan to add a safety net under the treehouse to make it even more safe.
Kitsap County wants to come onto your property and review anything perceived as “dangerous to children”? What’s next – a permit for trampolines? A permit for a slip ‘n slide? Just another example of big government encroaching on our personal property rights.

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0 responses to “Want a treehouse on your property?

  1. lowtechgrannie

    The fly in the ointment to living in the Pacific Northwest—- all of our public employees and elected officials are IDIOTS! Geez, Kitsap County! Get a grip!

  2. Everyone has at least one neighbor who’s a busy body. And what do you expect these days with every local, state and the federal government trying to micro manage our lives?
    A good example of interference from people who really have no business passing ordinances laws of any kind that are invasive are the following: Chicago banned fois gras from restaurants. Fortunately it was finally repealed. It’s been tried in other cities as well. Then there is the case of San Francisco putting to a vote to ban circumcision. For God’s sakes, that’s a religious and a personal decision. The community has no business interfering in any medical or health decision.
    Not only are these cities and others trying to invade every aspect of our lives, they are WASTING MONEY! City councils, state legislatures and congress need to have their feet held to the fire. These people very often do what is not in the best interest of ANYONE………and often it is ego or what their personal axe to grind is. We pay these people plenty to do these jobs, FOR US, NOT….. TO US and it’s time we held them accountable and make sure they understand that these councils and legislatures and the houses are not their personal playground to stop bullsh”””’ing around.

  3. But these are the same people who will wring their hands and fret about childhood obesity and what we’re going to do to address the “problem.”
    Here’s a hint: Having a nanny-state government declare normal childhood activities “dangerous” and then regulate them doesn’t help.

  4. More creeping Big Brotherism. Already, children today are prone to allergies because, from birth, kids are protected, shielded, and sanitized. No longer do they wander and play outdoors for fear of molesters and other dangers, real or imagined, lurking outside the home. Now, Big Brother/Nanny thinks treehouses are too dangerous. Soon, all children will be bundled up in straitjackets, much as the Inca of pre-Columbian South America used to tightly bind babies’ heads so that their skulls would grow into the desired high-status elongated conical shape.

  5. Who do these people think they are? (being local government) I am absolutely sick of this type of thing. No more taxes,no more permits. Why aren’t people crowding City Council meetings,and getting good and damn mad. If you stay silent,they are going to run over your face and your life more and more. The best way to defeat communism is to disinfect and shine sunlight on everyone of them.

  6. First, no lawn darts; now, this. What’s next? Making kids wear bubble wrap?

  7. Yeppers, statism run amok.
    It’s on its way to rense.com, for ten million to learn just how stupid stupid can be when it REALLY tries!!

  8. Zoning was the first slip of socializm, oops, did I spell it like the Germans, that we allowed in America, now look what we have.
    In our county we have several townships with no zoning, and its drives the County Commissioners mad, a vote of 18000 had 12000 no votes in the last attempt to socalize the whole county.
    After a guy pulled a shotgun on a building inspector who stopped without a invite, no building permit was issued, they dont stop anywhere unless there is one pulled prior.
    And we dont have any Arabs here either, when is the last time you bought gas from a American.
    I just hope all you city people are happy with what you asked for, O, and dont let your grass grow longer than your neighbors, you could meet your Ordaince officer first hand and see the stupidity first hand.

  9. Just another sign that we are very rapidly losing our America.

  10. Would someone please let slip the killer bunnies, or at least the dogs of righteous battle, on these idiots?
    H/T with apologies, Will Shakespeare.

  11. I was raised in southworth wa best kept secret place . When we were kids we all played in tree houses . I feel sorry for kids to day . They no nothing about staying home and play in yard or woods .blame parents they give them every thing . Most would not be able to work when there young . Been here 73 years ron


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