Walmart Has Added a Sign to Speed Checkout Service

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0 responses to “Walmart Has Added a Sign to Speed Checkout Service

  1. hehe…not sure if that would help all shoppers!

  2. Not buying it. That’s not Walmart signage style or colors and if you look closely you can see a Best Buy logo in the background.

  3. Clifton Lee West

    The guys would have a problem if the limit was 21, wouldn’t they? I wonder what that sign would look like?

  4. LOL – Based on some of the people I have encountered at Walmarts around here, I’m not sure they can even count on their fingers.

    • hey hey hey dudes, calm down there! I’m a past Wal Mart floor assoc. and then a cashier. (I REALLY needed my fingers then! LOL) I could count on my fingers AND toes…and I couldn’t even use them all to count to 21 either and *I* made it thru! HEHEHE!!!
      But then, yeah, when it comes to shopping and trying to get around on those wheelie carts, it’s the EMPLOYEES that just step right in front of you and block your way!!! They treat you like crud. As a floor assoc. I had a manager ask why “those folks” on those carts (I didn’t need one all the time quite yet) ask me “Why are they so rude and think they need the whole aisle? And look at her, she doesn’t look like she needs a cart!” (Ohhhh, WRONG thing to say to me!) I said, “Do I look like I needed a cart?” He said “No.” So I said, “Every winter, I find myself needing one of those carts in these big stores because I can’t walk far enough to get all what I needed.” (Same as Lowe’s or Home Depot”) Then I said, “It’s because she NEEDS the whole aisle to get thru and no one cares, they just stand around and in her way, I know, they do it to me too!” He just sniffed in disgust and walked away. I SO should have reported him for being prejudiced against the handicapped, or whatever it’s called – the EEOC and such.
      He didn’t take much time after that to get me fired, but they knew they couldn’t make me “non–re-hire-able” because I had the goods on that quote “manager” and he knew it. And do you know the excuse they used?? (I swear this is the truth too!) “I talk to myself too much.” Really? REALLY??? Would you like me to talk to the customers that way?? I gotta get it out some way and I am NOT going home to kick the dog or scream at my husband!” They just made me sign stuff and never said another word.
      The lady manager who was a third “witness” was finally transferred to another store and there she smiled and would talk to folks, in the old store all she did was walk around all quiet and I was scared of her. She told me the main manager and my dept. manager set that up and I never should have been fired. But all in all, I worked MYSELF out of a job anyway because I was such a fast cashier, it was a repetitive motion injury. It finally took me out at Wal Mart, but it was Target that ruined me. How can I sue Target that long after? And prove it?
      So now you smart guys, no more yak against ALL of the Wal Mart employees, (just most of them!) LOLOL!!! Some of us actually smile at you! 🙂

  5. Math is hard…when you have to take off your shoes.

  6. Grannie,
    I haven’t commented on your post because, truth be told, I’m simply puzzled by this sign. I know more and more in the US don’t speak/read English, but doesn’t everyone know what the Arabic numerals “15” mean? Are Americans so numeral-illiterate that we now need pictures of 3 hands with 15 fingers to convey the meaning of “15” ???

  7. i remember watching a horse on tv that tapped his hoof on the ground counting out the numbers his trainer would give him. and now after dumbing down and race norming we have people who apparently have trouble counting. maybe some of that education money should go to further the education of horses and dogs and leave those that are educationally challenged behind. spend the money on those with ability not try to create ability out of brain damaged mental cases..


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