Wallenda's Walk with the Lord

I took some clips from the Nightline film of last Friday’s historic event and put it in the proper perspective.  Nik’s praise of the Lord Jesus as he walked that wire make it clear he knew who was there with him that night.
A great way to spend my birthday, celebrating the achievement of a remarkable young man who walks with the Lord. ~LTG

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8 years ago

Beautiful! Thank you, LTG!

8 years ago

LTG, beautifully done! Thank You! I remember watching in horror as Nik’s great-grandfather, the legendary Karl Wallenda, fell to his death from a tightrope in Puerto Rico in 1978. Nik’s inspirational feat, in honor of his great grandfather, gives a whole new meaning to the expression “No Fear” doesn’t it? Only “A Walk with God” could have made this extraordinary achievement possible.
By the way, just a small point but the balancing pole weighs 40lbs.