Wal-Mart Airlines…

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Oh no, they are now flying……scary stuff!!

Death takes a holiday.  Wonder how long his flight was delayed?

Did you say free refills?

Somehow I always manage to sit next to this person


“These are paid for and I want to be sure everybody gets to appreciate them” 

Brought his own flotation device…

h/t Kelly

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4 responses to “Wal-Mart Airlines…

  1. Good grief. Some Americans have lost their minds; how else can you account for pic #2?
    More reasons not to fly the friendly skies.

  2. Excellent, and I say this as one who is fifty lbs overweight! But, as Eo remarks, the woman in pink is pretty scarey stuff: I mean, she INTENDED to go public, as shown!! The fat-making treat in hand is a very nice touch….

  3. Reblogged this on OyiaBrown.

  4. …back on my diet 🙂
    (note to self : no more bare midriff outfits)


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