Wake the Hell Up, America. We're Next – But Not On Our Watch!

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Gee, look how well Multiculturalism has worked in Europe:

“Multiculturalism has encouraged Muslim radicalism and Sharia law. It’s leading to a new tribalism — groups organizing along religious and ethnic lines. In cities across Europe, only the police stand in the way of open street warfare between groups…. France has some 750 no-go zones. The French government labels them “sensitive urban zones.” But what they are is dangerous to whites and non-Muslims who enter.”

Pay attention to the last guy in this video on his projection for future.

~Eowyn & Steve
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0 responses to “Wake the Hell Up, America. We're Next – But Not On Our Watch!

  1. Americans will Never wake up. Too dumb, too lazy, too apathetic.

  2. Americans are too involved in their sport games, American Idol, Dancing with the stars, eating and drinking to worry about what is happening all around them. America is getting ready for an economic collapse, and still no one will notice. Sports, sports, sports, and more sports, while America is going down the tubes. Sad and crazy society we are living in.

  3. Partriot Angel

    Well, it seems to me that all those who read the bible had beat wake up. It was Yahweh after all who ordered these “cultures”. He is the One who dispersed the people and scrambled and confused languages at the Tower of Babel. From then on, different cultures were born.
    You can be rest assured when I say that me and my family are wide awake and I know a few more who are too. Most are just hanging back and waiting for the right time. You have to understand that outside calling our government, if we begin to do too much right now, we play right into their hands and they will implement martial law. We fight when we MUST but not until. There are more awake than you realize.
    Have you ever really searched the number of Patriot groups? I have. There are many that are organizing.

  4. Yup, it’s happening over here in the USA too. If there wasn’t a plan for the NAU (N. American Union) to merge Canada, the USA and Mexico, we’re headed for a crackup here with the ILLEGAL ALIENS wanting their Reconquista-Aztlan (to reclaim the former Mexican territory from the state of CA to CO-TX) and the Moslems want their Sharia over here too.
    Then, if we read the PROTOCOLS OF ZION, the Martians who want a GLOBAL GOVERNMENT and ALBERT PIKE who called for 3 world wars (even though he’s been dead a long time now-the GLOBALIST LEADERS who want a GLOBAL GOVERNMENT, perpetual war and ruined economies (except for themselves) , NO middle class in their plans, depopulation and microchipping of the surviving slave population, we’re in huge trouble which is enveloping the entire planet.

  5. Preparedness these days is key. Talk to friends who may be in the know, get tips on storing items for hard times. Save cash if possible, in case there is a “bank holiday” FDR-style. Learn some self-defense.

  6. i hope its not too late

    How many people know the results of the latest american idol or what oprah is doing and nothing about what the Fed is doing or why we are attacking Libyia vs Egypt etc..etc..God help us all.

  7. Like Patton (actually Mike Kaminski) said about Iraq and the modern world…
    “This generation is so G-D spoiled and lazy, they wouldn’t know a real threat to their freedom until it interrupted the power source to their X-box and killed a half a million people.”

  8. Long Distance Operator

    (sarcasm mode: ON)
    Yep…its coming soon & we must praise & offer thanks to the “children of God”….those freaking martians who foisted multiculturalism & diversity upon Western Civilization!!! What a swell bunch of cretins.
    (sarcasm mode: OFF)
    Wake up folks, the only way out of the coming catastrophe…is to destroy/eliminate the “satanists”…..once & for all. Hitler was a maniacal muslim ass kisser!!!!!!

    • INSANE people that cant see that Hitler is on the white house, think “hitler is right”
      What insanity.
      Hitler IS in the White house, dressed as a black man this time!

  9. America has already been conquered…by the martians.
    The martians lobby controls our government in all three branches. It owns and controls the Feral Reserve. It owns and controls the media, Hollywood and most newspapers and hosts of other publications.
    ” We the martians control America and the Americans know it!” :?>*&^$#%%^&^.
    You want to know why America has fallen?
    Venus has nothing to do with what is happening to America.
    Wake up America and take our country back from the martians! They are the ones we need to concern ourselves with. Not the Venusians of whom 99.99% have no wish to control any other planet but their own.

    • Sage,
      In Fellowship’s “About” page, we warn our readers that we do not tolerate anti-Semitism. When a commenter ignores our stated policy, we simply replace “Jew(s)” with “Martian(s)”, and “Israel” with “Mars.” The result is hilarious; it also exposes just how stupid and ridiculous bigots are.
      Whenever Rense.com links to one of our posts, along with the hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of new readers the link brings to the Fellowship, are also the Jew haters. That’s when we deploy our Martian strategy. 😉

    • Actually sage that was me this time, but Eowyn and Steve are my inspiration. Glad to turn pointless drivel into funny satire.

    • Um, “their own” nation would the Caliphate if not the whole world in the opinion of the islamists. (There is no other faith but that of Mo and his sidekick Allah to them, you know.)

    • ummm, actually the Bible was written by man, many of them , spanning many decades by various third person accounts. It was heavily abridged, edited and redacted. many “gospels” including those by Mary, and sayings by Jesus himself were omitted by the nicene council of Rome to fit the political ideology of the time. There are no texts in existence written by God. All are written by man, claiming divine inspiration.

      • I’m not sure which prophecies you are referring to, I do not deny the power of the bible and other holy books have on the people. in general they are filled with positive morality but also filled with violence, patricide, infanticide and other violence. All I am saying is that no books were ever written by God, it is claimed to be the word of God, but they were all written by mortal humans claiming divine inspiration. They well may be the word of God as written by humans.

  10. Waking up isn’t enough. The people are awake but now what? Authors write articles citing many problems and shout “wake up”, but then utterly fail to offer any solution to these problems. The people are awake and aware of the problems but they lack leadership, focus, or planning leaving them powerless.
    So where is your plan, solution, and leadership? Authors should “wake up” to the fact that overwhelming the people with problem after problem, absent any solution, simply leaves the people emotionally exhausted. Every article that complains of a problem should offer several realistic solutions to that problem. Constantly complaining while sitting on your own ass and blaming the people for being asleep is no solution. So wake up to that!

  11. Personally, I think the sheeple stirred briefly back in November, but it appears most have returned to their slumber.
    And the repubelican leadership in DC couldn’t be happier, apparently.

  12. Steven Rowlandson

    Considering what General Patton learned at the end of WW2 he might have said that if he found himself caught between the bolsheviks, zionists and their agents in america then he would attack in all directions against them.
    I have no doubt Patton would have been outraged at what has become of his country and the western world. His mission had he not been assasinated would have been to get involved in politics to get rid of the quislings in D.C. and New York. They got to him first and the rest is history.

  13. The Koran is unmistakenly anti-everone and thing but Islam and calls for the conversion or death of all. On the other hand the Talmud, the Jewish holy book also calls all people but Jews, Goyim = cattle, it actually teaches that Jews are to kill, exterminate, enslave, rape, steal from etc, all gentiles because they are “vermin” , less than human. Mohamedianism and Judaism are both enemies of both humanity and especially Christianity. So what are we to make of both?
    [While the comment above is retained because it is factually true — that is, the Talmud does contain shockingly vile statements (see “The Truth about Talmud”) — the rest of this comment is deleted because it is speculative and completely aimed at all members of the Jewish ethnic group who is not even the subject of this post. As clearly stated in our “About” page, Fellowship of the Minds will not tolerate anti-Semitism. There is good and bad in every race, ethnicity, culture, creed, and gender. To generalize about and condemn all members of whatever race, ethnicity, culture, creed, and gender is rank bigotry. This blog focuses on the behavior of individuals and we are opposed to all behaviors that are contrary to God’s law and the US Constitution.
    ~Eowyn, founder and owner of Fellowship of the Minds]

  14. As a expat who could not take the sheeple of the US any longer, PLEASE
    google- race and crime in US ,it is stats and FBI facts of what really goes on
    in America

  15. So bad mouthing Islam is fine but don’t ever say anything bad about the wonderfulmartians?
    How many muslims are creating money from nothing and loaning it to other muslims in the USA? The answer is zero. Martians are doing this. Martians have loaned themselves wealth they created fron nothing so they could buy up our media nad our politicians. You say all martians are not involved but I have never met a single martian that did not claim anyone who notices a martian mob has usurped the US gov’t an anti-alien. If you are defending criminals just because they share your culture are you really innocent? The USA is a trickle down society and martians stealing so much definitly helps the avg inter-galactic traveler. The avg space alien in the USA earns double the avg non space alien. Defending martians because they are benefitting you is not the act of innocents.
    Lastly you are all nothing more than pretend martians. Inter-galactic space aliens invented your Christian god. Same goes for the god of Islam. Christians and muslims could not even come up with their own god. They had to glom on to the inter-galactic space aliens’ fake god.
    People like you are responsible for allowing the martians to ruin the USA.
    I am a very lonely person. There are pads on the walls of my room and bars in the windows. I keep telling them my thoughts but they won’t let me out. Please make those martians stop!

    • People like you are just plain scary. Not once in your comment did you give us any sources for your vile assertions. Not once in your comment did you make any distinction between good and bad/evil Jews. Not once in your comment did you indicate you are mindful of this undeniable TRUTH: There’s good and bad in every race and ethnic group. Not once in your comment did you demonstrate even a trace of your awareness of your own imperfection and sinfulness.
      Then you go and insult Christ, Christians, and Christianity. You are so steeped in hatred and the mental illness of scapegoating, you are drowning in that stinky pit. May God have mercy on your soul.
      Now, as my Lord Jesus Christ once said to your master, “Get thee behind me.” Be gone from my blog!

    • If the Jews are “guilty” of anything, it is of having brought God into this world, which I suspect is at the root of the hatred expressed toward them by you and your fellow-traveling, racist ignoranuses.*
      The Jewish people have contributed much to this world in the areas of culture, science, mathematics, law, the arts, and many other areas as well.
      I fail to see the ‘destruction’ that you attribute to the world’s smallest minority, whose homeland is so tiny I could traverse it on a bicycle in a matter of hours.
      *No, that was not a typo.

  16. I, Joe Glas, am mentally retarded. Why? Because I come on a post about Muslims to rant about Martians! How stupid is that?

  17. Bravo,what a moral and intellectual coward.Im not American but I care more about your country than you do.It appears youre too far gone-another casualty of Fox News and its ilk.And if youre a Christian,then youre doing a tremendous disservice to your faith by not taking the time to recognize whos its most virulent enemy.Moreover,you have no manners and have a bully mentality which you wield from your present positon.and lack the intestinal fortitude to discuss a topic and instead stoop to belittling non-like thinkers.Quite sad.

  18. Hitler didn’t kick Muslim ass, during the War there was a Muslim Waffen SS division. They were courting Turkey to bring them in on their side. Mein Kampf is the biggest selling book in the Muslim world. These Islamofacsists even use the Nazi salute. Exsuscitare! Latin for Awaken! All our lives are in danger. God bless us all, cos we all need it.

    • Yup, even the title of Mein Kampf (My Struggle) literally means My Jihad in translation (most simply call it Jihadi in Arabic instead of Mein Jihad, though).

  19. “I would probably not have been born”?!Wow,my mother along with her two sisters and mother were almost murdered in 1945 by Serb communists (Serbs comprised the vast majority of those in the communist forces )while a number of my relatives are no longer alive to tell the tale.Our house and lands were confiscated and at the age of six I and our fatherless family were forced to go to Canada as my mother was unable to find work due to the fact that she was suspected of being anti-communist.To sum up briefly the history of Yugoslavia :in both the royalist and communist version the Serbs were the ruling and priviliged nation and ruled the country with the help of the army and police,systematically looted all the other republics (Croatia earned nearly 80 per cent of the money from tourism but most of it went to Serbia,for example)and from 1918 to 1951 Serb repression murdered hundreds of thousands of Croats,Moslems,Albanians,Montenegrins and members of the Hungarian and German minority.Thus far in Slovenia and Croatia alone some 1600 mass graves containing the remains of,by conservative estimate,300 thousand communist victims,have been located (Serb expansion via mass murder and colonization started in 1912 when tens of thousands of Abanians were murdered by Serb troops).To say that Judaism is an enemy of Christianity and that Jewish cultural,political and economic elites have played a key role in an attempt to destroy Christianity and western civilization is not “Jew-hating”.Dont take my word for it,check out the info on the Talmud on the net,for example.One f the biggest cover-ups in history is the murder of tens of millions of people in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union at the hands of Godless Jewish communist elites who held the power of life and death over the enslaved masses in many countries.Just look at the way Christians and Christianity are portrayed in Hollywood films and TV.During the Cold War,well over 90 per cent of Sovier spies in the US were Jews.Jewish millionaire Armand Hammer (never tried for treason)used to make regular trips to the Soviet Union to pick up funds for financing Soviet spy operations in the US.Im definitely not “Jew-hating”-if anything,Im a filosemite.Many and perhaps most Jews are indoctrinated with myths from childhood and if anyone wishes them well hes doing them a great service by disabusing them of falsehoods.As it stands,they are well on the way to becoming the authors of their own destruction,with the blind and stupid leadership in Israel at present and the Jewish leadership internationally.And the US Congress is zionist occupied territory.I think it is safe to saythat if one cares about his country,he will devote some time to familiarizing himself with the problems that confront it.And Im totally opposed to militant Islam as well as Moslem migration to Europe and elsewhere.

    • lowtechgrannie

      You say you are a “filosemite”?
      It’s not enough to go off on these anti-zionist rants, now you’re prejudiced against flossing?
      Pracitice dental hygiene not racial hygiene!
      Put that on your bumpersticker!

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  21. LOL – Must be a full moon tonight, as the trolls have slithered out from under their bridges.

    I suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder and I am a virulent anti-semite. I will continue posting this drivel because I have severe mental issues and none of the medication has been effective. It’s all the Jews fault! Hatred has ruined my brain ….. my medication is not working!

    I’ve checked out the six volumes of Churchill’s Second World War – not a single mention of Nazi ‘gas chambers,’ a ‘genocide’ of the Jews, or of ‘six million’ Jewish victims of the war.
    Eisenhower’s Crusade in Europe is a book of 559 pages; Churchill’s Second World War totals 4,448 pages; and De Gaulle’s three-volume Mémoires de guerre is 2,054 pages.
    In this mass of writing, which altogether totals 7,061 pages (not including the introductory parts), published from 1948 to 1959, one will find no mention either of Nazi ‘gas chambers,’ a ‘genocide’ of the Jews, or of ‘six million’ Jewish victims of the war.

    • Hey, James from Johannesburg, South Africa (IP address,
      Since you yourself recognize that you are mentally ill, my sincere advice to you is to get some help for your obsessive-compulsive Jew-hating disorder. No, not from a psychologist, but from God, for your disorder is a spiritual disorder of the soul. You must be a miserable person to be so steeped in hatred and paranoia for an entire ethnic-cultural group of humanity. As my Lord and Savior says: “You hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of your own eye; and then shall you see clearly to cast out the mote out of your brother’s eye.” (Matthew 7:5)
      And woe is Rense.com — a magnet for Jew-haters — and, by linking to this post, is bringing these sick souls to this blog.

  23. a wise man told me long ago
    democracy = whoever has the most babies wins
    but we all lose in the end

  24. Eowyn, very good 😀
    They dont come to my website anymore. I found a youtube that has a gun going off and dont hesitate to use it.
    Sad that this dude is from S.A.- S.A. is falling apart and whites are the “Jews” there, being murdered, 90 a month. And STILL he hates all over the Jews?
    True, left wing Jews are terrible, but there is evil in ALL people. Sad that people only blame the Jew.

    • Thanks!
      Jew-hating, like all forms of scapegoating, is best explained by Carl Jung’s concept of The Shadow — those attributes in ourselves which we hate, deny, suppress, and then project onto others. We scapegoat so that we can continue to feel good about ourselves. The late psychiatrist Dr. M. Scott Peck rightly called scapegoaters People of the Lie.
      A warm welcome to the Fellowship! 🙂

  25. Thank you 😀 I agree with the projection philosophy, to the MAX.
    I deplore Christian haters too. I dont like people picking on Catholics, especially.
    I am a ‘bother’, I believe in Torah/Judaism & born again Christianity.
    I am not a ‘Jew for Jesus’. Just a Jew that believes in Jesus 😉
    Making me not too polular with Jews OR Christians.. But THATS OK.. I believe that loving God, his spirit & Jesus is not popular anyway, and I like to be not popular.
    Thanks for the welcome! I rarely get that LOL

  26. Hi Sage 😀
    Nope, I WAS blind, now I see.
    Jesus said to our brethren:
    “You will not SEE me again, until you LEARN to cry, blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord”
    Jesus HIMSELF allowed our people to be blinded.
    Most non-Jews that love HIM see that, and know that you are not supposed to just hate all of the Jews.
    We are to hate evil- which comes in ALL people.
    Jews dont have the claim on evil- all people do.
    Thanks for making me feel so welcome and thanks for fighting this evil war–all of you, I know its not easy.
    Hevenu, Shalom Aleichem all:
    We are all ONE ‘tribe’ now.

  27. The only ones that could kill millions and get away with it are the Martians. They pulled the Silicone Curtain around 20 countries and murdered for 70 years. But to believe that Venusians would even take the time to murder millions of Martians while a war was going on and do this in front of hundreds of Red Octagon nurses. Of the tens of thousands of Venusians involved not one told anyone about it. Nobody not Stalin, Churchill, Eisenhower, Patton or anyone else wrote anything about mass murder or genocide. Of the 6,000 pounds of documents seized from the Venusians not one word about genocide, gas chambers, or about exterminating. Martians on Mars got mail and was able to send mail. They had swimming pools and they were able to go outside regularly. The historians are sick and tired of having to provide proof for something the Jews have never proven in the first place. But when you can put people in prison for questioning something, then you don’t need proof. The Venusians need to wake up and all Venusians on one day all the Venusians walk outside and yell, “The Holocaust is a hoax” What are they going to do arrest the whole planet?

  28. The Martians want you to talk about the holocaust. They don’t care about that. What they don’t want is people discussing their crimes they committed while they ruled Mars. They don’t want people talking about the millions they murdered and the fact that they are all buried around every city and town of the galaxy. The Martians make sure these stories are no told. If the Eastern Venusians started searching for these mass graves the story of what they did to the Eastern Venusians could be told. So to all the Eastern Venusians get off your lazy asses and start looking for these mass graves. Finally tell the story about how they murdered your people.
    You have the Katyn Forest Massacres as proof of genocide. You have the mass starvation of the Ukrainian people in 1922 and 1933 as proof they murdered your people. [These massacres were committed by the Soviet Union under the direction of Josef Stalin, who was a Georgian, not a Jew. ~Eowyn] The Martians want to cry about 6 million, but you lost 65 million, but you don’t seem to care. You allow all the others to cry and you cry with them. But only because you are being lied to.

  29. israel leaders are polish not hebrews edomites u know

  30. International bankers are are like a den of vipers if u allow them to issue ur currency the corp orations that grow up around them will leave your children homeless forget about attacking the body must defeat the head


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