Waiting for the FISA Memo – Open Post

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Full FISA Memo released!!!

See also FISA Memo in text format. Lock them up!
On January 29, 2018, after a contentious meeting (see the 51-page minutes of the meeting here), the House Intelligence Committee voted to release the now infamous 4-page FISA memo.
Devin Nunes
Reportedly, the vote to release the memo comes after committee Republicans, led by chairman Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), 44, pushed for its disclosure.

Note: The FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) memo has been described as so “shocking” and “explosive,” not only will officials in the U.S. intelligence “community” (FBI, DOJ, NSA) be fired, people will even go to jail. Reportedly, the memo says the Obama Administration’s FBI and Justice Department, using the bogus claim of Russian collusion, misused the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to gain the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court’s approval to conduct surveillance on then-candidate Donald Trump and his team. A 99-page document, United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court Memorandum Opinion and Order, that is said to be the background source of the FISA memo, also details how the Obama Administration’s National Security Agency (NSA) had conducted illegal surveillance and doxxing of American citizens.

It is now three days after the House Intelligence Committee’s vote to release the memo. So what’s holding it up?

Reportedly, FBI Director Chris Wray is opposed to the release. Yesterday, the FBI issued a “rare public statement” condemning the memo as factually inaccurate, the release of which could be detrimental to national security.
Nunes has dismissed the objections to the memo’s release as “spurious.”
The latest on the memo (ZeroHedge):
(1) Speaker of the House Paul Ryan dismissed Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer’s demands that Nunes resign. Ryan said “the vast majority of FBI employees are doing a great job,” but “if civil liberties were abused with FISA, then the memo needs to come out.”
(2) President Trump has consistently urged the release of the memo:

  • Both Trump and Chief-of-Staff John Kelly have read the memo.
  • The White House is working today to clear its release by having legal and national security experts review the document. The memo will then be sent back to Congress with a declaration that it has been declassified.
  • Washington Post reporter Josh Dawsey says a “senior White House official”came to the back of Air Force One and told reporters President Trump has okayed release of the memo, and that Trump “will tell Congress” the memo will be released “probably tomorrow” (February 2). The official ” declined to take any questions or be identified publicly”.

(3) Some changes have been made to the memo, as requested by the FBI and Democrats. According to Byron York, chief political correspondent of the Washington Examiner, the changes are:

  • An unknown number of “grammatical and clarifying” fixes.
  • One change requested by the FBI due to sources and methods concerns.
  • A two-word change requested by Democrats in the interest of “accuracy”.

Whether the changes have substantially altered the memo is anyone’s guess at this point.
Call me cynical. My guess is when it’s finally released, the FISA memo will be heavily redacted.
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0 responses to “Waiting for the FISA Memo – Open Post

  1. We will see. It seems that the Lord is very determined to clean house in America.

    • TD . . . . Amen to that sentiment! There is no doubt that when people begin to be ripe in their iniquity . . . The Lord will step in–and Heaven help you if you are on the wrong side of Right vs Wrong! I would say, that since we saw the miracle that was the election of Donald Trump, he is and will use Trump to carry out His wishes and desires to have this government swept clean of all those who follow the enticing’s of Satan.

  2. Rumors abound about these 4 pages. That’s what’s going to happen if there’s further delay. The latest from Gateway Pundit is that Wray is demanding all the names are redacted. Idk what or who to believe any more. Truly sickening that these criminals are defying the President’s wishes by any means possible.

    • Yeah, I said that earlier. He put him in there. If he is a swamp creature too he needs to go.

      • lophatt . . . . Amen to that! Any who have failed at retaining their integrity, whether they be Democrats, Republicans, Independents . . . need to either go down the road, or be indicted and follow the road to a Federal Prison. Post Haste!

        • Thanks Alma. I mean, think about it. He is the FBI Director. If they committed crimes (and I know they did), wouldn’t the proper response be “I want all of their names and what they did made public”? Instead, he wants to redact the names so he can protect the guilty.

      • yes, get ’em out.

    • filia.aurea . . . . I for one am going to have a fit is when this memo comes out, the names of the perpetrators of collusion have been redacted! Let the light of day shine on the evil they have perpetrated.

  3. Let’s see-How much can the Democrats ALTER the MEANING with just a two word change? Why is it necessary,after all this time,to do all this “clarifying” and grammatical cleaning up just for us little ol’ We The Peoples? Are we REALLY so dense we can’t figure out meanings of phrases just because of missing words or references to other information not in evidence? How about just releasing AS IT IS? Forgive my being somewhat skeptical about this,but The Democrats are fighting for their political LIVES here,and I don’t doubt for a moment they’ll change the Hell out of this document to bury any real evidence against them,under the guise of a “2 WORD CHANGE”. As I just heard on Howie Karr’s show,they’re NOT worried about the National Security aspect of this memo-they’re “Gravely Concerned” that there are facts missing that could change the accuracy of the memo. So INCLUDE whatever’s necessary to connect all the dots. WE promise we won’t tell Russia….

    • truck . . . . God Bless you for throwing out the exact sentiments I am thinking. It should have been made public in its pristine form, if the dillweeds in our Congress are smart enough to understand the memo in its original form . . . I have little doubt that the average American Citizen will be able to follow the story line.
      This has nothing to do with making this memo more accurate for the American people . . .it has everything to do with attempting to delay, delay, delay, and try to keep the obviously damning information from the American people. In other words . . .you American taxpayers . . .”SHUT UP, DEMAND NOTHING OF US, YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS, AND KEEP PONYING UP YOUR MONEY TO SUPPORT US, AND OUR SUPERIOR THINKING.”

  4. This is a delay tactic by the Dhimmi criminals responsible for this mess. If they redact names, how will we dummies know who is responsible for what? Oh, that’s the idea, isn’t it? They’re not concerned with methods and sources; they’re concerned about being measured for orange jumpsuits.

    • Goldburg . . . . Bravo! Well stated. The only thing I might add to your comment, “they’re concerned about being measured for orange jumpsuits.” I personally do not care if they are given orange jump suits that are way too small OR way too big . . . . I am only interested in is that they get an orange jump suit! Then they need to be whisked away to Federal Prison.

    • Yeah, it’s “Democrap” for “I dindu nuffin”

  5. “National Security” is code for “cover up our lies”

    • chemtrailssuck . . . . Wow! You nailed that correctly. How many Americans are so stupid that they don’t realize that the words “National Security” really mean “cover up our lies.” It is repulsive that they really think we are so stupid !!!

  6. Regardless, if the American people get to see the memo or not, people will still go to jail, right? I mean, provided Sessions and his 17 additional prosecutors are doing their job? If it is as explosive as it is being hyped, I would imagine their are a number of defense attorneys with their fangs out, looking to get some of their clients judgments overturned, if the FBI and DOJ were involved. It will tie up our courts forever, on top of the phony, frivilous lawsuits from NY, NJ and the immigration debacle.

    • Teri . . . . I feel your pain. However, it is a better choice for the American people to have the prosecutions languish in our courts, with the hope that Justice will be done. Many of the perpetrators no doubt will loose, I should imagine, a great quantity of their wealth–which is exactly why they have done these thing, in an effort to gain . . . Power, Wealth, and Authority to Oversee other People. The loss of their “Power,” their Wealth,” and the ability to “Exercise Authority Oversee other People” is absolutely a the very best thing for you and I . . . and the very worst punishment for them.
      In addressing the problems with the “frivolous lawsuits from NY, NY,” and “CN,” . . . it is of paramount importance that President Trump appoint men and women of integrity, and a thorough knowledge, and allegiance to Our Constitution. This would assure that if and when these various dillweeds bring their frivolous lawsuits to be heard before the courts–the adjudication of such suits will be done in accordance to the true laws of the land. I would imagine that after a number of failed attempts at their getting what they consider justice, it may just take the wind out of their sales. After all it’s not very much fun to be blown off and told “NO, we’re not going to do it YOUR WAY.” I would hope that they would cease and desist. I must say, I do not EVER REMEMBER a time in our countries’ history when states, and Congressional members ran to the courts at a drop of a hat because they were unhappy with this or that. As a conservative, it blows my mind, that a duly elected President has been stopped time and time again from enacting what measures that he felt were appropriate.
      I am sick to bloody death over these thumb sucking, cry baby antics. When you and I had to suffer with eight years of Obummer–we did not lash out in this manner. They can just suck it up, and act like grownups.

      • I hear ya Auntie…..the takeover of the courts has been a long time coming. We know NOW Soros has been buying off prosecutors, judges, etc. as they have been working to turn us into a lawless society unbeknownst to us “puppets”. It’s unfortunate we are just now learning this.
        And congress members like Schiff for brains are screaming the loudest and have the most to lose – their personal fortunes – from engaging in disgusting behavior. From what I am hearing Schiff for brains is supposedly, somehow, is tied to some pedo hotel in his district where the GM was killed in a helicopter crash this weekend. I am not sure how it relates to “release the memo movement”, but people are talking about it. Schiff is an infiltrator – he is part of the Jacob Schiff – Rothschild – Warberg crime family jew banksters. And we know he is not the only “infil-traitor” !!
        From what I have been reading about McCarthy – he was spot on! No wonder they killed him! Everybody who sets out to EXPOSE these Communist infiltrators are killed.
        We are extremely blessed to have someone as strong as DJT in office. I couldn’t imagine anybody else having the guts to take this sewer on!
        #Keepthefaith 🙂

        • Comey is running his tweeter again, specifically mentioning McCarthy
          Most others are clamming up, lest they draw attention.
          Why is Comey so vocal? He must sense he’s a star in the memo.

          • (Or Comey’s calls to team Clinton aren’t being returned, and he’s panicking)
            Everybody else on Team Clinton is quiet. The Podestas, Huma, Cheryl Mills, all the peeps given immunity by Comey or his underlings.
            Question: can immunity be retracted if it was illegally granted?

            • Who do you think would be offering them immunity, Sessions? It wouldn’t surprise me. A lot of this happened on Obongo’s watch but he can’t pardon anybody anymore.
              One of their favorite tricks when cornered is to quietly announce an “investigation”. Then they can say “its under investigation” forever. Eventually it is quietly dropped. I think some of that is going on here.
              They announced an investigation into the tarmac meeting. There is supposed to be another one on the FBI’s complicity in covering up Hillary’s emails and other documents.
              Judicial Watch has been suing them virtually every day. If it weren’t for outfits like that we’d hear nothing. They have been stonewalling and slow-rolling Tom Fitton for months. They seriously need to go to jail.

              • I was referring to the immunity that Strzok (?) granted to Huma, Mills et al.
                I don’t see Sessions doing anything, unless he’s been running some beautiful behind the scenes work.
                Maybe the thousands of sealed indictments will reveal something.

                • OK, I see. Under certain circumstances it can be rescinded. One could approach that a number of ways. If Strzok was himself engaged in something criminal it could be argued that the immunity deal is null and void.
                  If any of them substantially violated a term or condition of the agreement might be another way.
                  Lastly, depending on the language of the agreement and its scope, any finding in this current matter may or may not be protected.

    • Teri, that’s my concern. There are at least two steps involved here. First, the crime has to be identified as well as the perpetrators. Second, someone has to indict them.
      I absolutely do not trust Session any farther than I can throw him. If he indicts, it will be because he is forced to. I also don’t trust Wray. How and why he picks these guys is a mystery. If it were me my questionnaire would be “how much experience do you have with D.C. government and politics”. Any answer but “NONE” would disqualify them.

      • well….after reading and thoroughly absorbing the reddit post and comments, articles posted, etc…..my thoughts are: These guys may not get civil indictment but a military indictment as some have hinted. Maybe Sessions and his groupies will have nothing to do with this and these guys are tried by a military tribunal – assets seized – do not pass go – do not collect 200.00 but straight to GITMO . It’s becoming clearer – for me – that all this is – everything – is all tied together to the massive pedo ring – which tentacles are world wide. I don’t think its a coincidence that twitter is being looked at by the justice department and Alaweed Bin Talal is no longer allowed to leave Saudi Arabia – its a mess – but DJT has GOT THIS! Whoa – its makes my head spin!

        • I’m all for sending them to Russia if it’ll get them in jail. Believe me, I know they deserve it. I’m just being realistic. If I’m wrong I’ll GLADLY say so.

  7. ……..Dusty Springfield “Wishin and Hopin and Thinkin and Prayin” , I’m singing that ole tune, remember?

    • Alma . . . . Oh! You have just come up with the very song that should be our “theme song,” . . . . “Wishin and Hopin and Thinkin and Prayin” that is exactly the state of being that we all need to assume during this time of great up evil. God Bless you, for thinking of this. That is just too cool!

  8. Kevin J Lankford

    Curious they did not see the need for any changes when they did not expect it to be publicly read.

    • That’s their standard. There is no right or wrong, just politics.

    • Kevin . . . . You sir have just hit on the sixty-four thousand dollar question! It seems that first they delay by not wanting it revealed, then they needed it to be revised by “grammatical corrects,” and the “changing of two words.” Really, how preposterous is that?

  9. I don’t expect anything new that hasn’t already been revealed. This should just make it harder for them to avoid an indictment.

  10. Well, Wray didn’t seem to have a problem with what was written and how when he read it over the weekend and immediately started cleaning house with McCabe, which was long over due.
    Anything we hear now from the dems is a CYA mode for them. I have read in a couple places that Schiff has much to hide also. Can’t wait to find out what that is. Something about a hotel.

    • In the main, I think we know what’s in there and who’s implicated. The Dems are now claiming to have “another ” dossier they want to drop. More lies.
      I read about Obongo using FISA to spy on Trump at the start of his campaign. They are the most corrupt gang of weasels ever to occupy D.C..
      I very much want them in jail, but I know it won’t happen. Public embarrassment is not enough. This level of criminality could not have happened a couple of decades back.

      • lophatt . . . . Well, I am going to go forward with the premise that these goons will be called on to go to jail, even if it means disappointment in the end.
        Truer words were never written than when you wrote . . . “Public embarrassment is not enough. This level of criminality could not have happened a couple of decades back.” That is so true. I cannot help but believe that the “vileness and filthy lyrics” of some of todays music, the lewd activity that is portrayed both on TV and the cinema has much to do with “lowered expectations of behavior” on the part of the public. They just are not shocked when they see blatant criminality.

    • Glenn47 . . . . Wow! You have peaked my interest. I personally cannot stand Schiff. My sister made the comment to me that, “He is an enforcer for the Democrats,” and he will always tout the Democratic line.
      I am dying to know, since he always looks like a deer in the headlights, I have little doubt that he has his secrets, that he does not wish to have revealed. As I always say . . . “Let the party begin!”

      • I heard his nick name was “Chicken”, as in “Chicken Schiff”.

        • lophatt . . . . (Sorry to everyone, I just could not resist!) Is that just plain “Chicken,” or is it “Chicken Shit Schiff.?” From his actions I should think the “CCSchiff” is more appropriate.

      • If you don’t like Adam Schiff, watch this very funny Mark Dice video:

        • That was funny. It’s amazing to see them hype this Russia nonsense. I wonder what it’s like to know that you’re a professional liar?

        • Goldbug, I love Mark Dice! He has my crazy sense of humor. 😁😁😁
          For me, Adam Schiff conjures up images of Charlie Manson on the cover of Life magazine.

      • Auntie – read that reddit I posted and check out all the links. The comments, articles, posts are eye opening. Someone mentioned that Schiff had the “eyes” of a tweeker, maybe meth, maybe ?, some obvious drug…I dont know drugs – but those posts are “mind boggling”. There is no doubt your sister is correct that he is an enforcer and after reading this reddit – Schiff certainly has a lot of secrets!

        • He looks like a Lemur on speed. How insane would you have to be to vote for that. Manson looks calm compared to him. And Wray agrees with him. Think about that. If I were Trump it would take me about a nano-second to send him down the road.

  11. Quite the firestorm of information and disinformation flying about the capitol. Media was doing their best to consciously ignore the story, and local outlets have only begrudgingly mentioned it when the bureau called it a “grave threat to national security”. The President has authorized release without names redacted, which gives the left & the deep state far less wiggle room.
    There are hints that more may follow, but the reaction to a 4-page memo is quite remarkable.
    Wonder if the GOP is staying at the Greenbriar all weekend? Probably safer than DC if the left goes further off the deep end.
    The Super Bowl and associated protests will occupy the news cycle. Sort of surprised the release was delayed until Friday. Hopefully it’s first thing in the morning. Friday afternoon is the worst time to roll out a blockbuster.
    Somewhere there’s probably a comprehensive list of the players. Useful infographics should appear.
    My only worry is a massive distraction (i.e. market crash, terrorist event, mass shooting).
    What a remarkable thing we are watching.

    • Checked out local media: zero coverage by TV stations (as per their websites). Papers have tiny articles on Trump okaying the memo. One paragraph buried in the back.
      Stark comparison to the relentless Russians! barrage, which has also gone MIA.
      So looks like the media game plan is to ignore it, since attacking it failed.
      May vary according to your area.

    • The mechanics of this thing are very simple. They are getting lost (quite deliberately) in all the flailing. Their own Office of the Inspector General is the author. What they’re really saying is that the department with oversight on this found problems and we don’t want you to see what they found. In theory they represent the people, not the swamp creatures.
      What they did has been know for quite a while. Nobody did anything about it until this report. It is being described as “a memo” (and there may be a memo alluding to it), but the findings come from an IG report.
      They are wringing their hands and howling at the very idea that they should follow the law. Madcow is having a coronary over it. They are trying to down play its importance while howling about the unfairness of it all.
      It’s stuff like this that make me wish I were in the driver’s seat. I’d make short work of this.

  12. “FBI Warns Republican Memo Could Undermine Faith In Massive, Unaccountable Government Secret Agencies”
    WASHINGTON—Stressing that such an action would be highly reckless, FBI Director Christopher Wray warned Thursday that releasing the “Nunes Memo” could potentially undermine faith in the massive, unaccountable government secret agencies of the United States. “Making this memo public will almost certainly impede our ability to conduct clandestine activities operating outside any legal or judicial system on an international scale,” said Wray, noting that it was essential that mutual trust exist between the American people and the vast, mysterious cabal given free rein to use any tactics necessary to conduct surveillance on U.S. citizens or subvert religious and political groups. “If we take away the people’s faith in this shadowy monolith exempt from any consequences, all that’s left is an extensive network of rogue, unelected intelligence officers carrying out extrajudicial missions for a variety of subjective, and occasionally personal, reasons.” At press time, Wray confirmed the massive, unaccountable government secret agencies were unaware of any wrongdoing for violating constitutional rights.

    • Oh, say it isn’t true!!! I have NO faith in government. “Faith-based government”?
      This is what I mean. Pelosi does the same thing. “You people aren’t smart enough to govern yourselves, that’s what we’re for!”.
      Considering which agency he heads his argument is worse than Pelosi’s (if that’s possible). Just “trust them”, sure. Let’s just arrest them, trust can come later.

  13. Judging from the reaction of the Democrats and their media whores, they are most definitely worried and afraid. I consider that very good news.
    I think it’s very important that President Trump specifically mentioned an executive order that he signed on the day of the SOTU, which keeps Guantanamo Bay in business. Put that together with his 12/21/17 executive order, and the pieces start falling in line. Our current President is unlike the others.

    • I unfortunately got trapped in a room with MSNBC on and Rachel Madcow was raving like an auctioneer on steroids about this. How this is all written by “Russian bots” (wow! Who’d have thought?). They are beating it into the ground.
      Of course they are just as bad as the Communist News Network.

      • They are disgusting specimens of human depravity. Reprobate minds. Mr. Madcow is one of the worst. If it weren’t for waiting rooms and airport terminals, these stations couldn’t stay on the air. I was stuck in a waiting room with The View on the t.v. This was back in September on the day President Trump dropped DACA back into the lap of Congress. I have no idea how anyone can stomach the women on that show. I thought I would lose my mind. Thank goodness the volume was low enough that I could tune it out! 🙉

  14. Has anyone gone and looked over Standard Hotel’s LA website? It’s… sickening in a strange way. The wording, if you were to assuming the viewer is a pedophile, is… fitting. And there is a man with a bear’s head. For those who don’t know, pedophiles are sometimes referred to as pedobears. (I am ashamed to say that, in my early days online, I had no clue what pedobear meant. Burned myself that way I did)
    There’s also the upside down banner, a blatant (though straight adult) sexual scene, and a girl wearing a ping-pong shirt to advertise the “paddle room”, which sets off all sorts of alarm bells. Comet Ping-pong. It’s a phrase it seems. There’s also the red finger-nail polish. Disgusting, and perhaps telling.
    Another detail I noticed is how the rooms seem sexualized outright. The rooms display very large showers (even for smaller rooms) without any kind of concealing aperture I could discern. A market gimmick possibly, but one would have to check in and view all the rooms to know. But with the sexual scene in one of the panels, one would assume this is intentional. The man is seen sprawling on the bed, and from there may watch the woman in the “bath”, which cannot qualify as another room. Clearly, the room allows both partners to observe and become aroused. Fine for honeymooners, but the hotel doesn’t appear to classify itself as this from what I can see. It even prides itself on the rooms.
    Keeping this all in mind about the open shower/bedchambers, the showers again are very large. All rooms have a pizza-size naming scheme, or one that reminds of this. The list of amenities also mentions lots of EXTRA large towels and workdesk, among other stuff I don’t remember from a glance over. But those two struck me as odd. It’s almost like these rooms are advertising for groups of individuals, even when there is only one or two beds present. The towels, combined with the size of the showers, indicates that the hotel expects more than single individuals from occupying the shower at once.
    Large towels would be helpful for cleaning up numerous bodies at once. Especially if they are… small.
    Taken individually, the whole place is just a bit weird. (And I consider modern art weirdness demonically inspired, but I digress) Taken together, including the disturbing “ping-pong until I die” shirt, and a sinister, satanic understanding begins to take shape, until it is obvious, like an optical illusion that tricks you into thinking you are seeing one thing, but is in fact concealing other, harder to reveal messages. There’s of course a proper term for this subliminal advertising, but I don’t remember it.
    Those are my thoughts. Anyone else view the other hotel sites?
    I also question the average age of the noteworthies who solicit these Standard Hotels, and if they bear any significant ties to the financial or political or entertainment industry. Doubtless they do.

  15. Yet another case of double posting for me, but I just want to add that Schiff looks demon-possessed. There’s something I find profound about how wide his eyes always are, and how they seem to be glaring malice at everything, if you ignore the rest of his face, which appears oddly goofy. Could be stress alone, and fear and guilt of exposure. But I think there’s another, more sulfurous element.

  16. We need to help distill everything down to a level ordinary people can comprehend.
    This was all about rigging the election of POTUS, which thankfully was overcome by sheer voter turnout. (Actual popular vote was likely very positive in favor of Trump. Fake or flipped votes required were underestimated by the Democrats until it was too late.)
    Once Hillary lost, the objective shifted to undermining and destroying Trump, if not by impeachment, than by delegitimizing him to turn midterm and 2020 elections into a GOP bloodbath.
    False material (dossiers) on Trump were generated by multiple parties.
    Meetings were arranged (The Russian lawyer at Trump Tower) to predicate surveillance via FISA.
    Dossiers were “inserted” into the IC via legitimate (McCain) and illegitimate sources.
    The entire “Russians” construct was used to fabricate an official, unconstrained investigation into every aspect of Trump’s and Trump’s family & associates lives.
    This was to discover any actionable offense, no matter how small, and for the purpose of opposition research for the benefit of the Democratic Party and their domestic & foreign sponsors.
    Throughout all of this, since the campaign for President started, the justice system and intelligence communities have been hijacked and weaponized for political ends, and blatant subversion of the will of the people.
    At least one person was murdered (Seth Rich) after leaking details of illegitimate practices in the Democratic Party, undermining and ultimately destroying the candidacy of Bernie Sanders.
    How to winnow that down to a soundbite? Ideas? Anything missed?

    • I expect the memo to be a big piece of the puzzle, to wit:
      “the “essence” of the “shocking,” FISA abuse memo centers around whether or not the FBI and Justice Department provided false information to the FISA court for the purpose of obtaining spy warrants.”*
      But that must be communicated to the masses in the larger context of trying to
      A) Rig the election for POTUS
      B) destroy a sitting POTUS
      All political. All based on false, fabricated information. And the media is complicit every step of the way. That makes communicating this to everyone more challenging.
      Need to get stuff out without a site that will be automatically discounted by the masses.
      reference https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/02/rumblings-four-explosive-revelations-fisa-memo-not-leaked-will-rock-d-c-video/

      • That’s a lot of it, yes. Of course they will see that Obongo put them up to it. Using FISA to get special powers to spy on your political opponent is a no no.
        They will also find that Comey, Lynch, Obongo and the other coven members deliberately conspired to hide evidence agains Hillary until after the election.
        There are several statutes pertinent to this that I know of.
        So, they use a contrived phony “dossier” paid for by the DNC and deliver by McStain to get a FISA warrant to spy on Trump’s campaign. Then they conspire to trump (no pun intended) up charges of Russian collusion and spend further taxpayer money on a phony investigation. The purpose of the investigation is to find something, anything, to stage a coup and remove Trump.
        So, realizing the gravity of this having a subordinate like Wray (or anyone else) assisting your enemies should be grounds for immediate removal, for openers. No one can govern without loyalty.
        In this environment they all should be somewhat afraid of Trump. I don’t see that. He’s like one of the Roman emperors that were surrounded by palace intrigue. Remember, under the 25th Amendment it is his cabinet that facilitates his removal. To be honest, other than Conway I’m not sure I’d trust any of them.

        • There is also talk that Manafort had been under surveillance well prior to his being brought into the Trump campaign, and that was used as a foot in the door to crank up the surveillance machine.
          I still think Jarrett was running everything, and the kenyan was window-dressing. Moving in with the Obamas was hinky. Nobody does that. She got Presidential protection and ironically, protection from surveillance. Who she works for? Dunno.
          As for palace intrigue, Roman emperors didn’t have 60 million armed supporters 😉

          • Yes and yes. There were many. Jarret is like saying “Obongo”, same thing. You know where this comes from.

  17. I predict Adam Schiff is going to need a lot of pamper changes very shortly, I recommend he changes his name to Adam Sh…t

  18. Potential diversion brewing in the markets.
    This plus bitcoin crashing (latest $8724 https://www.coindesk.com/price/ ) could combine with a Wall St sell-off to dominate headlines and bury The Memo.
    If markets drop more than $300, it’s a planned smokescreen. The markets will quickly recover if they think interest in The Memo has passed.
    Depends a lot on which puppet-masters feel threatened and if they think they can put this fire out by sacrificing someone. Maybe there’s a contingency plan to cast one of Comeys underlings as a rogue operation.

    • Dow is down 381. Coincidence? Not a chance. Apple just had the best quarter in history.
      Memo is sorta coming out. Just post the darn thing GOP.

  19. While I’m looking forward to seeing a massive number of heads explode once individuals are named, we must not forget how dangerous it’s getting for Trump’s well being since it’s been made explicitly clear the deep state want him assassinated. So far their tactics have, for the most part, failed. After listening to two regular contributors on Infowars, they emphasized the incident in Hawaii was intended by the deep state to try to get Trump to have a “knee jerk” reaction and initiate a strike at North Korea. The AmTrak and dump truck collision was also a product of the deep state, among previous others. It is believed they may have something really horrendous planned for the Super Bowl. They want to punish Trump for his stance on standing for the National Anthem. The deep state and globalists are in true panic mode. Indictments have to come swiftly. The deep state knows they’ve lost the battle yet they are still going to try to kill Trump and damage the US as much as possible before they ultimately go down. I know I should pray for the salvation of their souls, but I have no mercy for the evil ones.

    • I truly hope they seize the day and put them where they belong. I’m afraid I’ll be very surprised if that happens. Not because I don’t want it to.
      To do this whoever is POTUS would have to speak softly and carry a big stick. He would need a totally loyal and dedicated close staff to keep him alive. He would have to make offers they couldn’t refuse and do it “off the radar”. This does not need boastfulness, it need finesse.
      What everyone these days are calling “the Deep State” have been around a long time. They have a lot of power, but they are basically cowards. All of them are totally self-involved and they’d sell their mothers if the price were right.
      To begin to fix this would require that they are terrified of you. Some of them would have to come to bad ends. The President would have to acknowledge them in such a way that everyone knows why it happened but no one would dare suggest it.
      We are not living in a democracy now. It isn’t even a democratic republic any longer. It will take more than votes to fix this. Most of these “movers and shakers” must go, by any means that work.

  20. The train incident appears to be a legitimate accident (see attached article) but agreed the left is becoming more desperate and violent. It is worrisome.

  21. Pelosi claims this is an effort to protect President Bush

    • LOL….after Tucker – I am pretty burned out by the news and switch to Hogans Heros – but ….HAHAHAHA…thanks for the laugh!

  22. Well, today’s the day. Hope it hasn’t been overhyped or totally redacted.
    Thanks for the thread to discuss. Fingers crossed!

  23. Yikes, I owe another gray hair to the FISA MEMO, let’s GO!!!

  24. Don’t know what they’re waiting for, the clock is running and Friday afternoon is the worst time to release something you want people to see. Especially on Super Bowl weekend. If it isn’t out by noon, I’d push it back to Monday.


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