Waiting For the Revolution

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H/t my ol’ friend Sol.

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  2. Just waiting for the Comrade Chairman to heed the advice he passed along to Mubarak and Kadaffy, and abdicate himself.
    We will not survive Obama being in office until January of 2013.
    We just won’t.

  3. Dave, Obama and Moochelle only dish out advice and large meals.
    They have no clue about doing the right thing or portion control.
    BTW, on today’s Fox News Sunday, Marge Phelps said Obama is going straight to hell… She quoted scripture to make her point!

  4. Sage, we are on the same page. The Phelps family and Westboro are beyond despicable. Their conduct is not decent or human. “In Charge” Marge amused me with her verbiage and idiocy about the destiny of humans.


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