Wait until you hear the details in this bill: Oregon proposal would require gun owners to obtain permits

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As reported by Oregon Live: A proposal by two Oregon lawmakers to require permits for all gun owners is generating buzz online and among Republicans at the Capitol, even before it’s scheduled to be introduced at the Legislature on Monday.

It’s the brainchild of student activists connected to the movement that grew out of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, where a shooter killed 17 people nearly a year ago, according to the bill. Sen. Rob Wagner, D-Tualatin, and Rep. Andrea Salinas, D-Lake Oswego, are sponsoring it.

Wagner said the bill grew out of a meeting he and Salinas had last year with roughly 300 Oregon students following the Florida shooting. “Any opportunity for conversation around these controversial topics is really important,” Wagner said. “It’s a really important message that we listen to students … about what it’s like to go to school right now.”

The sweeping legislation would also require people to undergo background checks before purchasing or sharing ammunition and would limit ammunition purchases to 20 rounds within a 30-day period, although people could purchase and use unlimited ammunition at shooting ranges. It would ban magazines that hold more than five rounds of ammunition.

Additionally, Senate Bill 501 would require people to securely store their guns and report the loss or theft of a firearm to law enforcement within 24 hours.

If lawmakers pass the proposal, people who ignore it could face severe penalties. For example, anyone who possessed a firearm without a permit could be fine up to $6,250 and sentenced to as much as 364 days in jail.

It’s one of 11 bills dealing with firearms that are scheduled to be introduced on Monday, when lawmakers and Gov. Kate Brown return to Salem to be sworn in for their new terms. The Legislative session begins Jan. 22. Not all of the bills would regulate guns. For example, House Bill 2287 would allow school districts to allow firearm safety courses on school property.

In a press release on Friday, Rep. Bill Post, a Republican from Keizer, said the ammunition purchase limit would make it difficult for gun owners to become proficient and should worry duck hunters. Post also said he was worried the bill’s ban on magazines to hold more than five rounds of ammunition would mean “your old six-shot revolver would be required to be turned in or destroyed.”

However, the bill exempts .22-caliber revolvers and any lever-action revolver.

A separate bill is also being introduced that would require gun owners to securely store their weapons with locks and make it easier for shooting victims to sue for damages if the gun owner failed to secure the weapon, report the loss or theft of the gun in a timely manner or supervise a child using the gun.

The proposal is named after the two people killed in the 2012 Clackamas Town Center shooting and their relatives are working to pass it.


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23 responses to “Wait until you hear the details in this bill: Oregon proposal would require gun owners to obtain permits

  1. Another great one. This of course if passed which is doubtful would end up in a higher court then on to the Supreme Court.

    The Second Amendment is etched in stone.

    Thanks taking it to my site, love the graphic, J.C.

  2. The revolution is getting closer and being forced by liberal assholes.

    • Democracy has already become a lethal weapon, defending it literally suicide. Didn’t anyone notice that if the alien msm was touting the importance of every vote, voting had to have become lethal for flyover America? Votes don’t matter as we see when the Republicans controlling both the House and Senate enact the Dem budget fully funding Planned Parenthood. Could betrayal be any more in our face? What votes actually do accomplish in America is what they do in any other banana republic or Marxist hell, which is legitimize the evil being committed in the people’s name as a supposed expression of their will.

      Election results in Dem districts have been totally fraudulent going back more than 100 years. There never has been anything approaching 50% of the American electorate voting for Dems. Most Americans are conservative by nature. Second, an alien enemy whose identitarian marker is hatred of white Christian America—if TV and the news are any guide—openly brags about controlling the msm and entertainment, hence they own the public forum, and through it formation of men’s minds. For example, Schumer and Pelosi support at all costs a wall with machine gun towers imprisoning and slaughtering Palestinians on their own land, yet those two Dem traitors’ working overtime to eliminate guarding our border causes no dissonance among the left.

      Our problem is that the principalities and powers who own the Dems also own the Republicans. To paraphrase a saying from Mao, When the Democrats fart, the Republicans fight over who gets to say excuse me. What’s even more shocking than the radicalization of the Democratic Party is the daily display of cowardice by the Republicans, toadies of crime boss Sheldon Adelson almost to the man. Even PCR is now calling what’s going on white genocide. More talk obviously only persuades the Left there’s nothing behind the stuffed shirts whose reaction is having a case of the vapors in front of an enemy’s cameras.

    • The left have been asking for it for many moons. I have been waiting for the other shoe to drop. They are going to get exactly what they been begging for. These communist can’t take are inalienable rights away from us. They can try but they will not successed. It’s time they bring it on.

      I am 69, and I have been waiting half of my life for this. Game on, let’s go you cowards. Molon Labe and let the games begin.

  3. Those in the Oregon legislature would do well to read the U.S. Constitution.

    The Second Amendment is part of our very heritage.

    It’s doubtful that this legislation will go anywhere, but should it, look to it to be brought to a circuit court and ultimately to the U.S. Supreme Court, if need be to keep the Oregon state legislature from stealing “The land of fruits and nuts,” away from California.

    Oregon proposal would require gun owners to obtain permits.

    How many illegal arms owners, common street thugs, house breakers, rapists and murders will comply?

    The party of the Democrats is destined for self-immolation if they don’t develop a long game and continue to comport themselves as the fools that they certainly are.

  4. From my cold dead hands.

    Molon Labe.

    If you are within 1500 yards, you are history.


  5. Let me get this straight. They’re doing this on the advice of a bunch of teenagers? Not really. They’re just facists. Communists. Socialists. If one of us good guys don’t take them out, you can bet it’s only a matter of time one of the bad guys will

  6. Kevin J Lankford

    The first real problem with all these proposed unrealistic legislated regulations is not necessarily their clear violation of our Constitution, but there is just absolutely no one openly exposing how they are all inspired by faked, staged crises. Being their whole purpose. Constitutional issues have long become moot to the liberal and deep state agenda, now being a futile effort; except for the last ditch effort reserved to the true U.S. citizens [B]y our second amendment.

    Even the most self-proclaimed conservative commentators who have to be aware and well informed, and truly have unassailable platforms for reaching the public will shirk their duty when it comes to challenging false narratives of government and media. No need to mention names, they know who they are. The same ones too cowardly to expose obama for the fraud he is.

    And the archives of the trust worthy internet sites are destined to suffer the same fate as the old fashioned book burnings of past potentates.

    • So true about hiding from the truth about 911. A schoolboy debater familiar with the facts could trounce one of those cuckservatives who’re more concerned with getting invited to the right social events than getting at the truth that’d upset their unwarranted sinecures as spokesmen for the right. Naming names is pointless as you point out since it would include the whole bunch.

    • Right now the best US citizen commenting on 911 and other staged events, including the crisis ones designed around a voting issue such as gun control, is the one and only Christopher Bollyn.

      He and his family left the country because of death threats and violence carried out against them, their house, their cars, etc. Go to http://www.bollyn.com; his magnum opus is titled Solving 9-11.

      • I met Christopher Bollyn at an excellent talk he gave a few years ago at one of Sarasota’s public libraries. He’s the friendly and decent guy he looks like in his photos, and he knows his subject, which is the overwhelmingly persuasive circumstantial evidence proving Israel and its American Fifth Column, and not Saudi Arabia, did 911. Furthermore, the subsequent elaborate efforts at concealment by the kosher msm provide equally powerful circumstantial proof of their guilt as well.

        What’s so disturbing about the unprovoked police beating and his broken arm, right in front of his family, is that local cops acted no different than uniformed goons serving the Jacobins during the French Revolution and Bolsheviks during the subsequent bloodbath in Russia.

  7. WTF is a “Lever Action Revolver”? If you shoved some people’s brains up a mouse’s ass it would look like a baseball in a stadium

  8. Why don’t they just lower the voting age to 10, and the minimum age to hold office, to a teenager (13), since they have a better idea how to legislate, and use reason, not emotion? 🙄😒

  9. You do as you must to protect your life

  10. Over my dead body. Molon Labe / lock and load.

  11. This is where you sponsor a bill that makes it mandatory for five-year-olds to carry full-automatics at all times and provides them free of charge to convicts. Every time they do this the counter is to do the opposite, only worse. Under no circumstances should anybody discuss something like this seriously.

    It’s unconstitutional, end of story.

  12. Here’s a vid from Michael Anderson who went to the home of the demoRAT who sponsored this bill, Rob Wagner. This demoRAT lives in a very, very safe neighborhood and fancy home. Wagner doesn’t have to worry about riff-raff breaking into his home. Hence, he doesn’t believe in the Second Amendment for us law-abiding citizens.


    FYI: Video is NSFW.

  13. Seems like the country has been partioned, the west gone crazy.

  14. Again, I would encourage all readers here to not rely solely on firearms, but to have some martial arts training, (I’d suggest some WIng Chun, and Eskrima if you can find it, along with anything having to do with knife or blade fighting as a back up.) and some other forms of defense weapons available (including exotic things that the jack-boots aren’t likely to be prepared to deal with, sonics, particle beam, and wave-type items, etc.) be versed in tactics to be able to use them and the martial arts properly, and also be versed in what can be used for defenses against the items they might try to utilize, what can protect fromt he effects of a sound canon, for example? What about microwave crowd control items or directed energy, etc.?

    But really if they did actually want to shut down Gun ownership & use, why wouldn’t soros or some other creep buy up controlling shares in the ammo-producing companies (Assuming that the companies aren’t already run by the devil worshipers, and if they are, then why are they not employing this tactic to disarm americans post-haste?) and subsequently drive them out of business? Something doesn’t figure here, and I wonder what else they are up to with this. (Perhaps to provoke a reaction from those most likely to resist, making them self-identify & be exposed, and make the job of “weeding” any potential dissidents that much easier?) Another aim might be to encourage those would-be dissidents to go out in a hail of gunfire as they throw lots of “expendable” mercs, keep them from making any meaningful organized effort, and to potentially utilize their homes as weapons caches for said merc forces during a new civil war scenario.

    Not saying that the bill shouldn’t be fought, but I greatly suspect they’re up to more than just pushing some bolshevik gun stealing operation (After all, how many people seeking to be “legal” owners self-exposed by registering, already?) The question is, what else are they up to? Once we determine that, countermeasures can be figured out accordingly.


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