Vulgarities, Obscenities and Threats; The Hallmarks of Union Thugs

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The New Civility: Union Thugs Target Ann Althouse

by Mike Flynn

Just a few weeks ago, the national media wrung its hands about the need for greater civility in our political dialogue. Almost within minutes of that sanctimonious plea, the institutional left launched an assault against any and all perceived opponents. No matter how many videos of leftist hate surfaced, nor instances of leftist violence, the national media has ignored it all.
So, what do we make of this threat on Ann Althouse:
Warning: Vulgar, obscene and threatening language  -Tom

Professor Althouse is not a card-carrying member of the vast right-wing conspiracy. She is a law professor whose views are not easily categorized. She is both more conservative than some on the right and more liberal than some on the left, depending on the issue. Above all, she reports truths, as she sees it.
 Over the last few weeks, she and her husband, “Meade”, have provided exhaustive, first-person accounts of the protests in Wisconsin. Their reporting has been thorough, but fair. They have been rewarded with the above threatening letter.
The national media will undoubtedly ignore this, even though a threatening letter of such length suggests a serious and deliberate provocation. Keep in mind, the national media knows this letter exists. Were, god forbid, something to happen, what would be their culpability? Yes, I’m looking at you Katie Couric, Chris Matthews, Lawrence O’Donnell, Brian Williams, etc.
I’ve known for awhile now that these union goons only understand one thing…VIOLENCE and it’s evident that they will only give up their entitlement mentality through force. Eventually we are going to have to take then on, the very future of this country is riding on our willingness to enforce the law and destroy these public sector unions.
Tom in NC
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  1. Have you read the comments to the article? They’re incredible. I’ve never seen such an open, vociferous public display of hostility towards any group; the abused appear ready to take up arms against the abusers, if necessary. If the commentators are representative of the general populace, then the public union thugs may find they’ve opened a can of worms they’ll wish they hadn’t.


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