Voters don't care Hillary Clinton is dishonest and immoral

Hillary for Prison 2016
A week ago I did a post on Hillary Clinton being viewed even more favorably in a NYT/CBS poll, despite her many scandals — the corrupt non-profit Clinton Foundation that traded State Department favors for donations; her using a private email account to conduct official business when she was secretary of state; and the lies she told about Benghazi. (See “Hillary and Bill Clinton got millions in bribes from foreign ‘entities’ in exchange for State Dept favors” and “Destruction of Evidence: Hillary Clinton deleted half of emails from personal account used to conduct business as secretary of state“)
A new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll has the explanation.
The poll asked respondents several questions about Clinton’s character. Here are the results:

  • On whether Hillary is “honest and straightforward,” 50% of respondents said she wasn’t; only 25% said they believed she was honest.
  • On whether Hillary is “effective” at “getting things done,” 44% thought she’s effective versus 34% who didn’t.
  • On whether Hillary is “easygoing and likable,” 41% said yes; 37% said no.
  • On whether Hillary has “high moral standards that set the proper moral tone for the country,” 43% said yes versus 39% said no.

Jonathan V. Last of The Weekly Standard points out how schizophrenic the poll results are. While as many as 50% say Hillary is not honest and straightforward, 41% nevertheless think she has “high moral standards.”
Last’s conclusion is:

There are only two possible conclusions from this: Either (1) Voters are idiots. Or (2) As a political commodity, Hillary Clinton’s appeal is based on something other than trustworthiness.
Whichever the case, the big lesson from the last few months is that it will be very difficult for a Republican to beat Hillary Clinton by getting voters to turn against her. The Clinton cake is so thoroughly baked that there’s no new evidence that’s going to make people decide that suddenly, after 20 years, the scales have fallen from their eyes and they realize she’s something other than what they think she is. 
Instead, the Republican nominee is going to have to make a positive case for something better. It won’t be enough to try to disqualify Clinton. He or she is going to have to offer a more attractive alternative vision.
(And whatever you do, don’t think too hard about the fact that one out of every four Americans still thinks Clinton is “honest” and “straightforward.” It’s just too depressing.)

My conclusion is that since all the evidence points to Hillary Clinton not being “honest and straightforward” and therefore not having “high moral standards,” the fact that 1 out of every 4 Americans think she is “honest and straightforward” and 4 out of every 10 Americans think she has “high moral standards” can only be attributable to this:

An alarming percentage of Americans are either stupid or so morally corrupt themselves that they don’t find her malfeasance and corruption to be a matter of concern.

But America’s Founders knew well the importance of the moral character of both government and governed.
Ben Franklin said “Only a moral and virtuous people are capable of freedom; the more corrupt and vicious a society becomes, the more it has need of masters.” Noah Webster, in On the Education of Youth in America (1788), wrote, “The virtues of men are of more consequence to society than their abilities; and for this reason, the heart should be cultivated with more assiduity than the head.”
Then there’s the wise French philosopher and diplomat Count Joseph Marie Maistre (1763-1821) who cynically but accurately observed, “Every nation has the government it deserves.”
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Gunny G

Reblogged this on BLOGGING BAD… Gunny G….


I think many just answer without even knowing what they are talking about. They think those answers are expected of them, right or wrong.
We are talking massive uninformed voters here. A danger to the country.
But they know they don’t want to disturb their gravy train. They have no idea about any of her scandals. I doubt, they know anything about Benghazi. And she has plenty to talk about going back sèveral decades.


“I doubt, they know anything about Benghazi.” They know everything from their sources: For Reasons They Will Never Admit Republicans Are Responsible For The Attack on Benghazi. I doubt any of them have read the Senate Intelligence Committee report. And they certainly don’t care about Hillary’s missing server that might hold some additional clues. Because heaven forbid we get to the bottom of this:comment image


Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:
Based on the last comment in this post — As wise French philosopher and diplomat Count Joseph Marie Maistre (1763-1821) observed, “Every nation has the government it deserves.” The only hope we have is that we don’t deserve her and we are not the idiots that the polls indicate.

Auntie Lulu
Auntie Lulu

Centinel2012 . . . the only reserve I have about agreeing with the addage “Every nation has the government it deserves,” is I absolutely feel that the last election was hijacked. There were precincts where there were more people who voted than there were registered voters; we had deceased people who voted, we had people’s pets who voted, etc., etc., We certainly do not deserve this! If we made the penalty for illegal voting very severe, say 10 years in prison, then try a few of these cases–I do believe that others would get the hint . . .it’s not… Read more »

MA in MO

Somewhere along the line, there has become a huge disconnect between an individuals behavior, their actions and what they believe. When Bill Clinton was prez and the Monica scandal broke, a colleague of mine who was several years my senior, very Jewish (I say that to indicate that she had a moral background), white, and female. She worshipped Bill Clinton. I asked her if she supported abortion, sodomy, adultery, illegal gov’t activity and I forget the other issue, all things Bill did or supported as president. Her response was she simply did not care. She was firmly convinced that Bill… Read more »

Ethan Allen
Ethan Allen

So who are these people being polled? Did the pollsters ask a true cross-section of American voters or did they go down some street in New York City or Washington DC asking random passersby? Who paid for the poll? What’s THEIR agenda? I know one thing. I’ve been on this planet for well over a half century now, and nobody has EVER polled me, anyone in my family, or anyone I know. Makes you wonder….


True. I have said this many times. I or anyone I know has ever been questioned. But, I am sure that those poll numbers come from the same place where the controlled audiences she visits that are staged.


Dosen’t anyone ever think that they make the poll numbers up?
It’s the best way the sway the public’s opinion.

Army Vet 4444 (@ArmyVet4444)

I recently saw a video clip of collage students voicing their opinion about the upcoming election who where voting on Hillary, and it turned out, interview after interview, NOT ONE of them could account for anything she had done, NOT ONE… yet they were voting on her because…. (ready for this)…. she is a women. That’s it. That was their SOLE reason for voting for her. She was a woman. It didn’t matter what she had or had not done, it didn’t matter why her name was “in the news”. Just that she was a woman, and that is all… Read more »


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