Voters disapprove of de Blasio’s handling of just about everything

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And yet, I will not be surprised if they re-elect him.
De Blasio at NY Mermaid Parade
NY Post: A blistering poll released Friday found voters disapprove of just about everything Mayor de Blasio is doing to improve the quality of life in New York City.
In question after question on the Quinnipiac University survey, the mayor’s constituents said he isn’t getting the job done on reducing homelessness, tackling poverty and overseeing the NYPD. To underscore their dissatisfaction with his administration, voters also said they also disagreed with how the mayor has handled charter schools and carriage horses.
A majority — 53 percent — said the quality of life here is getting worse. Only 14 percent said it’s getting better. Sixty-one percent of voters gave Hizzoner a thumbs down on his handling of poverty and homelessness, while 28 percent approved. By a 59-to-32 percent margin, they objected to how he’s battling crime. Voters made it clear it was the mayor who was the target of their ire, not the cops or the man who leads them.
In contrast to de Blasio, Police Commissioner Bratton received a positive grade. Fifty-seven percent of voters said they approved of his job performance and only 35 percent disapproved.
On some issues, even black voters who form the mayor’s political base said things are getting worse. Sixty percent of New Yorkers overall said they’re seeing more homeless people on the streets, in the parks and in the subways. A majority of black voters were in that group.
Sixty-one percent of all voters supported the NYPD’s “broken windows” policy of giving summonses for low-level crimes such as drinking in public. So did 49 percent of blacks voters and 58 percent of Hispanic voters.
“From the beginning, Mayor Bill de Blasio has promised to reduce homelessness. His comments about income inequality have been eloquent,” said pollster Maurice Carroll. “But on deeds — not words — New Yorkers give him negative marks.”
Voters of every racial and ethnic group by a better than 2-to-1 margin called on the mayor to lay off Central Park’s carriage horses.
And 43 percent said the number of charter schools — which have had to fight de Blasio for space — should be increased, while 30% suggested keeping the number flat and 19 percent urged a fewer number.
The sobering figures were released a day after de Blasio kicked off his 2017 re-election campaign with a fund-raiser at the Sheraton Times Square that aides said pulled in $1 million.
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0 responses to “Voters disapprove of de Blasio’s handling of just about everything

  1. That joker is the worst thing the City of New York has going for them. Sadly, I suppose it is correct–the voters will once again put the loser back in office. the picture of his family is distressing, his wife looks like a hooker. Everyone suffers because of low information voters.

  2. Not so far fetched to think he will be reelected, look at this country and the 2012 election. Even after all they knew about BO and his crimes against the country, and even with 6 million less voting for him. But, we do need to take into consideration the voter fraud.
    DeBlasio is no Rudy, he has been nothing but bad for the city and being the far leftist that he is, wants to just dictate. Hopefully, one day, the residents there wake up.

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  4. “And yet, I will not be surprised if they re-elect him.”
    Liberalism is a psychopathology. “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.” -Albert Einstein

  5. shocker…not!
    the insane are running the asylum

  6. I guess their relationship is like that of a wife beater and the wife who for some reason feels a need to put up with it (but then again, this is New York, and they’re INSANE)

  7. Mayor de Blasio has just about completed former Mayor Bloomberg’s insane plan for slowing down traffic with his “Vision Zero” program. For many years, the number of pedestrian and bicycle fatalities in all five of the City’s boroughs’ streets hovered around 370—about one a day. At about nine years into his 12-year Mayoralty, Bloomberg noticed that these deaths fell to under 200—never seen before. No Problem: He announced “a plan” to get the number “to zero”—a moral and physical impossibility.
    But this is de Blasio for you: Ever since he implemented this Vision Zero program, traffic has slowed to a crawl, preventing emergency vehicles and ambulances from getting to where they have to be quickly.
    The tone of the entire City has become that of a FUNERAL PARLOR.
    But that’s de Blasio and the typical New York liberal crowd for you: They announce a plan—good or bad, possible or impossible—and they order some bureaucrats or police to enforce it. And we here in New York know this City’s Government is a bureaucrat’s Paradise. Yet he remains clueless!
    The Democrats seem to have a STRANGLEHOLD on this City, and it will never let up until voters wake up. Remind me not to hold my breath!

  8. Detroiters are the same – the liberals just can’t see where the problem lies. Their thought process lacks logic and the ability to see where certain actions/policies lead to- what will be the end result. Liberalism sounds altruistic and good for them and mankind, but in reality, it’s selfishness and selfishness leads to lack of control, lack of freedom and liberty, lack of morals and high values, lack of responsibility, low self-esteem and feeling worthless thereby creating poverty in every area of life. Just look what they believe in: abortion (women murdering their child), euthanasia/assisted suicide (murdering yourself and loved ones, hypersensitivity in language, extreme racism, high taxation (eventually, government will get our entire check to pay for the so-called income/benefits equality), belief that more money will fix problems (so far, hasn’t worked), and the list goes on and on. Liberal beliefs only produce more problems with end result being total collapse and destruction of all life. They need to get out of this selfish consciousness and lack of being responsible for themselves, and then they will see the situation differently and realistically. The change must come from within themselves – raise their conscious reality of who they are. I’m praying daily for God to light a fire in their heart and for their soul to wake up from this illusion and delusion the elites/manipulative ones have created.

  9. If he DOES get re-elected,it’ll likely be a case of “Better the Devil you KNOW…”. People will fear electing someone who sounds like they’ll be FAR better,but will actually BE even WORSE,as happened with Obama. Though Obama had to rely on Felony Voter Fraud,among other “cheats” to get,and stay,in office.)

  10. I bet the “free sh*t” crowd will line up in droves to vote for this communist goober again – especially the dead ones.


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