Vote on Govt Programs You Want Cut!

The plain truth is that we are broke. America is in debt up to our collective eyebrows, of trillions of dollars. Today, we are told that the federal deficit last month was $82.69 billion, nearly four times the $20.91 billion shortfall of April a year ago — and nearly two times what Wall Street economists had expected.

The GOP is finally doing something creative about government spending. It’s a website called “You Cut” that allows us to vote on spending cuts that we want to see the House enact.
For example, here’s a proposed cut that got my vote: Taxpayer Subsidized Union Activities.

Currently, some federal employees spend up to 100% of their workweek, paid by taxpayers, doing work for their union. Federal employees unions collect millions in revenue each year and spend significant amounts on political activities and lobbying, but they are subsidized by the taxpayer for their official functions. Cutting this from the federal budget will mean $600 million in savings!

Here’s another program that got my vote: New Non-Reformed Welfare Program. 

You won’t believe this, but this program is designed to incentivize states to increase their welfare caseloads without requiring able-bodied adults to work, get job training, or otherwise prepare to move off of taxpayer assistance. This ridiculous program was created in 2009 as a backdoor way to undo the welfare reforms of the Clinton administration which had saved taxpayers billions of dollars and ended the cycle of generational dependency on welfare. Cutting this program will mean $2.5 billion in savings.

To vote online, CLICK HERE
A big h/t to beloved Fellowship member Tina!

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10 years ago

Cut Welfare! Cut welfare for all except those who are truly in need and for those who work but need that little extra “bump” to get them through hard times. I am tired of seeing my tax dollars go to lazy, healthy people (of any color so don’t start any racist BS!) who sit on their collective @$$es getting my hard earned money!
NO MORE ENTITLEMENTS! If you are healthy but refuse to pull your weight then you deserve to starve. Too bad so sad!

10 years ago

I voted but there weren’t enough cuts for me. I want to cut all funding to the teacher’s union and all other unions. I also want to cut all monies to Community organizers–etc—etc—etc.

10 years ago

Toss everything the Constitution does not specifically authorize.
That means Obama is out on his ass. 🙂

10 years ago

I love this but I would like to vote on more than one each week,sure hope people realize after the liberals have spent,spent,spent-wer’e going to have to buckle down hard-if we don’t want to end up like Greece. That means doing without,something the young people don’t understand real well. Some one should kick their parents in the rear.