Vote in our "Best Legs for Mantyhose" Contest!

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Yesterday, DCG’s post on Mantyhose set off a war of words among Steve, Terry, and Will as to who has the shapeliest legs for this new forward male fashion.
I proposed to let FOTM’s discerning readers settle this contest and asked our three manly men to send me pics of their naked legs.
Here they are! The poll follows.  😀

No. 1: Steve’s legs

No. 2: Terry’s legs

No. 3: Will’s legs (he’s the one wearing a tie):

Let your voice count! Vote for your candidate for “Best Manly-Man Legs”!


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0 responses to “Vote in our "Best Legs for Mantyhose" Contest!

  1. Steve’s picture looks like Richard Simmons

  2. Unless we haven’t been told all these years that Olive Oyl is a trannie, she’s disqualified for a mantyhose contest! LOL

  3. Homeschool Mama

    Personally, I wouldn’t mind having legs that looked like Richard Simmons. Is that wierd?

  4. HAIRY?

  5. That is Richard Simmons for Steve’s ! And I have a feeling the others are “leg doubles” too! Ha! Was fun though!

  6. I’m with Hardnox. Let’s have a Dance-Off! I can’t wait to see Terry walk, much less dance, with those big iron knots of leg muscles. ASCAOTS!

  7. I voted for Will….hoping he’ll pull through as the underdog 🙂

  8. Aaack! Eye bleach! Mind bleach! Wahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

  9. Great day in the morning…I did not think it was possible but you made a black man blush! 🙂
    Is there anyone renting a rock I can hide under!

  10. ROFLMAO!
    Yeah, like I’m buying this.


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