Vote for Your Favorite Crisis Actor in Our First Annual Psy-Op Awards!

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To those who claim to be “offended”, the following is intended for satirical purposes only.
Springtime is award season time, so join us by voting in Fellowship of the Minds’s First Annual Psy-Op Awards! Celebrating the False, the Fraudulent, and the downright F***ed Up!
Best/Worst Performance by a Crisis Actor at a staged event!
The nominees are:
1) Robbie Parker at Sandy Hook
2) Cowboy Man at the Boston Marathon
3) Gene Rosen at Sandy Hook
4) Jeff Bauman at the Boston Marathon
5) Woman in red at the Boston Marathon
6) Black lady on a stretcher at the Boston Marathon
Best/Worst Performance by a Hypocrite Celebrity!
The nominees are:
1) Liam Neeson on guns
2) Leonardo Di Caprio on global warming
3) Matt Damon on both guns and global warming
4) Gwyneth Paltrow every time she opens her mouth
Best/Worst Television Show made by Useful Idiots for Useful Idiots! (Someone has to indoctrinate the masses!)
The nominees are:
1) Modern Family
2) Two and a Half Men
3) Ellen
4) Any show with a Kardashian in it
5) Any show made by Disney
Best/Worst Performance by a He pretending to be a She! (Though they labor long and hard to suppress it, inside every tranny lies the truth, just waiting to burst forth!)
The nominees are:
1) Bradley Manning
2) Michael Obama
Best/Worst Performance by a lesbian, Muslim-Brotherhood spy!
The nominees are:
1) Huma Abedin
Best/Worst Performance by a celebrity appearing to be satanically possessed!
The nominees are:
1) Beyonce at the Super Bowl
Best/Worst Creation of an entity that’s entirely fake!
The nominees are:
1) Adam Lanza
2) Beyonce’s pregnancy
3) aka Obama’s birth certificate

Is there a baby in there?

Is there a baby in there?

Best/Worst Performance by a fraud pretending to cry!
The nominees are:
1) Robbie Parker at Sandy Hook
2) Gene Rosen at Sandy Hook
3) aka Obama at the Sandy Hook press conference
Who are you trying to kid?

Who are you trying to kid?

Best/Worst Performance by Mindless Sheeple, marching off to their own slaughter!
The nominees are:
1) The circling crowd at Sandy Hook
2) The crowds shouting, “USA! USA!” while armed troops walked the street of Boston.
3) The protesters and rioters in Ferguson, Missouri
4) The American people at every false flag event
Special Lifetime Achievement Award for a career filled with Lies, Fraud, and Deception!
The nominees are:
1) aka Obama
2) Hillary Clinton

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0 responses to “Vote for Your Favorite Crisis Actor in Our First Annual Psy-Op Awards!

  1. Gosh, all of these deserving nominees… hard to choose……

  2. I vote “all of the above”. :~D

  3. Ha – priceless!

  4. OMGosh! So funny! This is the best post ever!
    Well, I have to say, while Gene Rosen is the WORST ACTOR of all times, I am voting for the black lady on the stretcher for BEST ACTRESS EVER! Why? Because as a southern girl, I think anyone who can have perfect makeup while “bleeding out”, after an explosion–deserves an award just for that. Her bloody head wound does not even come near her makeup! Check out that lip gloss and mascara! Eyeliner intact! She did not even break a sweat! She is my hero!!!

  5. Time to TAKE OUT THE TRASH!!!

  6. Funny as hell! Yep, the ACTORS are acting very strange, lately. Must be something in the water….
    Keep ’em comin’!

  7. for the best/worst crisis actor, you forgot to put in woman screaming into phone. the same woman making the same exact facial expressions while screaming into a cell phone at sandy hook and the marathon bombing. she should win because it is obviously the same person.

  8. My vote goes to the ‘Beyonce Zombie’ for ‘Best Imitation of Obama getting his annual anal probe’……
    Honorable Mention to Huma Abedin for just being freakin’ scary looking.

  9. Where we now live in a sanitized, PC world where everyone is a winner, and loser is a form of hat speech….I must vote equally for them all as my favorite crisis actors…OSCARS FOR EVERYONE! even those silent Amerikan sheeple who did not participate

  10. I have to call a draw. They are all credit worthy. Some a little more hilarious than others, some more pathetic, and the rest are down right desperate to be so important.

  11. Best Actor = LT PAUL VANCE (Sandy Hoax)
    Worst Actor = GENE ROSEN (Sandy Hoax)
    Best Female Lead = Francine Wheeler (fake mother of ‘Noah Pozner’)
    Best Male Lead = David Wheeler (fake father of Noah Pozner)
    Best Child Actor With 9 Lives = Noah Pozner (for death #1 at Sandy Hoax, and death #2 in Pakistan school massacre)
    Best Digital Cartoon Character = Adam Lanza
    Best Fake Amputee = Lamshanks Man (Boston Hoaxathon)
    Best Villain in an FBI Production = Tsarnaev Brothers (Boston Hoaxathon)

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