Vote for the Wall!

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A new “caravan” of hundreds of Hondurans are heading toward the U.S.-Mexico border.

TV footage yesterday showed 600-800 people in the violent city of San Pedro Sula, Honduras, huddled together and waving Honduran flags as they began a journey that will likely take weeks or even months to reach the U.S.-Mexico border. (Reuters)

Notwithstanding the new “caravan” of invaders, the news this morning from the alphabet Hate-America TV networks is that a new national poll conducted by Connecticut’s Quinnipiac University found that:

  • A majority of American voters (55% vs. 43%) are opposed to a wall on the Mexican border, and reject every argument for the Wall.
  • An even larger majority (63% vs. 30%) favor a Democratic proposal to reopen parts of the federal government that do not involve border security while negotiating funding for the Wall.

Of course, this is the same Quinnipiac University polling that, in March 2014, claimed Fauxcahontas Elizabeth Warren, 69, to be the “hottest” U.S. politician whom Americans rated the most favorable. Hillary Clinton came in second. (See DCG’s post, “Sen. Elizabeth Warren is ‘hottest’ U.S. politicians: poll“.)

Congressman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) is calling on Americans to vote for the Wall:

  • Call 1-800-344-8082
  • Press 1, to vote for the Wall.

Go Vote!!!

Meanwhile, independent journalist Laura Loomer exposed “no border wall” Demonrat House Speaker  Nancy Pelosi’s utter hypocrisy.

Gateway Pundit reports that yesterday, Loomer brought a group of illegal immigrants from Guatemala and Mexico to Pelosi’s mansion in Napa Valley, CA, and set up a “sanctuary camp” on the lawn, with photos of Americans — including Kate Steinle — who were killed by illegal aliens.

Police were called, and evicted, i.e., deported, the group of illegals.

The next destination of Loomer and the “caravan” of illegals is the home of new California governor Gavin Newsom. LOL

See also “Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco home has a border wall”.



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15 responses to “Vote for the Wall!

  1. Kelleigh Nelson

    can’t wait to see what she does with the other moron’s home!

  2. I’ve never felt so happy when pressing No.1. Yes for whatever can keep the illegals
    O U T!!!

  3. I recommend pressing *67 before dialing the phone number provided. By doing so it should block your number from being displayed. That will help to avoid receiving many unwanted solicitation calls in the future. 😀

    • Thank You Grace for the advice, I believe the only thing that matters is the number and not the name. When I get an unwanted call, I let it ring and immediately block. It has gotten out of hand.

  4. The news I find incredible: Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Chief Full Of Bull) is the hottest U.S. politician.

    • Quinnipiac U is located in Hamden, right down the road from Yale. All over the area there are quaint little offices fronting so many forms of unAmerican activity it’d make your head spin. Elizabeth Warren is the most unlikeable woman in America, yet the Quinnipiac poll claims the opposite, just like the wikipedia (Soros) article claiming Quinnipiac’s yenta president is an ‘Australian’.

    • What would you expect from Democrats-at LEAST Hillary LOST AGAIN. (I think I’D have voted for Sarah Palin.)

  5. I forwarded this article to many other people. I hope that they will vote, and send it on also.

  6. Done, voted!

  7. While voting for it is nice (I did it), I think the point is that the President, in his capacity as Commander-In-Chief is saying that this is a security/military issue. Congress should not be opposing him on military tactics designed to protect the country.

    This whole game is a do or die situation. The “news” is pulling out all the stops to claim he’s an agent of Russia (for God’s sake!) and openly insulting him 24/7. The longer they do this the more emboldened they become.

    Even though he won they are not going to let him do his job. This is pure sedition. They are now trying to claim that he’s a “Manchurian candidate”. They spew this drivel nonstop. We have Obongo’s FBI that is totally out of control. We have known criminals walking around freely without fear of recrimination.

    The Odor has simply decided to dig in, prevent any movement and wait until they can get the Communists back in full power forever.

  8. Laura Loomer and Illegal aliens climb wall at Nancy Pelosi’s Masion and set up tent! (Hilarious and well played Laura! Bravo)

  9. Done.

  10. As soon as Pelosi and Obama open up their estates to illegals then I might feel different and think they actually care about anybody. Shummer is also included in this, if he has a wall around his properety. How about include the Clintons too. There has to be a lot of room on their estates to


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