Vonnegut Was Right – Deliberate Dumb Down to Permanent Recession

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The entire movie is posted on Youtube in 12 segments.

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0 responses to “Vonnegut Was Right – Deliberate Dumb Down to Permanent Recession

  1. How left/liberals seek to achieve “social justice”…

    • lowtechgrannie

      Equality of result.

      • Pol Pot actually sought to kill every Cambodian smart enough to earn a college degree (with the exception of himself and his Khmer Rouge college buddies, of course) in order to prevent a return of inequality after his revolution. “The love of theory is the root of all evil,” as William M. Briggs said: https://wmbriggs.com/blog/?p=5548 (and Bill Whittle quotes).

  2. watch 30 minutes of “sponge bob square pants” every day and the nation will re elect the worst president ever, again. television is eroding the brain cells of our nation and stupid people believe obama is doing the best that he can. obama must go apparently stupid people need a wake up call the free lunch is over grab a shovel and start helping or lay by the curb to be taken out with the trash..

    • edward oleander

      You’re right, and the road to our renewal of greatness begins with reacquainting the American populace with the proper use of the English language. It is shameful to see how the use of grammar and punctuation has deteriorated in these past few years.


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