Vogue magazine asks, "Should we still let children play with toy guns?"

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It’s the “Classic Mother BB Gun Block.”
Pro-tip for the women cited in this article: We have THOUSANDS of strict gun laws already on the books. The problem is enforcement and those darn criminals who don’t obey them.
And if you’re interested in teaching your child about proper firearm safety instead of an irrational fear, there are LOTS of resources available. For example, see here, here, here, here, here and here.
From Yahoo (originally from Vogue): Over the weekend, on a party supplies run at Flying Tiger, the charming Danish discount store, my 4-year-old daughter’s eyes sparkled at the sight of a neon-color water gun. “Can I have that?” she asked—the same question she’d repeated at the sight of the modeling clay and princess crowns and silly straws.
I wavered for a beat. I’d come of age in the late ’80s and ’90s—the height of the backyard Super Soaker battle. And before that water gun became the hottest ticket at Toys “R” Us, my brother and I had wielded tiny green plastic water pistols filled and refilled with rudimentary plugs, sneakily shooting each other in the eyes. I remember all of this as pure, absurd fun.
“No,” I told my daughter, and briskly steered her on.
I offered no explanation in the moment—and I hadn’t really turned the question over in my head before—but my gut gave me my answer: that I didn’t want to introduce her to this or any other gun in a world that already seemed to be teeming with them in movies and video games, on TV and, most of all, on the news. Her fleeting interest in the toy gun was innocent, but, sadly, my view of it no longer was.
The water gun fights my brother and I used to have in the summer were from another era, maybe even another world—before Columbine and Parkland; Orlando and Sutherland Springs; and before these much-covered mass shootings rightfully reminded the public of the regularly occurring violence in lower socioeconomic and minority communities.
Back then, guns might have been just toys; now, it’s impossible for me not to see them as charged with the trauma of recent events.
I considered that same question again today—should we let our children play with toy guns at a time when the U.S. is grappling with the impact of gun violence?—when I saw the pictures of Prince George holding a rather realistic-looking black toy gun at an English polo match over the weekend. Part of the debate over toy guns has hinged on distinguishing them, clearly, as toys—so as never to be mistaken for the real thing. There are state laws, including one in New York, requiring toy guns be brightly colored, as opposed to black, aluminum, or silver. Perhaps for this reason, the photos stood out: to some eyes, the prince’s looked eerily like a real pistol.
“I gasped when I saw the photos,” an American friend said on Facebook.
And she has a reason to: America has a gun violence homicide rate that is 25 times higher than that of other developed countries, according to Everytown for Gun Safety; we outrank all other countries in the number of mass shootings that occur here; we own an estimated half of all civilian guns worldwide. A child wielding a toy gun in the U.K., where firearms are much harder to obtain, arouses a different sense of shock or unease than they might in America, though no less alarming—remember the brouhaha when Pippa Middleton’s friend pointed a firearm out of their convertible at a paparazzi?
There’s also the matter of who’s holding the toy gun. “The photo of Prince George juxtaposed with the story of Tamir Rice, a young black boy killed by police in Ohio because he had a toy gun in hand is an important part of the racial and white supremacy dynamics at play here,” Erika Soto Lamb, the founding and former head of communications for Everytown and Moms Demand Action for Gun Safety and a mother of two sons, ages 5 and 7, told Vogue. “It’s not safe for a black child in America to play with toy guns.”
Soto Lamb is a Texas native who was raised around real guns; she grew up playing cops and robbers and revering A Christmas Story—the irreverent classic in which mischievous young Ralphie Parker dreams of his very own BB gun. But she does not allow her two sons to play with toy guns of any kind. While at Everytown and Moms Demand Action, “when my life was a daily deluge of news stories about gun violence in America, and working with mothers whose children had been killed, it was simply untenable to come home and hand my children guns to play with,” Soto Lamb said.
When I began asking other parents today about kids and toy guns, many echoed her uneasiness. “My daughter is just 3, but I don’t think a gun can be an innocent toy in this day and age,” Anna Davies, a fellow writer in Jersey City, New Jersey, told me. “It’s much easier to just not have them in our lives.”
Another friend said she was “uncomfortable” when her 5-year-old daughter recently received a toy water gun in a birthday party goodie bag. One mother stealthily returned a “machine-gun” toy loaded with foam pellets that her son received at his own birthday party. “It was designed to look like the real deal,” she said. “I was so horrified, I immediately stashed it away while he was busy tearing into his other gifts.”
I can hear the other side now: that parents denying their kids toy guns are overthinking this. That a toy is still just a toy. But if Barbies arguably possess the power to body shame little girls, and princesses can mess with their sense of independence, then can’t guns, even if just subliminally, sanction violence? “I believe we have a cultural problem with guns in this country, and I don’t want to normalize the use of them,” Kathy Healy Champion, a mother of three in Connecticut, said. She doesn’t allow her children to play with toy guns. “I see it as a step in the right direction.”
After Sandy Hook, Soto Lamb says she began to view A Christmas Story through a different lens: “I realized that America’s problem with gun violence goes deeper than any laws, there is a cultural shift that needs to happen,” she said. “We give them blocks to inspire them to be builders, we give them paint to inspire artistic expression . . . what are we feeding our children, in the metaphorical sense, when we hand them toy guys to play with?
It doesn’t have to be a real gun to spark debate: According to Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Twitter, even emoji guns carry a certain charge that doesn’t necessarily belong in our texts or tweets: all of those companies scrapped their original gun emojis in favor of “water guns.” The TSA—Transportation Security Administration—recommends toy guns be packed with checked baggage; it bans “squirt guns, Nerf guns, toy swords, or other items that resemble realistic firearms or weapons.”
For some parents, the question of how to handle toy guns is ongoing—some allow just water guns and only of the bright-colored variety. Others have nuanced rules—that toy guns should never be pointed at people or used to pretend-kill someone. (But, then again, that’s usually the point of a gun, whether real or fake.) Some parents say the decision isn’t easy—one mother reluctantly allows her sons to partake in paintball gunning, so as not to make them feel left out among friends. The hardest part for Soto Lamb is banning water guns. “Water guns are really so fun, but let’s be honest, Super Soakers are basically assault weapon–style water guns,” she said. “We make do with water blasters”—long tubes with no trigger—“and water balloons.”
Several parents told me their concerns about toy guns tend to get dwarfed by their worry over real gun violence. Responding to some online backlash about Prince George’s toy gun, Davies said, “I wish the outrage would continue to be directed at the NRA, not Prince George and the royal family. Maybe if we lived in a society that had strict gun laws, our toddlers could also play with pretend guns. I think it’s actually something to aspire to—let’s become a society where guns are just as fantastical as lightsabers.”

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0 responses to “Vogue magazine asks, "Should we still let children play with toy guns?"

  1. What Vogue magazine really means: “We’re brainwashing kids against the Second Amendment of the US Constitution”.

    • DR Eowyn . . . . that is exactly what is going on here. It is an assault on the Second Amendment disguised as a reasonable article aimed at Mother’s to make the right choice regarding their child playing with toy guns. I remember 60 years ago playing with a metal cowboy gun, utilizing rolls of “caps” that would explode and make a bang sound. Those were just so fun to play with. Is it little wonder why we have so many “Pajama Boys” in our country at this point in time?

    • So,, now that Vogue has “”solved”” our future “problems”” with kids growing up attracted to water pistols and the inherent evil in this……the “nefarious” power that guns represent,one person over another,,
      I’d like them to tackle the age-old problem of our boy students littering our public desks, books,, walls, ad nauseum with drawings of Male genitalia….It is meant to be intimidating to female teachers, little female students…a distasttfull reminder of(unearned) “power”….even of an 11 or 12 year-old boy……sort of like a GUN shoved in your face at work/school /public place……a feeling on their part,, a reminder to your part…about where the “power lays” in our culture……..and yet, my litttle girl students have to “sigh”” and accept this as “normal”” and “”everyday’, so much so that I BET they’ve NEVER EVER spoken of it to their parents at home….but ask them today at the dinner table and you will get an ear–full

  2. So much wasted breath, and concerns, if they would just tell the truth of so many staged, orchestrated, and false flag events purposely designed to create these very fears in the minds of citizens.

    • Kevin Lankford . . . Point well taken. In my mind it seems to show a certain lack of any feeling of competence in themselves on the part of these mothers.
      I think in so many of these mass shootings, which may not have been false flags, there was systematic bullying on the part of other students on those that were weaker, isolated, outsiders. Perhaps the mother’s of today need to drill it into each of their child’s heads that THERE WILL BE NO BULLYING ALLOWED AT ALL, FOR ANY REASON. Perhaps we might be a safer society is we had people who treated other’s with greater respect. At least it could not hurt.

  3. Deleonpatriott

    Poor, misled sheep allowing the propaganda of the deep state (and Obama regime) to control their very thoughts! What will they think if their government gets all the guns, then makes them targets in an attempt to “reduce overpopulation” and rule them with an iron fist?

  4. They have found with present events with the Millennials that indoctrination is working so, put into use in a different venue and what have you got. Like Doc said brainwashing against the 2nd. My brothers and I all had BB guns and 22’s as kids growing up as of yet none of us have gone on a killing spree with any guns as of yet. Seems they are attacking us from every angle they can now since we are resisting them. Educate your children about gun safety and you will not have a problem and no law will stop violence, because only the law abiding obey the laws. To take away our means to defend our selves is to take away our God given right to protect ourselves, still an attack on God any way you look at it.

    • “they are attacking us from every angle they can now, since we are resisting them”
      Spot on, Brian.

    • Why they’ve punished self-defense in school for years now…

      • Anonymous . . . . Excellent addition to this discussion! I think in far too many case, bullying is a root cause of so much of the gun violence, with the exception of true false flag situations.

        • Bullies are tolerated (especially with modern “anti-bullying” efforts) to help build compliant sheeple– progressives are secret fascists.

          • Anonymous . . . Yes, I think I can see your point. There is no doubt that the “Progressives are indeed secret fascists.” Case in point would be the Antifa movement. I don’t know about anyone else, but the idea of hiding your identify by wearing masks, hoods, or bandanas really offends me–it you stand for something, your ought to be right upfront and center in whatever your beliefs are, yet the Antifa’s want anonymity because they break the law and wish to allude exposure, or capture.

      • On the money. Just programmed passivity. Another reason they want to get rid of men- they tend to fight back.

    • Yes, I think that’s true. Maybe even more true, the idea that someone else decides what is the “issue of the day” disturbs me. Whether it is the so-called “Me Too” contrivance or gun confiscation.
      We are locked in a cycle where the TV defines the allowable limits of our thinking. We are told by the hype readers what is “important” and anything else is ignored. Then Hollywood and the celebrity cult enforce that.
      The only escape from this is to stop being mere observers. WE should decide what is relevant. Not some nameless social engineering group with a hidden agenda.

    • Brian . . . . God Bless you! That was a marvelous, well stated comment on this subject.
      I hope that you are feeling better, and that your health will continue to progress nicely.

  5. Parenting advice from Vogue Magazine?!

  6. My Dad was working on someone’s house and they had a room that had tons of lego in it. The customer told him that his wife wouldn’t let their son play with toy guns so they bought a lot of lego instead.
    Now the kid makes guns out of lego. lol!

  7. I had a Lone Ranger 2 cap gun set when I was very young. A Red Ryder BB gun and later a single bolt .22. Never shot anyone nor developed an urge to go on a spree. Of course, I wasn’t hammered by the crap that poses as culture today or the insanity that passes for modern child raising. I don’t believe I am an exception to the rule, either. 1,000s of us raised in the late 50s and early 60s formed the backbone of stable, normal and productive America. Yeah, the Lone Ranger, Roy Rogers, John Wayne and their like are cornball today but look at the principles they imparted to their young male fans. Add that to good parents and firm, but fair teachers and you have a winning recipe. Playing with toy guns isn’t Americas problem. Our problem is trying to be moral in an absolute vacuum. This vacuum is producing monsters and will continue to churn them out until we finally say enough is enough. Like the bad guys in an old western these people need a good, hard punch in the jaw and to be put away. They create hell because thats where their ideas originate.

    • Mad Celt . . . . Bravo! Thank you for that wonderful view of yester-year. I agree completely with everything you have stated. We no longer have hero’s like “John Wayne, Roy Rogers, the Lone Ranger, and all those wonderful role models that taught us that doing right was the correct path to follow. I just yesterday, saw a picture of John Wayne, which was taken when he was in his early 20’s, such a handsome, clean-cut young man. Unfortunately, all of the star’s of today are either homosexuals, Pajama Boys, or have some distinct dysfunction.

    • That sounds a lot like me. Actually, “their” problem is that they’re afraid, in a moral vacuum like they’ve created, guns could be dangerous to THEM. When we were growing up some things were simply “unthinkable”. Not anymore.

  8. the author tripped over the real problem “a cultural shift needs to happen” but quickly recovered and returned to the ‘shift’ being to get rid of guns ie: disarm honost citizens.

    • Bingo!

    • YouKnowWho . . . . I agree, no matter what the rhetoric is, it really is all about “disarming honest citizens,” and tearing up the Constitution of the United States of America.
      In my family, it is painful that several of my nieces went to liberal colleges, and now they think that their Dad’s side of the family are crazy gun-totin’ Conservatives. I pray often that something will enlighten their minds, but as of now things look rather bleak.

      • Auntie Lulu, you may have to wait, because sometimes the only thing that enlightens the brain washed is the cold harsh reality of a government bureaucrat holding them at gun point as another government shill goes through their house stealing whatever they want. Or like in Australia where they banned almost all guns, then they had a huge upswing in ‘home invasions’, and the real criminals had guns but the sheep did not.

  9. Stovepipe. . . . Wow! You really hit a nerve way down in my soul. When you brought up the fact that our nation has sent thousands of our beautiful young men to fight, bleed and die in foreign lands . . . and we don’t even know why. Then the United Nations has to come up with a plan for the world to replace various populations due to low birthrates . . . does it now seem reasonable to think that the majority of the young men we allowed to be slaughtered in far always lands, would have formed families, would have had children. As you have indicated . . . the heinous slaughter of hundreds of thousands of American babies via abortion. . . . “but toy guns are dangerous to the safety of our children.” When it is laid out, as you have done–one is able to see what a gigantic crock of ______ we have been served.

  10. I’m surprised Vogue isn’t talking about sex toys instead. I’m sure they’d be all for that.
    They don’t want kids learning to shoot or have good hand eye coordination. These morons who are so anti gun have no clue about the history of communism and just why these dorks want to take away the guns, it’s not for OUR safety, but THEIR safety, and they can afford bodyguards, so it’s not even about safety, it’s about total control of the people.
    It also may be a total red herring if the mind control thing is for real anyway.

  11. Have ANY of these gun control freaks bothered to think ahead,to what their lives will be like when all the legal gun owners have been disarmed? (Technically that isn’t possible,because nearly every gun owner has at LEAST one gun that’s “off the books”,JUST in case confiscation should happen) They’ll NEVER get the criminals to turn in THEIR guns,because they don’t give a fig about laws,and why would they VOLUNTARILY give up their ONLY advantage over their victims? I guess,if they got attacked by one of these criminals with a gun (Who doesn’t exist,because all the legal guns are now GONE),they could call a Cop,who can be there in 10 minutes or so,or they could hide-MAYBE they won’t be found and killed,or they could stand their ground and fight the gun-wielding criminal off with a baseball bat (if THEY haven’t been confiscated yet),or they could run away-hey,Superman can outrun a bullet-how hard can THAT be?,or they could do like the Mom does in the old movies,and lure the criminal into the kitchen,hide behind the door,and WHANG him in the head with a cast iron fryin’ pan before he gets a shot off. I bet they’d wish they’d thought it out a little more when faced with their alternatives.
    And BTW-destroying the NRA will do NOTHING to prevent gun violence.
    NRA has absolutely NOTHING to do with the REAL problem-they PROMOTE safe handling of guns,honing one’s skill in marksmanship and gun safety and yes-they encourage EVERYONE to LEGALLY own guns. I’ve spoken with our Sheriff about gun ownership (and several local Police officers too) and they are unanimous-they wish EVERYONE in my area would own and carry. As the Sheriff said,and I’m paraphrasing this,”Look,I’m a realist-I know we have a huge area to cover and few deputies to cover it with. So I can honestly tell you that YOUR self defense is up to YOU. We’ll be there if possible,but you CAN’T rely on that. Please,arm yourself,encourage everyone you know to do the same,and if you can,sign up for at least a basic gun course. (He recommends the NRA training or others like Front Sight Firearm Training). If you can’t afford a CCW,carry anyway-if something happens and having a gun keeps you alive and well,you can at least BE THERE,to argue your case in Court.”
    The gun grabbers are not thinking of ANYTHING past the words TAKE THEIR GUNS,and if they succeed,ALL the blood from the Criminal MAYHEM that will ensue will be on THEIR hands. I hope they’re willing to sign their names to all the documents they use to disarm America,so they can be accountable for their STUPIDITY.

    • An addition-NOW is a GREAT time to join the NRA. Every new member tells the gun grabbers how WRONG their thinking is.

    • Yep, and the older we get the more forgetful we are. I used to know how many guns I owned. I forget. In fact, what were we talking about?

  12. The idea of guns being taboo shows how out of touch parents have become. I think less video game gun violence and more time spent with our children would solve most of it.
    My children grew up around guns, outdoors, and hunting. I asked them to decide between toy guns and real ones when they reached 9-10 yrs old. The only toy guns allowed in the house did not even resemble a real one. Super soakers and nerf guns. I did not want them learning bad muscle memory by waving real looking toy guns around. We started in cub scouts with bb guns, then 22’s and 410 shotguns for small game. Before middle school they had each harvested wild pigs and squirells. They learned early on guns are a tool and there is no taking your shot back after it leaves the gun. All three of my children are excellent skeet shooters with a shotgun and very good at shooting thier riifles. My daughter loves to shoot, but doesnt hunt with a gun anymore , She is amazing with her camera. She photographs by herself turkeys, bobcats, deer and wild pigs when we go hunting as a family. She still helps clean the game. I have the peace of mind that she knows how to hunt and feed herself if it ever came to it. My oldest son’s skills at hunting, would make the adverage hunter jealous. My youngest doesnt take it as serious, but when he does go hunting, he manages to to harvest game, even when the rest of us dont see anything . I dont push my youngest, hunting will become a passion or it wont for him. As a parent I can be proud either way.

    • My Dad grew up with the typical 30’s-40’s gun stuff-shooting cans,squirrels,rabbits,etc. Like most kids,he got pretth good with a rifle,but didn’t shoot as often once he started working. Joined the Army in ’42,where that shooting skill got him medals for marksman. In Germany,he was required to carry a rifle and a pistol,both of which he jettisoned early on,so he could carry more wire and comm equipment. He was wounded in action and came home,and took a job in electronics-a new field back then. He had NO interest in talking about the war,telling war stories,that sort of thing. So,when I decided to buy the 9 mm,I expected a LOT of flack for it. All he said was, “Well,if you feel like you need it,that’s okay with me. Just remember not to point it anything you don’t intend to kill,and clean it once in a while,even if you haven’t shot it.” Coulda knocked me over with a feather…..

      • That could have been my dad too. We did hunt together though. Then we both decided to give it up. The only time I ever heard him talk about WWII was when a war buddy of his would visit about twice a year.
        They both were in the tank corps and went all the way from Africa, through Europe, the Battle of the Bulge, and victory. Then he had to stay for a year in England on MP duty while he got in line to come home.
        I never heard him utter an unkind word for Germans. He thought the world of Rommel, even though he fought him. Anyway, I always know when I meet “tough talking heroes” that they’re full of it.

        • I’ve met a few actual Heroes,and to the last one,they REALLY didn’t believe they ARE Heroes;they believe they just happened to be the first to do what any other man would have done. I believe THAT is what MAKES them Heroes.

  13. Remember when they used to have ROTC in schools? Kids brought their own rifles to school. I remember going to Church camp and they taught us to shoot .22’s. I was 9 years old. No one was shooting anyone else, and yet most kids had handles a real gun by the time they were twelve. How they have twisted things.

  14. sixlittlerabbits

    Almost 50 years ago, I was a naive mother who decided not to let my little boys have toy guns. I quickly changed my mind when they used sticks as guns, and when I took the sticks away, they aimed their fingers at each other. That’s when I recognized that males have an inborn attraction to weapons: think cowboys and Indians, GI Joe, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, etc.
    Are the liberals willing to amputate their sons’ pointing fingers to assure the kids can’t play “guns”? LOL.


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