Real or a psych-op? Videos & photos of Peshawar school massacre in Pakistan

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3 days ago on Jan. 2, 2015, I published a post on the curious discovery that a picture of Sandy Hook victim Noah Pozner is included in a wall poster of victims of the 2014 Pakistan Taliban school massacre.
On Dec. 16, 2014, Pakistan experienced the deadliest terrorist attack ever to occur in that country when 7 members of the Pakistan Taliban, aka Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), entered the Army Public School in Peshawar and opened fire on school staff and children, killing 145 people, including 132 schoolchildren.
6-year-old Noah Pozner allegedly was one of the 20 children shot to death by Adam Lanza at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown, CT, on Dec. 14, 2012. So it is most curious, to say the least, that Noah is also a victim in the Peshawar massacre two years and two days after he supposedly had died half way across the world in Connecticut, USA.

See my post “Sandy Hook child victim Noah Pozner was killed twice! Also a victim in Pakistan Taliban shooting!

Here’s a screenshot of the Pakistan wall poster from a BBC news video. The yellow arrow points to the pic of Noah Pozner.
BBC NoahBizarrely, the Army Public School, Pakistani Authorities, and the media have identified the boy (Noah Pozner) in the photo as Huzaifa Huxaifa, an alleged victim of the Peshawar Army School shootings. (H/t trutherstrong)

Even before the Pakistan Noah pic, we already have compelling reasons to be skeptical about what we’ve been told about Sandy Hook.

Go to our “Sandy Hook Massacre” page for links to posts we’ve published, especially “No one died in Sandy Hook: Testimony from Social Security Death Master File.”

That Noah Pozner is included among the Peshawar victims also raises questions in the minds of some about the Peshawar massacre itself. Did it really happen, or was it another psy-op?
A reader of Fellowship of the Minds (FOTM) with an IP address in Peshawar, Pakistan, who identifies himself as Dr. Ali of Peshawar, wrote this comment earlier today on the “Sandy Hook child victim Noah Pozner was killed twice!” thread:

Its me Dr. Ali from Peshawar, Pakistan. Well i noticed this thing the same day and was astonished.. Many of the news channels were showing the Noah’s photo, sandwiched among the photos of the other victims. As for the Peshawar Massacre is concerned, It wasn’t alleged and everything happened before my eyes and even my relatives were injured in this attack, have witnessed hundreds of injured and dead bodies while working in hospital as a doctor. Noah Pozner’s photo must have been posted by an amateur reporter.

Another reader, Lenny, asked Dr. Ali for video evidence of the Peshawar massacre.
Dr. Ali has kindly provided two videos of the Peshawar massacre. Warning: The first video is graphic, showing dead bodies covered in blood-stained cloth. The second video shows survivors recovering in a hospital.

Fellowship of the Minds thanks Dr. Ali for the videos and for his permission to allow us to publish them.


Dr. Ali just sent FOTM some photos of the massacre at the Army Public School in Peshawar by the Pakistan Taliban.

Warning: Bloody!

The pictures above of the Peshawar massacre are a decided contrast from the pictures of Sandy Hook where not a drop or spatter of blood is seen. See the alleged Sandy Hook crime scene pix by going to “Was Sandy Hook Elementary School already abandoned before the massacre?.”
Scroll down for the exchange of comments with Dr. Ali.

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0 responses to “Real or a psych-op? Videos & photos of Peshawar school massacre in Pakistan

  1. Nice looking young men (in the second video); certainly a different image of Middle-Easterners than we’re normally subjected to, and I, for one, appreciate it.
    If this massacre did play out…in whatever way…my prayers go to the victims, survivors, and their families. Debacles like Sandy Hook only denigrate the victims of real violence.

  2. Thank you, Dr. Ali, for following up on this story. The news media has become to unreliable in America for us to trust the stories we read.
    And thank you, Dr. Eowyn, for this article, which leaves us with many questions.

  3. I just added 5 photos to this post, sent to us by Dr. Ali. Scroll up for the Update to this post!

  4. Personally I find Dr Ali’s “evidence” most unconvincing.
    All he’s providing new is the hand held phone camera video. The photos and the state propaganda video are not new evidence. We’ve seen these before. And forget the propaganda video depicting real “victims”: these people are definitely crisis actors 🙂
    So the photos? All they show is blood on the floor of a lecture hall. These could have been taken anywhere, at anytime, by anyone, or they could be entirely staged for all I know. I’m sorry but I don’t accept that as proof or evidence of anything other than there’s liquid purporting to be blood on the floor in a room somewhere.
    Therefore, it’s the new video we need to look at.
    What can we say? It’s of unknown provenance, and I would point out that it’s not time & date stamped. It has no location markers in it to make it clear where we are. How do we know we are really at the Lady Reading Hospital and not, for instance, in a Bollywood studio? How do we know it’s not depicting some other real mass casualty event, if indeed it is real at all and not staged? Short answer is, we don’t know.
    Further, the camera does not dwell long enough on any one of these alleged victims (presumably these are the survivors?) to enable any kind of meaningful identification. Who are these people? We can’t say. So what does it really prove? Again, nothing.
    Oh and by the way, I didn’t see Noah Pozner in there either. Just kidding.
    Seriously though I have a question for Dr Ali:
    Why have you waited until nearly three weeks after the alleged massacre to release this video of the alleged massacre at Peshawar?
    I’ll look forward to the good doctor’s answer but I don’t find that his long delay at all credible. My suspicion is this video got whipped up real quick as soon as Noah Pozner became dead again.

    • Oops, forget to mention that the complete absence of blood and genuine emotion at the alleged hospital scene is unbelievable. These are head wounds, right? So where’s all the blood? There is none. A bit like the James Foley beheading 🙂 And there ought to be a hell of a lot of wailing and crying going on, since there are supposed to be lots of dead bodies in that room as you can see, and there are people standing over the corpses, presumably the relatives, yet there’s no grief whatsoever. Do you hear any crying or weeping? No. None. One guy is talking on his mobile phone while the other people are simply chatting amongst themselves amiably.
      That looks staged to me.

      • The second video of all the happy injured in hospital does look strange.
        Also, the blood in the photos looks odd. As we’ve learned from the Boston Marathon Bombing, real blood isn’t bright orangy red, but rather maroon.

      • Just to let you know, regarding the beheading video… once the spinal cord is severed in the neck, the heart stops beating which greatly reduces the amount of blood. In contrast, the guy with the fake blown off legs at the Boston Hoax… he severed both femoral arteries and would have been unconscious within 30-45 seconds and dead within 3 minutes. The only way to save a person with that kind of injury is to use surgical clamps on the arteries directly. No tourniquet would have allowed him to be awake, aware, and sitting upright at least 5 minutes after the “bomb” went off, to be wheeled by the waiting cameras by Mr. commie cowboy.

    • I havent waited for three weeks, told ya the issue has been discussed and the videos have been released right the same day, not posted on this blog as i wasnt here,. They are on FB..
      And for Noah’s Controversy, told ya , it was figured out by Omar Qureshi on Twitter right the next day. And it’s pathetic why was Noah’s pic placed there.
      In Peshawar, many such massacres have been happening, bomb blasts in Churches, in Mosques, in Markets and we have been the victims, just because we have participated in war on terror. Talibans are the monsters and are taking away our peace. It may seem alleged to you coz you guyz are sitting far away. I was exactly 800 meters away the time the Incident play out,
      Calling it alleged, is out of question…..

      • One of my own nagging questions: why was “Noah” given a Pakistani name? He is actually identified by name on the press.
        I’m not convinced…how can I be? We are lied to by our leaders and media to such an extent that we’d be fools to believe them at this point.

    • I will be honest I believe it odd that you would question it when there is so much more evidence than Sandy hook. About the blood. This is a picture from The Carandiru Prison Massacre. Happened on Oct. 2, 1992,
      It looks less red yet this is real.
      What evidence are you looking for that will convince you? Footage of them being shot? You have to draw a line somewhere.
      Sandy hook is a clear hoax compared to this where we have so much more to go on. I have no doubt that this happened. However I have no explanation for Noah’s picture. Who knows; as someone said maybe it’s a reporter who made a mistake.

  5. I was a butcher for 5 years. Those photos do not depict real blood and guts. It’s movie paint.

  6. Dr Eowyn, unfortunately, I also am not convinced by these later pictures. The question comes to mind, why would a “junior news reporter” mistakenly take pictures of “Noah?” In the one picture, it appears to show a whole wall, which shows a continuum of pictures of supposed victims. Also, the picture of the one young man sitting on the edge of the bed, with another “victim” laying prone in the background–why in the hell is he all “smiles???” Was this not a tragedy he just went thru??? This certainly takes me back to the pictures of the one father who supposedly lost his little girl at Sandy Hook (you know the one, where he is laughing and joking with all around–then we see him go thru a sequence of facial gestures from smiling to crying, before giving his life wrenching statement regarding the loss of his young daughter.) I must be getting jaded, but I no longer take all this stuff at face value; I look at the circumstances of the tragedy, and how the individuals in question are acting relative to the tragedy. This stuff just stinks to high heavens! It just does not ring true!

    • You’re dead right Auntie Lulu. It’s ludicrous. First we’re told “Noah Pozner’s” photograph was put in a “solidarity poster”, intentionally. That was immediately disproven by another reader, trutherstrong.
      Then it was a clerical error. What? So someone just happened to be flicking through Google images and just happened to see a boy they thought would make a good victim and that this boy just happened to be Noah Pozner? In what world could such a thing be even remotely possible?
      And now “Dr Ali” tries to tell us that because they knew all about the Pozner mix-up three weeks ago that explains everything. Well it doesn’t begin to explain WHY his picture was in Pakistan, does it?
      That’s b/c there is no innocent explanation for this I can see. I can only think that either (1) these bogus shooting victims are selected from some kind of central registry of stock photos and names, and through incompetence they re-used “Noah Pozner’s” photo again in Peshawar, or (2) the image was picked b/c someone, or some group, on the inside is deliberately throwing a spanner in the works.

  7. By the way, my congratulations . . . this is an excellent post!

  8. Just more of the many weird events since 9-11 of our Bizarro New World Disorder, which are all preparations for WW3 to go ‘hot’ in 2015, when the US$ is poised to tank, and 60% of what’s left of We the People becomes full-blown Third World status….
    WW2 was twenty years plus in its preparations, and the events then put forward as the ‘reasons’ for it were simply the triggers set in place decades earlier. When I was in HS much more history was taught, and it was far more truthful in its contents.
    The sanitised and politically correct versions put in place since 1945 have allowed We the People to be duped into following the agendas of the very few wealthiest, often the owners or directors of the largest corporations. Think Rockefeller, GM, United Fruit, and the largest oil companies seeking ever cheaper oil overseas. These companies needed financing, so US banks quickly became increasingly international, which has brought us to today, with the US$ made the most widely circulated currency, in order to pay for that oil.

  9. The second video is taken many days after, If you need to watch videos of cries, there are many on fb, taken the same days. .. The first video taken on same day in Lady Reading Hospital when people had gathered to identify the dead bodies of their children at hospital, Mr.Lenny you can take the video of the dead bodies to any Forensic Laboratory in the world if you are still confused.
    you are asking me time n again, that where was I , three weeks back. And i told ya we have been discussing it and posting it on FB.
    2nd thing, rather i would like to ask you that where have you been three weeks back, Had you asked me three weeks back to provide you the videos, I would have provided. Lady Reading Hospital is in 2km from my home and the school is hardly 4 km away from my Home .. And i am still working in Lady Reading Hospital as a Doctor…
    These blasts and Massacres are a normal thing nowadays in Peshawar, have many times seen victims of bomb blasts and have been treating them in Lady Reading Hospital…

    • Your story, quite frankly, “Dr Ali” is ridiculous.
      So who are you actually? You tell us you’re a doctor in Peshawar. Okay well prove it. Let’s see your name and your face inside the hospital so we can ask the Lady Reading people if they’ve ever heard of you. I’m afraid your word is not good enough.
      Your evidence is also entirely unconvincing, for all the reasons people here have explained.
      And btw, I spent some time reviewing these “authentic” videos of the Peshawar massacre on Youtube you mentioned, the ones with people crying and so on, and, guess what?, they are all as meaningless as your evidence here. They prove nothing whatsoever other than this whole “massacre” looks to be exactly what it is, a contrived hoax.
      I’m afraid no-one here believes these tall stories anymore my friend. People can see right through you and through this very clumsy hoax. Noah Pozner made sure of that.

      • Well Mr. Lenny, you don’t believe in videos, you don’t believe in Media, You don’t believe in News , You don’t believe in people,
        what’s the option left then ,..? Well, the option left open for you is personally visiting the site where the incident happen..
        No one can convince you to believe when you don’t want to believe and when you stay your face away from reality. If you start calling an “Apple” as “a Mango”.. And the others start telling you 1000 times that this is Apple and not mango, and still you say, no this is Mango and not apple…So the other one is helpless then..
        well my name is Aiman Ali, and I am a Registered Doctor, the Registration status you can confirm online from the website of Pakistan Medical & Dental Council , and the my record you can confirm from Lady Reading Hospital any time.
        I shldnt waste my energy anymore on convincing you …

        • Dr. Ali:
          There are quite a few Dr. Ali listed among the faculty members of Lady Reading Hospital of Pakistan, but no Dr. Aiman Ali.

          I went on the website of Pakistan medical & Dental Council, and searched for Aiman Ali in every variation (Ali Aiman; male/female or no gender selected; medical or dental; Peshawar or no locale selected). In every search, I got the same result: No Record Found

          Since you say you are a registered doctor and that your status can be confirmed online from the website of Pakistan Medical & Dental Council, and that you work at Lady Reading Hospital, please be so kind as to give us the URL links to your record.
          Thank you.

          • Dr Eowyn,thank you for going to the trouble to identify this particular Dr. Aiman Ali. I hate to cast aspersions on anyone contributing to this site, but I sure felt that the first two pictures he offered were absolutely not convincing. I suppose this does not speak well for me . . . but the picture of the young man sitting on the bed, as sinful as it is, I would like to smack that smirk right off his face! Someone is definitely trying to mess with our heads! I’m just glad I wasn’t the only one not to fall for this malarkey.

            • Thank you, Lulu, for being unfailingly gracious and appreciative toward me and all the other FOTM writers. We don’t always acknowledge your thanks, but we very much appreciate them.
              That I was able to confirm Dr. Aiman Ali’s identify as he claims does not necessarily mean I believe in the authenticity of the videos and photos of the Peshawar massacre. The demands of scientific empiricism would counsel neither belief nor disbelief because (1) We have no idea when or where the first video was taken; and (2) the copious blood in the photos is suspiciously orange-red instead of maroon. Nor is being skeptical necessarily a repudiation or insult against Dr. Ali. Being trained in the science of medicine himself, I hope he understands and agrees with me on the exacting demands of empiricism.

        • Dr Ali said:
          “Well Mr. Lenny, you don’t believe in videos, you don’t believe in Media, You don’t believe in News , You don’t believe in people,
          what’s the option left then ,..? Well, the option left open for you is personally visiting the site where the incident happen..”
          You’re right. Which is why my default position nowadays is to simply not believe any of these Media stories until I see some incontrovertible, authentic evidence that proves their story is real. Until then, that’s all they are: “stories”.
          In fact, one can safely assume the Media and Govt ARE lying, from the outset. You should too.
          “Dr Ali” said:
          ” No one can convince you to believe when you don’t want to believe and when you stay your face away from reality. If you start calling an “Apple” as “a Mango”.. And the others start telling you 1000 times that this is Apple and not mango, and still you say, no this is Mango and not apple…So the other one is helpless then..”
          You could convince me if you provided any real evidence, something you have signally failed to do.
          Instead we just get more of the same unconvincing, might be, might not be, kind of fuzzy evidence that looks sort-of-plausible at first glance but highly suspect on closer examination. The reasons have been previously stated: your vid have no known provenance; it’s phony looking blood in the pics, and there’s no blood at all in the vid, where there should be; no authentic grief reactions from the relatives; and no way to know what this video of yours actually depicts other than your repeated insistence that it is what you say it is.
          After a lifetime of that same tired old BS media routine of falsehoods dressed up as half-truths, I am now, not unreasonably I think, very sceptical of people peddling more of the same. Esp when they’re trying to convince me that they’re really apples and not mangoes.

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  11. Well, Dr. Eowyn, In the faculty members list, the names of House Officers, and Trainee Medical Doctors/Resident Surgeons/Residents physicians are never Mentioned.. They mention the names of Professors, Associate Professors and Registrars only because Residency is not a permanent Position . The reason behind is that students of Specialization / Residency are not permanent and they are inducted for a specific time in hospital.
    As for PMDC’s website is concerned, my Registration is there And you can search it with the name as well…!
    I was born in Charsadda, studied my school and College from Peshawar and now living in Peshawar and I am a graduate of Khyber Medical College/University Peshawar, Lady reading Hospital is our teaching hospital..

  12. @Dr. Eowyn, Check your Email , I have sent you my Registration number on your email and you can verify it on the same link which is posted by you.
    Verifying it with the registration number as i sent you, do let us know.
    For verification of a Trainee Resident you need to Call the hospital and the respective ward as the names of Resident doctors are never mentioned in the faculty list, the reason behind is that Residency is not a permanent position, which you must be knowing Dr. Eowyn, in case you are a doctor yourself, otherwise, i am sorry you can never understand and i need not to exhaust my energy here.

  13. Dr. Ali,
    About alleged Sandy Hook child victim Noah Pozner being included among the victims of the Peshawar school massacre, and then identified as a Pakistani boy by the name of Huzaifa Huxaifa —
    What is your explanation? What is the buzz in Pakistan on why Pozner’s pic is misused in Pakistan?

  14. that’s a picture from sandy hook. See Noah Pozner’s grave web page

  15. the last photo with the soldier in the doorway looks familiar to me…seems like I remember seeing it a long time ago.

  16. Dena Sewell (@KOOKOOLOU)

    @ ALI None of us know what to believe anymore you can see in the video link I provided footage of outakes when a false flag was filmed by the BBC.. I have seen footage of rows of dead bodies and then the director yells cut and they get up …so people are not crazy to question these things!

    • So true Dena!
      For the sake of sanity I now adopt the default position that, because of all their blatant fakery, I must assume that EVERYTHING “important” the Govt and the Media tell me is FALSE UNTIL PROVEN REAL. Especially these events they’re pushing on us with their “psychic driving”.
      The onus must be on them to prove their claims, and not to treat me like I’m a 10 year old who still believes in Santa Claus with crappy evidence like this:

      That’s not evidence. That’s the visual equivalent of “hearsay”, and “hearsay” is not admissible in court. Dr Ali’s “evidence” is exactly the same: visual hearsay.
      So If they are unable to back up their tall stories, as they have been unable to do in Sydney, Ottawa, Sandy Hook, Aurora, Santa Barbara, Boston, and 911, then I must assume all these events are fake until they can be proven by authentic evidence that would stand up in court.

    • That’s a good video, Dena. Just the fact that they changed the lady’s words from “napalm” to “chemical attack” is enough evidence to convict them all of lies. If you’re unfaithful in little things, you’ll be unfaithful in big (and all) things. It would be SO convenient for the media if we all wore face masks — that way they could provide their own voices for everyone.

  17. I aint casting aspersions on you people, had it happened in America perhaps it would have been hard for me to believe, But it happened here and i seen the things . My cousin is the survivor of this Massacre and one of my Relative died in this school Attack, I was exactly 700 meters away from the scene of war, right the time when the Incident was playing out, while coming to home. So if someone calls it fake and alleged, so its out of Question for us…
    In Peshawar, when you have to work as a doctor in Surgery unit, you have to see too many victims of Firearm Injuries and Bomb Blast Injuries.I have my own videos in which i am handling such cases while perform duty in Accident & Emergency unit as a Surgical House Officer. And for us, it’s not that much weird.
    As for Noah Pozner’s pic is concerned, some stupid did spotted it among the pictures of other victims, tryin to create a collection.. It’s pathetic why did the collection kept circulating.. The express tribune Guy, named Qureshi criticized and pointed it out right the next day…

    • Dr Ali: said:
      “I aint casting aspersions on you people, had it happened in America perhaps it would have been hard for me to believe..”
      Haha, you’re priceless “Dr Ali”, aint you? So because it happened in Pakistan then IT MUST BE TRUE. Is that it?
      Well, “Dr Ali”. regarding your entire story and your evidence: no, it’s not an apple, no it’s not a mango. It’s a LEMON “Dr Ali”.

  18. The blood is only on the floor………..

  19. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this excellent post. There has still been no reasonable or plausible explanation why Noah’s picture was used as someone dying twice in massacres, which is the purpose of this post: to expose the lies and misrepresentations, either through photographs or other means. One would have to go through some effort to plant Noah’s picture in the Pakistani massacre.

  20. I keep looking at the “evidence” and still am not convinced it ‘s not a movie production. I pondered the single bed with a “bloody victim” in the first vid and wondered why all the rest were so pristine – except for a shot that looked like someone had drizzled some “blood” on sheets across a couple of bodies.
    More of the psyop is where I place highest probability.
    The second seems more aimed at getting Us to “accept” horrors – so We can be more placid, perhaps, when confronted with the real thing? The beds all were pristine, like a group of kids were asked to lie down in them, and the boy’s response looked more like a healthy boy giggling at the attention than a recuperating boy. It looked more like a propaganda piece.
    The blood in the photos looks more like someOne went to much trouble to incorporate the objections many have of much blood in other psyops, that being that it rather rapidly turns dark and brown. But the placement of the brown seems to miss consistency. Pooled areas are brown, while areas that would dry rapidly (turning brown) are bright red.
    And if I was a soldier, working on this “emergency” and had just a moment to relax and contemplate, I doubt I would choose to squat down in a place on the floor most slathered with gore.
    You all may conclude as You wish. [smile]
    T.A.P. – You’re It!
    On Twitter @AmaterasuSolar
    “Revolution in ideas, not blood.”
    “Did You give an oath and find it’s bait and switch? Well, there is no oath then, is there?”
    “ALL money systems promote the most psychopathic to the top of the money/power heap – THEY will do ANYTHING to get there.”
    “The love of money is the root of all evil; remove the soil in which the root grows…”
    “If the universe is made of mostly “dark” energy…can We use it to run Our cars?”
    “If You want peace, take the PROFIT out of war.”

    • How I wish it was not true:( Our media sucks! It didnot even disclose the actual number of kids that were killed.Which was 300+, I had received a call from a friend, who studied medicine but is not practicing it.She called and told me that we were not being told the truth regarding the number of deaths, as her doc friend at the hospital herself saw almost 300 bodies.So i noticed that there were tickers after intervals which mentioned the names of ‘some of the victims’ and not a list of all the students/victims together.There is this closed group ‘We’ve had enough’ and one of the members posted his frnd’s status abt his wife who was the teacher that was burnt that day. My bro ‘ s wife is from peshawer and she was visiting her family at that time and she told us stories of the families she knew who lost their kids in this tragedy.I hv also visited the actual Fc bk pages of sOme of the boys.They were how regular teenagers are with statuses such as ‘Dress like JFK , speak like HEMMINGWAY,work like RALPH LAUREN and party like GATSBY!’ I live in karachi and have 2 boys of my own and i was so devastated that it took me a while to get on with my life…even now at times I end up thinking abt it , empathize and then cry. I came to know of Noah’s pic being shown by our media just last nite and I got so infuriated and then came across ur page while looking for an explanation for this irresponsible act by our amateur insensitive media.

      • Rima,
        I’m sorry you’re hurting. Here’s a virtual hug:
        Is there any explanation in Pakistan on why Noah Pozner’s pic was included among the Peshawar victims?

        • Aww thankyou for ur warm reply.I will get back to u hopefully soon,had a hectic day with back to back kids’ events n activities. It is midnight here, and I’m too drained to reply as I do hv to put in sm effort in order to make sure that t all the readers can comprehend what I write as English is not my mother tongue. I will actually try to find out why this hapnd, altho with my little experience with our amateur local media, I think I already know what reason to expect. Take care.

  21. Did you see this? A a bloody shoe photo used in this was from 2008

  22. This is disgusting. I live in Connecticut and know several of the the families of the children and adults who died. I was at several of the funerals. To say it didn’t happen is monstrous. Our state is still weeping for this tragedy. You disgust me.

  23. I know this is old yet I just came across this site so I’m reading various old threads…
    The odd thing with those pictures is that I see no bullet holes in any of the chairs.


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