Video of Amb. Stevens being dragged by Muslim savages

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A YouTube user “Abdalgadar Fadi” has uploaded a video on the Arabic-language version of the video sharing site, purporting to show US Ambassador Christopher Stevens being dragged from our consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

The translation of the text below the video reads: “Moment directed the U.S. ambassador before his death” and the headline translates to: “U.S. Ambassador and the people of Benghazi rescue attempt before his death.”

You can hear the evil thugs excitedly cheering.

But the POS’s administration and the complicit mainstream media want you to think that the evil thugs were provoked by a film denigrating Islam and Muhammad. And then the POS’s administration and the complicit mainstream media go after the film’s makers, instead of the evil thugs.

That’s the definition of scapegoating.

H/t Breitbart TV


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0 responses to “Video of Amb. Stevens being dragged by Muslim savages

  1. maybe angry mobs of Americans should march on there Embassies here..March on the UN Too and protest Muslim violence.

  2. It looks more like “Yay, we hit him with that last shot!”

  3. The actual cheering was done after it was announced that he was still alive.

    • For those who follow “know thy enemy”, we understand the languages of those who may cause us harm. I’d suggest that you do some research yourselves on the Arabic language rather than dwelling in fear of what you cannot understand.

      • I suggest you wipe that smug smirk off your face. What on earth makes you think we either “fear” them or, even more ludicrous, “cannot understand” them? Further, knowing Arabic does not confer understanding of a culture. There certainly are many Americans who don’t understand America, and even more English-speakers across the world who don’t understand America.

    • What were you there?

      I don’t need an interpreter to understand Allah Akbar, and savages storming our sovereign embassies.

  4. Insults seem out of place when information is poorly provided. Dr Eowyn, you stated the “thugs” were cheering. The people there were cheering when it was stated that he was alive. Therefore, this is an understanding of language only that I am providing. I have lived long enough upon this earth to have obtained basic understanding of the actions of individuals. Do you deny that you hate Muslims? The use of the words “thugs” and “savages” would indicate a deep-seated hatred. If you understand them, please tell me how many Muslims you know, personally? How many have you held a long conversation with on the basis of their language, culture, religion, etc.? If you have no experience with Muslims in your personal life, then the answer to my statement is yes. Your actions would be based on fear and not on experience.

    DCG, have you watched the video? If one is to use the video as justification of something that it does not show in the least, one could interpret it as rabble rousing.

    • Yes, sure, the mob was cheering because they were so happy to find Amb. Stevens alive, whom they were DRAGGING out of the building.

      You are so brainwashed by multiculturalism that you can’t even call “thugs” people who tortured, raped, and killed a U.S. diplomat, a State Dept official, and two U.S. guards who were former Navy SEALs. You make me sick.

      Further, anyone whose LiveJournal “friends” include people who call themselves “devilslung,” “boneyardghost,” and “monpetitmort” (my little death), is someone from whom I’d get my moral bearings. Not.

      It’s strange how you Leftwingers ALWAYS consort with the morbid and the occult. Not.

    • Ive worked with Muslims. I know Muslims that lie. Ones that cheat on their wives. Ones that do not stand up for what the savages do to their own innocent people and Americans.

      I know what these savages have done across the world, killing innocent Christians in the name of Allah.

      I know of the Muslims living in the US who want Sharia Law above the US Constitution.

      I saw what happened on 9/11.

      Religion of Peace my arse…

    • Your heartless dialogue about what happened to our Ambassador Stevens and the two Navy Seals is an indictment, in and of itself, of your personal cruelty and narcissism. This is not about verbiage or who knows the Arab culture better, this is about an angry Muslim mob torturing our Ambassador and deriving pleasure from his suffering. That is what this is about. You completely miss the point. No matter what your knowledge is, you have failed the test of recognizing evil and proclaiming it horrific and unconscienable. I suppose it is because you love evil that you make a failed attempt to defend it!

  5. The POS in the White House also wants you to believe they were taking him to the hospital. Bull. If they were going to do that they would have picked him up and carried him. Instead they dragged him about like a trophy.

  6. White Knuckle Driver

    Again, Ron Paul is proven right. This is a result of empire. We went to Libya to liberate their sweet crude (like Iraq, Afghanistan) and yet we expect them to like us?

  7. What was the purpose of the Ambassador’s trip to Benghazi? There is so much background that is obscured by the news of this horrible happening, that the facts are blurry, the film maker for instance has a very peculiar resume which smacks of the used car salesman that was supposed to have set up the attempted murder of the Saudi Ambassador, was it? in another episode in the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama. The tweet that went out on BO’s twitter account at exactly the moment that the coffins arrived containing the slain diplomat and his colleagues was to announce the arrival for sale of the Obama Sweatshirts advertising his campaign. Before anymore “surprises” are laid on us perhaps it would be wise to bring down the curtains on the Administration that is only concerned with the reelection of BO while the US is being sabotaged from all sides by people who will spend their last dime on wrecking our sovreignty and the rights granted to our citizens through the mandates contained in our Constitution. This last disgusting display of brutality, that was paid for and orchestrated by goodness knows who at this moment, it the LAST STRAW.
    We have to call it quits and get ourselves some sackcloth and ashes and go on a national fast.
    The effective fervant prayer of believers will avail much.
    Pray, pray, pray.

  8. Inhumane savage’s. Plain and simple.

  9. I have been hearing discussions on TV of making it a crime to disparage islam, allah, muhammad or the koran, thereby taking away our freedom of speech. No mention was made of making it a crime to put the image of Christ in a bottle of urine. No mention of the daily barrage of blasphemy Christians hear concerning Jesus Christ, God, The Holy Bible or the Cross that they seem to have a pathological hate for. “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize” Voltaire

  10. Frankly, I have thought about this post and in my humble opinion, this post and the comments of “Johivin” DEFINE FOR US CLEARLY WHAT THIS BATTLE IS ABOUT, THIS BATTLE FOR OUR COUNTRY! WE ARE BATTLING EVIL TO THE CORE IN EVERY WAY, SHAPE AND FORM! The Devil and his demons are actively seeking the destruction of souls and the destruction of our country! Please, if you can, do something in your own locality to fight this evil and to beat this administration. Dr. Eowyn has spent the last four years of her life, seven days a week, spending countless hours, so much of her time, to fight this horrible evil. I have also fought very hard, especially through my Catholic study group, in my local area, and also as a member of the Fellowship, contingent upon my physical limitations. PLEASE, PLEASE, ask, pray, to our Lord, and ask Him to send His angels, His saints, His Blessed Mother, to help us in this battle! WE WILL NOT WIN IT BY OURSELVES! PLEASE, PLEASE PRAY!!!!!

  11. They do seem to be placing home down gently. And cheering he is alive can go both ways. Yeh he is alive, good. Or good he is alive, we want him alive so we can kill him, or whatever. I think they would have flung him down on the ground, if they were angry. But jumping up and down and not getting help in a sense of urgency tells me maybe they were celebrating they had an infidel? I don’t know. All this hatred is going nowhere. Lets just get out of the ME and let people there work out their own stuff. We have problems of our own.


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