Video Game Grooms Children for Gay Relationships

Towards the end of her  video, The Miseducation of America,” discussing of The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America , Charlotte Iserbyt warned about the role of computers in changing attitudes and values to line up with the goals of social engineers:
We have all of the evidence from educators and change agents articles saying that the computer is fantastic for changing values, an educator with the World Institute for Computer Assisted Instruction, Dustin Heuston said, “Won’t it be wonderful when a child in the smallest school in the most remote area of the country can have the curriculum developed by the world’s finest psychologists and nobody can get between that child and the curriculum.”
Today John Nolte at Big Hollywood leads with a story that is a perfect example of how this works.

Will ‘Star Wars’ Online Video Game Ask Your Child to Engage In Same-Sex Relationships?

by John Nolte
Apparently, after selling somewhere around 500,000 copies to unsuspecting families everywhere, the creators of the video game “Star Wars: The Old Republic” have decided to add same-sex romances to the online feature.
Say goodbye to your child’s innocence.    Full Story 

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Clifton Lee West
9 years ago

I don’t think anyone can turn anyone else gay. I do think that some people will have an intimate relationship with just about anything that is around when they are so moved. I neither buy nor play any of these games because I fail to see the point. I might feel differently if I were a Star Wars fan, or a Harry Potter fan or any of these vogue items around for all to indulge in. “Another gay thing” best describes this action and if it makes the gays happy, fine, they will be the only ones, and, not for… Read more »

9 years ago

Reading, writing and arithmetic, etc. … could these loops find time for our kids to know stuff like that while they’re at it? Our business people are complaining they have to retrain college graduates now for things folk with a high school diploma were just able to do.

J. Cook
J. Cook
9 years ago

Gays are good people, just like anyone else can be. I’m gay and I wasn’t molested, and I’m a junior at Fairmont State earning a major in Sociology. I turned out FINE.
For crying out loud, if you don’t want your kids playing a game you find questionable, be an attentive parent and make sure they don’t get a copy! Criminy, for being so -quick- to blame others you sure are -slow-.