Video evidence of Muslim crucifixion in Yemen

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On August 20, 2012, I did a post on a WND report that the radical Muslim group Muslim Brotherhood (MB) executing Christians and opponents of Egypt’s new MB president, Muhammad Morsi, by crucifying them to death.

Immediately after I published that post, comments appeared on FOTM dismissing the WND report — the sources of which were Arabic TV and print sources from the Middle East! — and hinting that the Jews (Israel) concocted the story. The skeptics demanded to see visual evidence of photos or videos of the crucifixion.

Well, we now have the visual evidence, from Yemen. WARNING: It’s graphic.

Michael Carl reports for WND, Aug. 29, 2012:

There’s shocking new evidence from the Middle East of crucifixion by Muslims, this time of a “spy” in Yemen who allegedly was accused of U.S. sympathies.

WND recently confirmed a Sky News Arabia report of the crucifixion of dissidents in Egypt.

According to a report by Lebanon Today translated into English, the Yemeni jihadist group Ansar al-Shariah took control of the Azzan area of Yemen and imposed Islamic law, or Shariah. In the process, the group crucified three men, accusing them of being agents for the U.S. The executions reportedly took place several months ago.

Former PLO operative turned terrorism analyst Walid Shoebat says the inscription in the photo of one of the victims reads, “He was crucified for three days in accordance to Shariah.” Shoebat says Lebanon Today reported the group carried out the Shariah-prescribed penalties, explaining the multiple executions were retribution for passing information to U.S. forces to carry out attacks by pilot-less drones.

According to Shoebat’s translation, the report said:

“One they nicknamed ‘Captain’ was executed by crucifixion for three days at the entrance to the city of Jaar in the Abyan province, to be viewed by passersby entering and leaving the city. Two Saudis and a Yemeni were also executed by the sword at dawn at the hands of Ansar al-Shariah, and [the terrorists] absolved [a] fourth defendant from execution for his young age. A leader in Ansar al-Islam claimed that these who were executed belong to the province of Marib, [and were executied] for planting trackers on cars that belong to al-Qaida leaders to be targeted by the drones.”

According to Shoebat, the article said an analyst in the region claimed the crucifixions are “something new.” The report said:

“One researcher, Saeed Obaid Elaf, said that, ‘The incidents of these executions never occurred previously in Yemen but follows the sequence of events which occurred previously in Afghanistan and Iraq [where] … Islam is the religion of the state. In Iraq these [terrorists] see Iraq as the Islamic State of Iraq. ‘In Afghanistan, the ones who receive this type of executions are those who are considered spies. But in Yemen this is the first time we have seen such phenomenon, which has become a natural thing now because al-Qaida now exercises the powers of the state and it’s natural that it carries out such executions.”

Besides the image of the Yemeni brutality (see below), video has been posted online of the punishment.

The caption to the video explained it was a “spy who was executed by extremists for placing sensors in militant’s cars to direct U.S. attacks on them. This occurred during the recent Yemeni revolution to oust the long serving president, when extremists took advantage of the lapse in security as the former president diverted his attention to fighting the revolution instead of extremists.”

Shoebat said his sources confirmed there had been eight executions about the same time, including three by crucifixion and another five by beheading.

Read the rest of Michael Carl’s article here.

Here’s the video (WARNING: The images in the video are extremely graphic. View with caution.):

If YouTube removes the video, go to the WND article to watch the video. Here are three screen shots I took from the video:

H/t FOTM’s Miss Maziel.


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0 responses to “Video evidence of Muslim crucifixion in Yemen

  1. President Bush’s greatest mistake was to view Islam as a “religion of peace”.

  2. is it’where for me I will Mark all the islam .they are not Good people thy kill Christians and Jews.

  3. the religous war between the jews, xians, and muzzies is not an American concern.
    the reigious myth beleivers should be forced to fight their own wars.

    • It doesn’t matter what other religion you believe. If you are not a “muzzie” they intend to subjugate or kill you. Islam is like rabies.
      Read up. It might save your life.

    • .John Doeman: ..and atheists tell us they’re just as moral as believers…

      I’m Jewish and Israeli, if there are people out there who can do this kind of thing it is imperative that we ALL do everything we can to stop them. It is a humanitarian concern, not a religious one. What’s gonna happen when these people get into or near your borders?

      You’re just taking the easy way out.

      • traildustfotm

        Thanks Caped Crusader,
        I can’t understand anyone who could look at this and not be moved to tears and rage.

  4. Where is that cockroach Jesse Jackson and why is he not complaining about the ill treatment of a black brother being crucified in Yemen. Jesse Jackson is a member of Islam, he is not a Christian. Islam says its the religion of peace but only by death. Islam is a lie.

  5. Islam was hi-jacked pre WW2 and turned to fascism. This was all in the name of promulgating an Aryan nation. We are witnessing the aftermath. The socialistic dogma has gone rampant in the Arab world especially in extremist nations as in Iran and Yemen and some other lesser Islamic theocratic nations. I could somewhat agree that Iran is trying to be above this barbarism, but never the less it is still abhorrent to see this inhumanity.

    • I would like to believe you Noonien. Unfortunately, throughout its history, Islam has regularly erupted into genocide against non-muslims. Turkey enjoyed a period of peace, but in the early 20th century was the scene of unspeakable horrors against the Armenians, and is now descending again into madness.

      Jesus told us to love our enemies;
      Muhammad told us to kill them.

  6. Dr. Eowyn, I know it was horribly difficult for you to draft this post and to present it, given your warm, pure and holy heart and mind. I nevertheless thank you for once again, exposing the facts and telling the truth. This is so horrible, so barbaric and unconscienable.

    • God bless you, Joan. One of my guiding principles is: If someone is evil enough to do it, then we should be courageous enough to look at the deed. Only in so doing can we fully know the evil that’s done, so as to uncover it, inform others about it, and so fight it! For how can we combat evil with our eyes blind-folded and our heads in the sand? LOL

      • Same is true for photos of the dead of warfare… Anyone who has seen the true face of war knows there is no glory in it.

  7. He meant to say Obama………………

  8. When I see these things I feel the same way as the first time I saw “Night and Fog”, a documentary about the Nazi death camps. At the time, some of my friends were toying with high minded ideas like pacifism. This was the last time I ever considered pacifism to be an option. We should be at peace with all people insofar as the decision is ours, but when evil like this rises up, it’s time to push back.

  9. I can surely see why the Lord God said “And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart” Genesis 6:6. May God truly help us, our world is in such dire need of Jesus. Murders like this occur weekly. I read about them on Voice of the Martyr web site. I love your web site, I’m passing on the link to all I know. God Bless You for seeking and exposing the truth.


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