Video: Angry Mob in Wisconsin Shows Respect for Democratic Process

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It must be nice to be a Democrat these days. When a vote doesn’t go your way, simply scream like an angry child and promise that there will be a do-over.
Watch this video from inside the Wisconsin state assembly where lawmakers in the lower chamber passed Walker’s union-busting bill.

In all the tea party protests I’ve attended, never once – not once – did a mob of screaming activists bum rush the House floor to physically intimidate lawmakers. And never once did they think it was okay to disrupt the actual process of taking a vote.
Oh wait, even if tea parties had wanted to do that, the first vote on Obamacare happened at 7AM on Christmas Eve. I distinctly remember liberals not being concerned about transparent democracy then.
Flashback: Liberal media criticized “violent” town hall protests in 2009.

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0 responses to “Video: Angry Mob in Wisconsin Shows Respect for Democratic Process

  1. Why ARE these people on the assembly floor in the first palce?

    • Some smaller state assemblies allow visitors to watch from the balcony to see their lawmakers at work. Although I have a feeling some might start cracking down after this.

  2. Scream, shout, lay on the floor and beat your fist, we don’t care. The AMERICAN people have spoken, we are going to END public sector unions one way or another, once and for all. We will fight you in the state houses and in the streets if necessary. Your days are numbered!

  3. Wow! These are “public servants”? I expect to see that clip as the face of the 2012 races. Whoever took the video and posted it on Youtube should get a medal!

    • Must be nice to have a fake doctor’s note from a real doctor to get out of work and still get paid while acting like a spoiled child.

  4. Childish theatrics put forth in the public domain to satify their childish constituents.

  5. “Shame! Shame! Shame!” Are they talking about themselves?

  6. the oh so honorable Dictator in the whitehouse,told the unions in Wisconsin he would be there to march with them,they are disappointed he didn’t show,I had a great idea-he should get a brand new convertable and lead the “Parade”


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