Victory Song of the Church of Christ in China

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I love this one.  Such a rousing song of victory sung with conviction and spirit!  ~LTG

Title: The Victory Song (靠著神)
Words: Dale Garratt
Music: Phil Dave
Chinese translation: 以琳書房
Subtitles available: Chinese, English
Choir: Cheung Lo Church, Church of Christ in China (中華基督教會長老堂詩班)
Pianist: Ka Yan Lam (林嘉恩)
Conductor: Polly Ho (何月平)
Cameraman: Oswald Li (李耀波)
Date: Sunday Service, September 4, 2011
Original lyrics in English:
Through our God, we shall do valiantly
It is He who shall tread down the enemy
We’ll sing and shout the victory: Christ is King!
For God has won the victory and set His people free
His Word has slain the enemy; the earth shall stand and see that …
(Repeat Chorus, Verse, Chorus)
Christ is King! Christ is King!

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3 responses to “Victory Song of the Church of Christ in China

  1. Wow, I thought open displays of Christianity was not allowed in China.

    • Will,
      All religions in China — as are all social groups — must have state approval to exist. The Communist Party regime in China allows the state-approved church, with officials “supervising” the church. Chinese Christians who refuse to be part of the approved church must worship covertly, in “house” churches, i.e., in each other’s homes. That’s the underground church that is persecuted by the regime.

  2. Praise God for our brothers and sisters in China.


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