Victory! BLM Feds back off from Nevada rancher

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BLM tases Ammon BundyArmed BLM thugs fire tasers at and set a German Shepherd on Cliven Bundy’s son, Ammon

The Daily Mail reports, April 12, 2014, that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) today said it would stop trying to seize the cattle of Cliven Bundy after militia members, armed with AK-47s and handguns, continue to gather in Nevada in a confrontation with federal agents.

Militias who have streamed into Bunkerville, a tiny town just north of Lake Mead, said violence was imminent as tempers flared in the desert heat. “We want to get ourselves between this family and these federal agents,” said Brand Thornton, of the Southern Nevada Militia. “We have pretty strong feelings that this could erupt in violence. Another militia member said he’s there to support Bundy whether “he’s legally right or wrong.:

A large militia gathering is scheduled for 9am today on the property.

Neil Kornze

Neil Kornze

Neil Kornze, nominated by the POS and confirmed as BLM director only 3 days ago, said: “Based on information about conditions on the ground, and in consultation with law enforcement, we have made a decision to conclude the cattle gather because of our serious concern about the safety of employees and members of the public.”

The dispute that triggered the roundup dates to 1993, when the BLM cited concern for the federally protected tortoise. The agency later revoked Bundy’s grazing rights.

Bundy claims ancestral rights to graze his cattle on lands his Mormon family settled in the 19th century. He stopped paying grazing fees and disregarded several court orders to remove his cattle. BLM officials say Bundy now owes more than $1.1 million in unpaid grazing fees.

On Wednesday, a video emerged of armed feds repeatedly shooting Ammon Bundy, the son of Cliven, with a taser and threatening him with police dogs.

The politicians who have spoken up in support of Bundy include:

  • Nevada’s Republican senator Dean Heller, who says he told BLM head Neil Kornze that law-abiding Nevadans such as rancher Cliven Bundy shouldn’t be penalized by an “overreaching” agency.
  • Nevada’s Republican governor Brian Sandoval said the feds’ actions were leading to an “atmosphere of intimidation.”
  • Congressman Bob Thorpe (R-Arizona) said he and several state Republican lawmakers may travel to Bunkerville to protest what they perceive as government heavy-handedness. Thorpe said the Arizona lawmakers were upset the BLM initially restricted protesters to so-called free speech zones.
  • Arizona Congresswoman and Tea Party-supporter Kelly Townsend told the Las Vegas Review Journal, “Watching that video [of Ammon being tasered] last night created a visceral reaction in me. It sounds dramatic, but it reminded me of Tiananmen Square. I don’t recognize my country at this point.” Townsend said she plans to drive up to Nevada to join the Bundys’ supporters in their protest over the weekend.
  • Nevada state assemblywoman Michele Fiore said “I’m highly offended by the feds coming in as aggressively as they have” and has already made two trips to meet with the protestors in Bunkerville.

BLM spokeswoman Amy Leuders said it was public outrage over the footage of Ammon Bundy being tasered which prompted a change in the federal agents’ orders.

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0 responses to “Victory! BLM Feds back off from Nevada rancher

  1. This is the only way the ” good people ” are going to take back this so-called gov’t One little victory at a time . Eventually momentum builds . Much like a little snowball rolled down a snowy mountain side . At 1st , there’s no big deal in stopping it , but when it grOWS . …………………..You tend to stay out of the way of it

  2. Bureau of Land Management = Obama’s Gestapo

  3. I find this statement odd and troublesome, “BLM spokeswoman Amy Leuders said it was public outrage over the footage of Ammon Bundy being tasered which prompted a change in the federal agents’ orders.” So, I guess it means if the public had not come to the Bundy’s aide, then they would have proceeded with their plans, regardless of the rule of law. It’s going to be interesting to see how this proceeds.

  4. Neil Kornze??? How much did he contribute to Obama’s campaign. He does not appear to have the stones to be on the enforcement end of this altercation but he can send others to do his bidding. You can be sure this clown will now try to infringe on our 2nd amendment rights. Give guns to desert turtle so that they can defend themselves against the cattle.

  5. While this would seem to be good news, I still smell something along the lines of an ammoniated cod personally… We know the govstapo doesn’t stop that easily, examples such as ruby ridge and waco have proven they will continue to take extreme measures regardless of armed presence or not, same as happened with Ed Brown, who was kidnapped from his private property by federal marshalls posing as supporters, awhile back. Given this knowledge, then it is reasonable to assume that somethign else caused them to give up… and perhaps that something was “test, over, data collected”… To elaborate, consider how much information on organizing and mobilizing the govstapo gathered from this incident, cell phone traffic, aproximate numbers of “troop concentrations”, operational strength, as well as the type of arms available to the militias. I suspect that this may have been a test to gauge these factors, and that the reason they backed off was that their data collection was complete.

    It is only a guess, mind you, and I could be wrong, but if the overall plan which I suspect is for making a second civil war, then this kind of data on the civilians and militia would be valuable tactical info. Either that or if Bundy is still a mormon he might’ve had some strings pulled, depending. haha (Although in all seriousness there seems to be a good number of mormon folk in the intelligence alphabet agencies, curiously.)

  6. Harry and Rory Reid are in serious trouble. Kornze was one of Harry’s promoted lackeys. Once news broke about Harry and Rory selling this land to the Chinese, things started moving along quickly. Mr.Bundy handled this situation like a true Patriot. Thankyou to our Oathkeepers, People on the ground, Sheriff Mack, Constitutional Sheriffs Possee, and our State Militias. Alex Jones had a U-Stream live,a reporter that was very good. These so-called agents, rent-a-cowboys should be ashamed of theirselves. I really would like to know who they are. Names? I would hope the Sheriff of Clark County would resign gracefully and be replaced with a Constitutional Sheriff.

    • Tina, I agree with you. Once the story about Reid came out the brakes were stomped on. Let’s see what happens in DC tomorrow.

  7. Mark my words: This battle is not over yet. The Federales have gone back to the locker room only to lick their wounds and make their plans for the next round.
    Kudos to Alex Jones’ Infowars that broke the story of Harry Reid & Son behind the land grab for some Chi-Comm solar power farm. Agenda 21 is here, Folks! This is the Lexington & Concord of a L – O – N – G fight, and those New World Order flunkies know it. DO WE???

  8. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this excellent post. This is more “big brother” tactics. The independent Nevadans won’t tolerate this intimidation. Good for the Republican leaders for standing up for what is right in this matter. Nevada must get rid of Harry. God help us!

  9. Wal-Mart offered BLM 400,000 to get Mr.Bundy off the property also.

  10. I think they saw the fire in the eyes of the militia men heading to Nevada, and decided they didn’t want what they saw.

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