Veterans march on D.C.; barricade White House

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Here’s news that isn’t being reported by the State Controlled Media.

vetsSuzanne Hamner reports for Freedom Outpost that yesterday, Oct. 13, 2013, military veterans descended upon Washington DC to visit the open air WWII  Memorial and the Iwo Jima memorial that were closed by Park Rangers last week, ostensibly because of the government shutdown.

Thousands of other Americans were also there to  support the veterans. They picked up the barricades the Obama regime had set up around the WWII Memorial to block citizens’ access, and piled them in stacks on the grassy areas of the park.


In order to insure the veterans were able to attend the rally, bobtail truckers and 4 wheel vehicles participating in the Trucker Ride for the Constitution drove through Washington DC to the WWII memorial in support, blowing their horns while crowds of bystanders cheered.

Another part of the convoy, led by General Earnest Lee, drove around the  beltway with approximately 10 miles deep of supporters, then headed into DC  along I-395.  Lee’s convoy drove right into downtown DC going about 10 mph and literally shutdown the access into DC.  While Lee broke off to go to another  choke point, other truckers stayed behind slowing to halt traffic in order to  make sure veterans and supporters captured the heart of the DC in peaceful defiance of Obama’s attempt to close the open air war memorials. Several police cars reportedly had lined up in a barricade of the street but allowed the truckers to proceed through in a single file. Several officers even saluted the truckers in support of their Ride For the Constitution.

vets3Hundreds of Americans, led by Will Gonzalez, marched from the WWII memorial to the White House, assisted by law enforcement. According to Will’s live report on Guerilla Media Network, the truckers’ horns  could be heard as the truckers passed the White House. When the group reached the gates of the front door of the White House, their loud protests directed at Obama could be heard on the live broadcast. Will  Gonzalez yelled, “Get the F*** Out, Obama,” then led the crowd in cheering over and over, “U-S-A! U-S-A!”

Police officers, without riot gear, were stationed around the White House, but remained calm and neutral.

vets6Patriots also reclaimed the Lincoln Memorial as one woman urged all Americans, “to do something now.”

Palin, Lee, Cruz

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, Senators Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Ted Cruz (R-Texas) helped protestors to remove the barricades blocking the Lincoln Memorial.

Protestors then  carried the barricades from the Lincoln Memorial and the WWII Memorial to the White House and placed the barricades in front of the WH gates. This was when five police officers appeared in riot gear with face masks and stood in front of the barricades blocking the crowd. According to Will Gonzalez, the protesters were within 10 feet of the gates to the White House.


Police officers then became more aggressive and used the barricades to push people away from the White House gates. Gonzales reported that officers wearing blue helmets were using the most force to repel the group. Ten police on horseback appeared, but did not use force or engage the protesters.vets1

See also The Blaze‘s story on the veteran’s march.

Here are two videos on the veterans’ march and protest:

H/t FOTM’s TnRick and my friend John Molloy.


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0 responses to “Veterans march on D.C.; barricade White House

  1. Can someone please explain to me why this administrtion/regime has gotten away with so much? I fear for my country. Every day more and more weak minded people fall into place. What can we do? It has gotten to the point where I can’t even watch the news, I used to love Fox news. Now people like Kristen Powers and Juan Williams make me so angry I feel I could kill. And that scares the crap out of me. I want my country back and I want it back in english

    • It’s a slippery slope. FDR got things going with the New Deal and introduced nuclear power as an energy source and JFK took things a stage further by the manned mission to the Moon and announced plans for the expansion of nuclear power plants for our energy needs and for water desalination purposes etc, amongst other things, but the oligarchs, Empire you can call it, stepped in and has never stopped even since the war of INdepence from Wmpire, to stop the US and the sovreignty our Republic stands for and wants to crush that as so many creative things have been crushed by the oligarchs. They will shut down everything that makes America great and kill the spirit of our people and steal everyone’s last dime and have our military die on their behalf. The only way to stop them in their tracks, the oligarchs is to shut down Wll Street which can only be done by reinstating Glass Steagall and going back to the Credit System as envisaged by Alexander Hamilton in the Constitution. Have Congress to utter credit and issue currency through a new National Bank for long lasting iinfrastructure projects such as NAWAPA and a mag loeve railroad system etc etc so our people can go back to work. The monetary system of the oligarchs and the banksters is broke and they want their bailin now before they launch their new currency ony for themselves most likely. So spread the word if you want the save the USA from those creeps.l

  2. My respect for the vets and supporters for keeping a level head in a situation that was set up by the coward hiding behind the curtain in the oval office hoping they would lose their last bit of restraint. He just keeps pushing that aggravation button on the American Citizens. We do not have a leader in this country, instead we have an arrogant, self-centered brat in the house. He has no concern for the people for he has showed that over and over again. When a leader gives orders to make it as painful as possible instead of doing the right thing because he can never be made out to be wrong or it’s not his fault always blaming somebody else for his screw ups. This is not a leader, this is a dictator.

    • He was groomed by his masters to do their bidding and his narcissism is running wild and on top of that he seems to have a Nero complex which combined might just be getting a bit much for his masters……………..
      put it this way he’s not serving the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob and he is not working out his salvation with fear and trembling from the looks of it so the one’s giving him his marching orders are not prioritizing thieir lives or counsel according to the Word of God. So it’s like a house that;s buildt on the sand…. when the storm really hits it will not stand. Focus on God Almighty and stand on his word, No weapon formed against us will prosper. We are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus. Our battle in not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities in high places. Put on the full armor of God and get onto the battle field….if God is for us, who can come against us……Hold on, Joy will come in the morning.

  3. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for setting forth this important news, inasmuch as nothing is said about it even though it is so significant!

  4. Time to arrest and prosecute the worthless Kenyan POS.

    Wake up, stoopid sheeple, or watch your country roll over and die.

    -And it’s on life support now.


  5. Those are Washington DC city cops (the Democratic mayor’s boys) out front of the White House fence with the collapsible batons out ready to smack protestors then retreating when they found they’d be on YouTube. (Not the Park Police, Capitol Police or White House cops.) Looks like Hizzoner was trying to earn some money for his city from the Dems.

  6. God bless America! Ohhhhhhh, it did my heart good to see those barricades being carried back to the Dark House!! Thanks, Dr. Eo, for this wonderful post.

  7. Thank you for getting out the news on this subject, Dr. Eowyn. I looked for FoxNews to cover this rally, but all I got was everything else. It’s Tuesday now, 2 days after the rally, and Fox and Friends is FINALLY covering the subject, but without the details you just related.

    So now we see that most police are willing to remember they are Americans first, and the only cops who showed up looking for trouble were DC’s Metro cops. Looks like Obama’s real support is paper thin, and will fall like a house of cards if pushed hard enough.

  8. The officers in the blue helmets–were they the Washington, DC city cops?


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