Very Weird Video of BP Oil Leak

Beloved Fellowship member FS sent me this. It’s a video of “live” footage of the BP oil spill, taken by BP and provided to CNN and, I assume, other news outlets.
Pay special attention at around 0:28. A door opens and closes.
At around o:37, there’s that door opening and closing again — at 5,000 ft beneath the surface in the Gulf???
H/t GoldCoastChronicle.
BP, and BP only, is filming the leak via remotely operated vehicles (ROV). BP live feeds are then made available to the public, such as HERE.

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Gary Paul
Gary Paul

I’m guessing the image goes from BP and then to CNN where they process it for broadcast. The door is probably in the processing room? Sounds like no big deal to me.


I think anonymous probably has it right, it looks like lazy video capture from a monitor or something (i hope). I don’t know why we would expect CNN to be held to any higher standard than other crap MSM outlets. This whole BP oil thing is starting to smell like rotten fish by the way. Something is going on here.