Verdict of Guilty in Obama Trial

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Rev. James David Manning leading a march around Columbia University

Steve Cooper of Conservative sends word that the Jury in the Obama Sedition Trial just gave its verdict: Guilty!
Here are Cooper’s brief one-sentence reports on today’s trial, via his cellphone:

Day 5 of the Columbia Trial, the jury will get the case shortly. Standby for more details.
Pastor Manning requests that the charge of sedition be re-instated. Approved by Judge Unger
Pastor Manning states he was informed that a hit was placed on his life in Sept. 2009. Demands investigation by Justice D.
Pastor Manning states that Obama used a Kenyan passport to travel to Pakistan in 1981.
Pastor Manning “If a guilty verdict comes out of this church, it will rock the world.”
Waiting on the jury for over 3 hours…
The verdict is in – the jury found Obama and Columbia University GUILTY of ALL CHARGES.

Cooper will have a full report on Day 5 later today.

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    I wasn’t there, but he has my full support.
    And I’m an old, mean, angry white woman.

  2. Well this is very good news….but what happens next? You know the lap dog media is going to ignore this….haven’t heard one word about it except here. And Holder ain’t going to do sh*t

  3. God bless people who stand up for what is right!

  4. Good!

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  6. Pedophile Freak Dr. James David Manning EXPOSED In Leaked audio Part 1 of 2


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