Venezuelan women flock to Colombia border town to sell hair

Aint’ socialism grand?
From Yahoo: LA PARADA, Colombia (Reuters) – Women from crisis-hit Venezuela are crossing the border in droves and selling their hair in a Colombian border town in order to afford scarce basic necessities such as food, diapers or medicines.
The trend, which has taken off in recent weeks, is another sign of the oil-rich country’s deepening crisis amid shortages and spiraling inflation that have millions skipping meals and forgoing costly medical treatment.
Dozens of middlemen, known as “draggers,” stand on a bridge linking San Antonio, Venezuela, to Colombia’s La Parada, calling out: “We buy hair!”
Some 200 women a day are taking up their offer at one of seven makeshift stands dotting La Parada, according to estimates from five middlemen. The locks are then sold as extensions in the western Colombian city of Cali.
Celina Gonzales, a 45-year-old street vendor, stood in line for an hour to sell her mid-length brown hair for 60,000 Colombian pesos, or about $20 – the equivalent of a monthly minimum wage and food tickets back home. “I suffer arthritis and I need to buy medicine. This won’t be much, but at least I can buy painkillers,” said Gonzales, who had not told her family what she was doing.
Venezuela’s leftist government blames the crisis on businessmen waging an “economic war” to sabotage it. The Information Ministry did not respond to a request for comment.
As the economy teeters under a third year of recession, Venezuelans are increasingly ending up empty-handed despite long lines for heavily-subsidized food. Non-subsidized food is far too expensive, with a bag of rice sometimes costing around a tenth of monthly earnings.
Many are forced to survive on starches or forage through garbage for scraps. In recent months, hundreds have drifted across to Colombia to buy groceries.
In the border towns, the hair business is booming. “I can take off volume, cut strands here and there or make a ponytail and cut all the hair,” explained Jenifer Nino, 31, a so-called dragger, as she stood next to informal hair salons housed on street corners, sidewalks and even a tire store. “Most of the women come here with little kids and after cutting their hair they go buy food,” Nino added.
Some women complain the haircuts are sloppy and end up regretting the decision, while others are turned away. Maribel, a poor woman from Venezuela’s Tachira state traveled to Colombia after her brother told her about the hair business. “I’m here because I have nothing to eat,” she said, but was later rebuffed because her hair was too short and thin.

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Dr. Eowyn

Meanwhile, Sean Penn, BFF of Venezuela’s dead socialist prez Hugo Chavez, is still no where to be seen in Venezuela. He’s too busy cavorting on stage with his slutty ex-wife Madonna.


Sean is not Deplorable. Rather Sean is Despicable.


Let’s hear it for Socialism…comment image


Is that a hand cranked microwave oven in the foreground?

Auntie Lulu
Auntie Lulu

Why is it that the lefties in this country refuse to see how devastating the policies of Socialism/Communism really are? The only people who make out are the leaders at the top . . . they get to eat, and they don’t have to sell their hair in order to do so!


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But think of the amazing utopia this is leading to! To think, Venezuela is following in the footsteps of those great Marxist countries like China, the Soviet Union, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Cuba. Next stop, the United States! They’re Satanists, all of them. I listened to about 20 minutes of the most horrifying podcast I think I’ve ever heard (the episode is called “Doing the No No”): It’s all related: art, politics, culture, education, religion (how can’t it be?), technology, medicine…and it’s all Satanic. No, wait, that’s not right…it’s all been Satanically corrupted. It’s all been perverted. On a side… Read more »


“Peoples deserve what they ask for”. Venezuelans were warned about Chavez and Castro, they said, “we are different, we conduct free Elections” and they did not dispose of Chavez during the revolt. Chavez laughed and laugh till his last days on earth, he is still laughing. Castro, like he did to Russia, brought Venezuela to its knees, depleted the riches of a rich Venezuela and today the people are desperate. Cubans, Venezuelans and Nicaraguans are not able to shake off their nefarious regimes, tyrannies with hints of communism, murderers of their own countrymen. No, I don’t believe they will ever… Read more »


So—-let’s keep teaching our kids in this country f’in algebra instead of check book economics,federal reserve system,, ….the how and why of the stock market….evidently,, we love being LAST…….