Venezuela has come to this: Cannibalism in prisons

Venezuela is a failed state from years of socialism.
There are reports of interminable long lines in supermarkets, although many shelves are empty; of food riots; and of people killing pets and zoo animals for food.
There are shortages of drinking water and of hospital supplies as basic as bandages, as well as massive power outages.
On Sept. 1, 2016, half a million people swarmed the streets of Venezuela’s capital to demand the recall of President Maduro — to no avail.
The South American country is literally falling apart.
Now comes even more horrifying news: Prisoners are being cannibalized by fellow inmates.

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How can anyone see this marxist failure and feel safe with a marxist in the white house?


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Kevin Lankford
Kevin Lankford

I wonder just what was on foxx’s and haas’s menu during their stay?


what an abomination! those poor souls! that entire govt should be put on trial.
maybe I’m looking into the names too deeply and they’re just a coincidence (but with satanism, nothing seems to be a coincidence), but, I find it odd that the 3 visitors to venezuela all have double letters in their names:penn, haas, foxx

Esther Bunny Brown
Esther Bunny Brown

I wish the German Colombians could evacuate the German Venezuelans, especially if absolutely necessary. If anyone is unfamiliar with either or both of them, he ought to look them up.


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