VA wants to add ‘gender-reassignment’ surgery to veterans’ benefits package

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The Department of Veterans Affairs is considering adding the so-called “sex-reassignment” surgery to military veterans’ benefits package.

That means we taxpayers will have to pay for the surgeries that don’t actually re-assign a person’s gender. That’s because a person’s gender is determined by DNA chromosomes that remain the same after all the torturous body mutilations — chopping off breasts, shaving off the Adam’s apple, castrating the penis and testicles, gouging a hole as a pretend-vagina that must be “dilated” until the wound eventually scars over. See:

Below is a video showing the butchering that claims to be male-to-female gender-reassignment surgery:

Here’s the letter from the vice president of Family Research Council:

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is considering changing its medical benefits package to begin covering sex-reassignment surgery – an elective surgery on the healthy organs of healthy individuals.  They have requested comments on this change and we urge you to speak out on behalf of veterans.

The VA has noted that “any addition to the medical benefits package will have an associated cost and burden on existing specialists, especially urological and vascular surgeons and other highly trained specialists who are already in short supply nationwide.”

Limited resources and funds should be allocated based on medical need and, after analyzing numerous studies, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has refused to label sex-reassignment surgery as medically necessary.

In 2014, the American people were shocked to learn that thousands of patient records at numerous VA facilities across the country were fraudulently maintained to cover-up backlogs that resulted in veterans dying before they received care.  A March 2018 Inspector General investigation found that this problem has not been fully resolved.  More than 5,000 patient records across 64 facilities were found to be incorrectly dated, thus masking the length of time these veterans had been waiting for care.  Also, many patients with accurately dated records were not given the opportunity to seek care outside the VA system – an option to which they are legally entitled after waiting the prescribed 30-day period.

The military should not be subject to social experimentation and engineering and such experimentation and engineering should not bleed over into the care of veterans.

Please comment online by midnight today (9/7) when the comment period closes.


David Christensen
Vice President for Government Affairs

To leave a comment for Veterans Affairs on adding non-sex-reassignment surgery to the benefits package for veterans, click here.


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17 responses to “VA wants to add ‘gender-reassignment’ surgery to veterans’ benefits package

  1. Sooo, we end up with a military comprised of effed-up people who want free mutilations?

  2. Will comment/sign.

  3. I want Military Veterans to receive the MEDICAL care that they require and are entitled to. That stated, encouraging mental illness (much like the “homeless” problem) is not a rabbit hole that the taxpayers should fund. TREATING mental illness is (unfortunately) problematic in its own right but should be the first step.
    I will comment and sign as well.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  4. I had a customer who had a knee replacement at the VA and the new artificial kneecap was on the side of his leg….
    Imagine what the VA will do to a sex-change operation?

    • I say: folks do not support any vets org. Resign any membership you have now in these groups. None are taking a stand against this craziness.

  5. This is what you get when you make something a protected goose. No one can criticize anything about spending for the military or soldiers. Now you get this. Strike a win for the SJW using the protected goose to get what they want

    And before someone criticizes me I served for 12 yrs and know 1st hand of all the fraud and waste in the military and all the BS social issues started in the 90s. My favorite one was being dirced to wear a red ribbon for AIDS.

  6. Geez, this could happen to you accidentally at a VA hospital.

  7. I signed.

    And after watching that video, I don’t ever think I’ll eat another corn dog again!!

  8. This Proposal for action leaves me very conflicted. Normally I’d fully support ANYTHING our vets require, but can this make-over truly be ‘required’?

    I deliberately lived w/a transgender housemate for 2 years recently [s/he moved about 4 months ago to a Provincial gubbmint-subsidised complex] as her/his medical support team concluded that s/he was overly dependent on me [I agree] and should live alone to learn minimal social & survival skills. Okay, fine. Believe me when I say that I was MORE than fully exposed to their PoV and ideology as to why s/he deserved to be subsidised by tax-funded medical resources. Uh huh, oh yeah…!

    S/he is still not happy w/my take on the situation: I asked her/him why should funds go to her/him instead of a 28 yr old [same as her/him] working single mother with breast cancer, who has two children under 10. Her/his response was there should be funding for both, in spite of annual shortfalls of tens or hundreds of millions in funds. All things are possible under communism, which s/he also declares himself to be! From where this magic money will appear wasn’t identified… groan!

    As a Christian I did my best to honour her/his sensibilities w/o violating her/his or mine, but I’m sure you readers know that my patience wore very thin early on. We agreed not to continue our discussion/arguments in future.

    These people are HUGELY ideology-driven, yet their reasoning, logic, and philosophic abilities are VERY minimal. I rest my case w/you, gentle readers.

  9. They would have money for this ??? BUT they wouldn’t pay my war veteran husband’s emergency room bill because of a congressional 24 month rule??? This country is so screwed up…can it ever be fixed??? It favors the dark side of society and not good men and women, especially those who served in war zones exposed to agent orange, radiation and more!!!

  10. Its about killing veterans, I suspect, as the so-called “reassignment” surgeries tend to result in people coming to a catastrophic realization that they can’t be the other gender, surgeries just mutilate the body (My Wife has noted that with the transgender stuff everyone seems to end up female, or as a mockery of a female, curiously, perhaps one of the real aims of “feminism”, and/or “population control”? The result is a culling of maleness, and a number of what amounts to “nullos” as they’re called, because men cannot, as yet, regrow or re-attach male generative bits, thus men with functional male bits would become far more scarce.) and when that realization hits, if the mind isn’t sound, and if they have no support (the spurning of “regret”, thus a crushing isolation) then suicide typically results, because they have left a mental illness go untreated.

    I also suspect that getting rid of veterans is desired because they want to be rid of soldiers once their “usefulness” is at an end because they present a “threat”, thus why I would not trust a government program for such. Besides veterans could easily represent a tactical threat with their training & knowledge, and potentially use of top secret information, that they were cleared for at the time, to undo or expose the filthy plots of the devil worshipers pulling the strings.

    I am for the elimination of the designation of “veteran” myself, but by this I mean no more wars, (can’t have a veteran if there’s no war to be stuck in.) no more sheister recruiters buttering up/propagandizing the youth to go die, or be irreversibly broken, (I note Tolkien’s analogy of the nazgul’s knife which Frodo was stabbed with.) for the satanist’s twisted schemes. These folks should be at home making the world a better place, instead of being shot at/blown up by some bunch of honorless mercenaries/thugs employed by their same nation’s own intelligence agencies. (The C.I.A. is, after all, directly responsible for the creation of the mujahideen, which lead to the formation of al kwaeda, and subsequently it seems isis was a joint project between them, arguably they may well be the hidden hand controlling the opium production in afghanistan, etc.)

  11. Call it what it is and stop being such a pussy panderer to fake Marxist coined terminology. It is called nothing but the following:


    Before when people cut themselves up they were taken to mental institutions, but today because of the love of money and the fear of losing it (everyone’s house and net worth are too high and they don’t want to sell all and move to the 3rd world so they instead bow silently to the Antichrist), all you have to do is ask a doctor to mutilate you and you become a cultural and media hero. There will never be a “crash” in the west, the high values is used as a tool of the Antichrist to silence Christians who don’t want to lose their million dollar homes and hundred thousand dollar income jobs for daring to speak anything against the Antichrist and his minions.

  12. So they are trying to convince us this is a good thing when in fact. The suicide rate is over 50%. Doesn’t seem like a great return. As the Dr. Said, you can’t change your sex, you can only mutilate it.
    I find it hard to believe that more than a few people,in the VA even want this. There is enough waste going on in government, maybe it should go to the people for a vote.

  13. Dr. E has said countless times (correctly) that surgery does NOT “reassign gender”. Someone can make themselves into a distorted caricature of the opposite sex, but it doesn’t “change” one’s gender.

    It is also telling that the pressure to “join” has gotten to the point where the medical profession is starting to buckle under the pressure. What happens when medical treatment takes a back seat to political ideology?

    In addition, it is becoming fashionable to make any effort at treating queerness as some sort of forbidden practice. I suppose the bottom line with all of this is that there is only one “opinion” that matters……, theirs.


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