VA wants personal information in exchange for free gun locks

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Fox News: The Veterans Administration is offering free gun locks to former military members — but wants some key personal information in exchange.
Veterans have received forms recently from the VA with an enticing offer of up to four gun locks. The only catch…they need to return a completed form listing their name, address and the number of guns in the home, according to the Washington Times.
“Dear Veteran, a letter sent from the VA’s Philadelphia office reads, “As your partner in health care, we are committed to keeping you and your family safe. If you own a gun, we hope you will request and use a gun lock. As a Veteran, you already know about the importance of firearm safety.”
The Washington Times spoke with one veteran who received the letter and called it “a gun registry in disguise.”
“Young soldiers are already notoriously reluctant to admit any problems with post-traumatic stress disorder,” the veteran, speaking on condition of anonymity, told the paper. “Imagine the effect if the average 23-year-old private … back from Iraq, already reluctant to ask for help … is now hearing rumors that if he seeks help from the VA for sleeplessness, PTSD, nightmares, etc., Big Brother is going take his guns away? Now young veterans will really avoid asking for help.
According to reports, officials for the VA hospital in Philadelphia have been instructed by the administration not to keep on file any information about veterans who own guns.

You know you're laughing.

You know you’re laughing.

“They have been instructed to offer these gun locks to veterans and family members and to keep no gun registries or other information related to the gun lock distribution,” a spokesperson told The Blaze.
It’s not clear if the directive is a part of any written policy at the VA.
“The NRA is opposed to any and all forms of a gun registry,” NRA spokeswoman Jennifer Baker told “The VA initiative raises concerns because veterans are not offered any written assurances that the information they provide the government regarding their firearms will not be kept on file and used for other purposes.”
The gun locks are distributed under a program started under the Bush Administration in 2008 that was modeled after a similar program called Project ChildSafe. The VA has been distributing the gun locks for the past seven years, but it was not immediately clear if the forms are a recent change in protocol.
According to a 2013 report, it is estimated that 22 veterans take their own lives with a gun every day. The program was started with the hopes of lowering that high suicide rate.
The VA has been distributing the locks in a program with local police departments and a firearms trade group.

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0 responses to “VA wants personal information in exchange for free gun locks

  1. Have you heard about the new laws we just got hit with here in California? one of them is a huge trojan horse too. Up until january 1st of this year, the purchasing of a handgun involved the regular crap like taxes, fees, DROS forms, and the requirement that you pass a handgun safety test (and pay a fee for the test, and some taxes). What changed is now they have a second test that is required if you want to purchase a long-gun like a shotgun or rifle. Previously, the handgun test was a $20 fee and if you fail, you can take it over after 24 hours until you pass. Well… both the handgun and long-gun tests now cost $30, if you don’t pass on your second try your money is forfeit and you have to pay ANOTHER $30 to try again. Oh… and the certificate you receive expires every 5 years. It used to be 10.
    But here’s the kicker. The new law requires the customer MUST pay with a credit card AND provide their valid e-mail address. You can’t pay with cash, check, or pay the gun shop like you used to and they cash out what’s owed to the government at the end of the day. Nope. Credit card ONLY.
    Why would they do this, one might ask? By requiring payment by credit card only, not only do they now have your credit card to track what you buy, if you read the fine print on the form you basically relinquish your e-mail account and your privacy to the government.
    Additionally, by requiring a credit card, they’ve effectively imposed a state-wide ban on firearm ownership for poor people, or people like myself who cut all his cards in half because i’m not a fan of the legalized robbery those companies impose on people.
    They’ve also banned private party sales. Both handguns and long-gun sales require the transaction through a dealer with an FFL (federal firearm license), which typically costs about $100 in taxes, fees, and the test for the damn safety certificate.
    I have a feeling though that someone without a credit card or e-mail address will get denied and this unconstitutional law will be overturned. The credit card requirement is no different from the poll taxes the democrat party put on blacks for decades. Between that and the Klan, segregation, and slavery… one might think the Democrats have changed since the 1960’s but they haven’t. They just changed tactics. Instead of slavery, they put their entire voting block on the gravy train of government dependency, forced into public schools to keep them stupid, and if any slave *cough* i mean *cough* Minority gets out of line… they are slandered, ridiculed, and tormented until they submit back to the plantation *cough*… i mean Democrat party.

  2. The thinly veiled control games they are playing with our vets totally tees me off. The vets of all people deserve our respect. These men should not have to worry if they take the government’s treatment for PTSD, etc. they will be penalized through gun confiscation. These soldiers have fought for the right to bear arms by serving to keep our country free, to even hint at possibly taking their right away is cruel and twisted on the part of our lowlife government. People keep taking it as the government is slowly chip, chip chips away at our rights; this is how you lose ALL OF THEM……..slowly.

  3. Never Never Trust you Government go to FAMGUARDIAN.ORG to see if you have to pay FEDERAL INCOME TAX or SOCIAL SECURITY TAX. Your gov is not happy unless they have COMPLETE CONTROL of YOU! Ronald Freeland Law

  4. Free – just like the free lunch programs? Free health programs?
    If government leaders were honest enough to call these ‘taxpayer funded’ I might start to take them seriously.

  5. How many War Veterans have been responsible for mass shootings in America? Why don’t they apply all this BS to DEMOCRATS for their right to VOTE? THEY have been responsible for almost ALL of the mass shootings so far.

  6. Perhaps I am not so bright–if this were about safety,would the VA not just give the gun locks to Vets? If this is to prevent Vets from committing suicide, are Vets not able to unlock gun locks? This sounds more like getting the information needs to send the goon squads around to confiscate guns.

  7. Excuse me, Mr. armed burglar, while I unlock my gun so I can shoot you.
    ‘Nuff said.

  8. Get rid of the SPINELESS/TRAITORS OLD MEN over 50 that are politician’s who don’t care about America they only care about their own pocket books. They have CONTROL of you because they gave your president permission to declare a STATUTE, USE OF VETO POWER, AND EXECUTIVE POWER to CONTROL YOU and YOUR FAMILY. That is the same as having a dictator in the Whitehouse. Gold luck on your FREEDOM AMERICA. God Bless your America!!!. Ronald Freeland Law


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