VA school suspends boy for playing with toy gun in his own home

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The tyrants of Larkspur Middle School in Virginia Beach, VA, suspended and threatens to expel a student, 13-year-old Khalid Caraballo, for “possession and playing with a firearm” playing with a toy air-soft gun in the front yard of his own home, while waiting for a school bus. The schoolbus stop is 70 yards away. reports that during a hearing with a disciplinary committee yesterday (Sept. 24) morning, Khalid Caraballo and two other students were given long-term suspensions in a unanimous vote. The suspensions will last until June, but a hearing will be held January 27 to determine if they will be allowed back in school sooner.

Here’s contact info for:

School principal Matthew Delaney

School principal Matthew Delaney

Superintendent Sheila Magula

Superintendent Sheila Magula

Matthew Delaney
Principal of Larkspur MiddleSchool
Telephone: (757) 648-4800

Dr. Sheila S. Magula
Superintendent, Virginia Beach City Public Schools
Phone: 757.263.1007

For board members of Virginia Beach Public Schools, click here.

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0 responses to “VA school suspends boy for playing with toy gun in his own home

  1. This has gone WAY beyond insanity, I have no words for it… It is not about the one child, it’s about scaring the rest of them, it’s about propagandizing other parents and children into thinking guns are bad, indoctrination at it’s finest, or worst depending on how you look at it. 🙁

  2. We will have to add “Khalid Caraballo Day” to our celebration of Josh Welch Day:

  3. As long as no one was shot with the pellet gun walking toward the bus, then the overreaching and expulsion is unlawful. Even if he did, expulsion is too harsh of a punishment. The neighbor is an idiot and abused the 911 call system as it was NOT an emergency. The police should have recommended she discuss her concerns with the boy’s mother instead of responding to the call in person. The neighbor should be charged for making a non-emergency call. The school system has no legal jurisdiction with this issue. This family needs a lawyer. I just can’t identify with these adults who are education administrators and school board members. Where do these people come from? At least half are old enough to have had hopefully normal childhoods without intrusion from the government. It’s like an invasion of the body snatchers. Really, expel a child from school who is playing on his parents’ private property? Our current system is turning the children of this country into wussies and pansies where they will be afraid to go outside and play, interact with nature, stimulate their imaginations and use their hands to build their creations. This is not just sad, it’s really sick.

  4. If a kid goes hunting with his dad is he going to be expelled?

  5. Thinking bad (i.e., positive) thoughts about guns will be punished by the Thought Police, comrade!

  6. I’d get an attorney and sue the heck out of the school district. They crossed the boundaries.

    Another reason to homeschool.

  7. ‘Zero Tolerance’ = Zero Intelligence

    And if those were my kids, I’d be suing the Virginia Beach school system for boo-coo butt-loads of money.

    Maybe when their taxes go up, the people in that city will finally realize they have brainless idiots running their school system and vote them all out at their next opportunity.

    Or better yet, recall them all immediately.


  8. Have these school officials been drug tested?

  9. Another reason home school your kids.

  10. Can you imagine this mentality being present when we were kids? Playing “cowboys & Indians” or playing “Army” were standard games back then and carrying a cap pistol was standard procedure if you were in a family wealthy enough to buy you a real cap gun. I grew up with wooden, home made guns, for a long time, until dad finally took a permanent local job as us kids settled into school for the duration.

    Kind of makes you wonder where society will be in another 50 years …. if there’s still a “free USA” by then.


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