USA “gets ass handed to it” in WW3 simulations with China, Russia: analysts say

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Laura Widener, writing for American Military News, outlined a chilling prediction from the RAND research organization that the United States would not survive in an all out war with Russia and China.

Widener writes: The U.S. repeatedly “gets its ass handed to it” in World War III simulations, according to the global research organization RAND.
“In our games, when we fight Russia and China … blue gets its ass handed to it,” RAND senior researcher David Ochmanek said during a panel discussion at the Center for a New American Security think tank last week.

Watch his remarks at approximately 13:07 in the video below:

“We lose a lot of people. We lose a lot of equipment. We usually fail to achieve our objective of preventing aggression by the adversary,” he added.

Ochmanek said the scenarios often end with the “red” – Russia and China – destroying U.S. fighter jets while still on the runway, sinking U.S. warships, and destroying U.S. military bases and other vital military systems. “In every case I know of, the F-35 rules the sky when it’s in the sky,” said Robert Work, a former deputy secretary of defense and an expert war game analyst. “But it gets killed on the ground in large numbers.”

U.S. aircraft carriers are also considered more vulnerable to enemy attacks. “Things that sail on the surface of the sea are going to have a hard time,” Ochmanek said. The Chinese would “attack the American battle network at all levels, relentlessly, and they practice it all the time,” Work said. “On our side, whenever we have an exercise, when the red force really destroys our command and control, we stop the exercise and say, ‘Let’s restart.’”

There is a widespread assumption that paints America as a leading military power who wins handily in any wartime scenario, Ochmanek pointed out. However, he noted that this isn’t the case, and people are shocked to learn the truth – that all five warfare domains are contested.

“We do not have air superiority over the ballast space at the outset of these wars. We do not have maritime superiority. Our space assets are under attack with kinetic and non-kinetic means. Our command-and-control is under attack by electromagnetic attacks and cyber,” he continued.

The “brain and the nervous system that connects all of these pieces is suppressed, if not shattered,” Ochmanek said.

He also explained that the forward bases U.S. forces operate from are eliminated in war scenarios, taking away critical points of operation; researchers are unsure of what that means for America’s fate.
U.S. bases in Europe also pose a vulnerability due to their scattered proximity and insufficient defense capabilities.

“If we went to war in Europe, there would be one Patriot battery moving, and it would go to Ramstein [in Germany]. And that’s it,” Work noted. “We have 58 Brigade Combat Teams, but we don’t have anything to protect our bases. So what difference does it make?”

The researchers stressed that a military defeat is imminent unless the U.S. employs a major change in strategy.

“These are the things that the war games show over and over and over, so we need a new American way of war without question,” Work urged.

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Si vis pacem, para bellum.

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17 responses to “USA “gets ass handed to it” in WW3 simulations with China, Russia: analysts say

  1. We can all thank Bathhouse Barry for severely weakening our Armed Forces, some to below pre-WW ONE levels.

    That was one of his biggest agendas, one he largely succeeded at.

    • Some thanks also goes to Slick Willie & the Hildebeest.

      Without their help, China doesn’t skip a generation in trying to catch up to America militarily.

      • No kidding. No wonder we would get our ass handed to us with all the globalist traitors who have handed over all our technology to the Chinese. Who can forget that under the Clinton Administration the Long Beach Naval Station was sold to the Chinese!!!! Geez and then they tell us we would lose a war- yeah duh, because those bastards planned it that way.

        The vision of George Washington says in the end America will prevail after the whole world turns against her, and she is attacked from every direction, but seemingly that vision looks more unlikely and absurd by the day.
        More likely is this prophesy by an old Norwegian woman. WW3 according to her will bring devastation to America.

  2. We dominated the first (50’s) and second (70-80’s) strategic offsets. Then our government was infested by the crimminal elites that sold our tech to the highest bidders. The Pentagon has been scrambling to develope a third offset strategy for years. Thats where it stands. We are behind Russia and China. Who sold russia a fifth of our uranium? What group of clowns allowed our tech into private hands and across international borders. Any advantage we gained, leaked from the shadows. Our POTUS inherited a mess, I believe it can be turned around. Dont under estimate Space Force. It is not for taking pictures of other planets. It will be a shield above us from our enemies. Hard part is plugging all the leaks as we develope it…

  3. I think that a much simpler explanation exists for why China and Russia would win. It’s highly unlikely that either one of these countries will be in a position to attack the US from their native lands, as the distances involved are simply too great.

    That means the US –from its naval fleet to all the missiles it placed very near Russia’s borders– will be perceived by the Russians and Chinese as the aggressor. So we’ll be attacking two vast nations homelands, and it has long been known that people fighting a defensive war for their homeland will always fight harder, stronger, and longer, than the aggressor.

    I’m sure that Eo knows many examples from military history of this being the case, and can attest to what I write.

    During the Civil war it was clear that the North had the technological and industrial ability to crush the South from the get-go, however, it took four years of the most savage fighting the world had ever seen before the South could be said to be defeated.

  4. What will snowflakes, if drafted, do without their “safe space” and teddy bears? What will the diversity-privileged do when faced with more than a war of words that requires critical thinking, perseverance, overcoming hardship, and forging bonds of mutual reliance with truly diverse fellow fighters? What will the Netflix binge-watchers do without a constant diet of diversion and MREs instead of snacks?

  5. No one can predict the future with full accuracy. Suffice it to say, I don’t think America, generally speaking, has the will to win such a war. Or, if the President wants to win it (whomever that President is), he should launch a pre-emptive EMP strike.

    I imagine that, eventually, war will break out, somehow, somewhere, and one thing will lead to another. But at this point, I do not believe America has the will to win. This comes as no surprise: We’ve been beaten down and demoralized ever since the Kennedy assassination, almost non-stop.

    I fear for my nephews and niece and their children. Hopefully, we won’t be here to see it, and hopefully it won’t go nuclear (other than what I have suggested here).

  6. All the more reason why the U.S. should abandon the Democrats’ insistent demonization of Russia. No longer the commie USSR, we should forge a friendship with Russia. In truth, Russia has more conflicts with China, especially over border disputes, than with the U.S.

    • @DrEowyn,
      My thoughts exactly According to numerous sources and some observations of my own, the native Orthodox Christian Russian people took back their nation from the satanic mass murdering Bolsheviks when they collapsed the Soviet Union. Unfortunately for us many of the Bolsheviks and their descendants ended up in the US, who morphed into the cultural marxists of both parties.
      Before many of you were woke, during the 1996 elections, which Pat Buchanan should have won, the Globalist RINO’s (((Neocons))) conspired with the Bolshevik/Democrats to allow the Clinton Administration & the Democrat Campaign Finance Committee to commit treason and a multitude of felonies. This allowed the Communist Chinese government Permanent Normal Trade Relations (PNTR), membership into the WTO over many nations objections, transfer of our economic infrastructure & technology (and dominance) and thus our current massive trade deficit with them, as well as Guidance Missile & Nuclear technology and other military classified intell. This pushed the backward communist Chinese nation into its current position of owning us economically and perhaps militarily.
      It is not known how many tens of millions of illegal campaign contributions was made to the Clinton’s personally and the DCFC, but Al Fraud Gore’s money bag pickup at the Buddhist Temple was not an isolated incident.
      What happened in 1996 was so much more than “Collusion” & “Election Meddling”, it was treason on a grand scale, and placed us into our present day position. Any search into this treason that has been sent down the Orwellian Liberal Memory Hole begins with the Cox Report.


      • Nice summary from one of fotm’s best fact checkers and background providers, who could run this thread back through FDR’s Zio puppetmasters and Lend Lease, for starters.

        In a more general way I’d like to comment on the msm fig leaf I see all over conservative (ie, controlled) Internet sites—that the msm is effectively a propaganda arm of the federal gov. This is a limited hangout, red herring, eyewash or what have you inasmuch as the msm is a one-to-one function of the Jewish interests who control it, and if there’s a strong resemblance to gov propaganda, it’s secondarily because that same cabal controls the gov to much the same degree. Moreover, the same is true regarding social media, where, if there’s a correspondence to some nebulous Deep State or CIA cover story, it’s because they own that, too.

        As for the Republicans, they head fake right and then always run left, and yet some rubes out there in flyover land are still buying this flabby feint as if those absurd empty suits were All American boys. It can be demonstrated that, because there is a nearly perfect one-to-one function or direct correspondence between msm action and Republican reaction, or conceptually, something like y=ax + b, it follows the Republican Party is the dependent variable in an equation determined 100% by the same controllers of the msm. We are going down hard and being taken out of the game running after head fakes while our “leadership” dropped us back on the field and is partying in the clubhouse with their “dear colleagues on the other side of the aisle.” As one piece of evidence I submit Rand Paul being forced, and on the behalf of the millions of patriots in bedrock Kentucky, to get down on his knees in abject submission to the msm and the interests it represents. Funny thing how it all applies to the Dems as well.

    • Hear, hear. I’m so tired of hearing about their imaginary boogey man.

    • Steven Broiles

      I absolutely agree with you, Dr. E., and it seemed, for a while, that that was something President Trump was trying to do.
      But now Russia has sent people—of some designation—to Venezuela. A very hostile move in the Chess Game, it seems.

      So what happens next? The Dems will continue to be rabid! (While we continue to stand there and be SHOCKED! SHOCKED, I TELL YOU!) Yep.

  7. We have a president in office whom we thought would fight for this country but we have been deceived. He is basically a coward and in it mainly for himself. He could arrest these seditious aholes in the State and DoD and in the House and Senate but he is too afraid. He could send the “real army” to our borders and stop this crap but he is too afraid of doing so. He could ignore these self-righteous judges who abrogate his authority but he doesn’t. He could demand impeachment of these radical activist judges but he will not. He could face off with our adversaries but he will not. He could do more about NK but he will not. Trump is a talker not a doer.

    • Steven Broiles

      I hate to have to agree with you, Larry, but it seems I am compelled to do so. (Certainly if he jettisoned that son-in-law of his, THAT’D BE GREAT.)

  8. Future war:

    Go to 29:27 mark.

  9. No wars on two fronts.


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