Utopia will be achieved: Seattle awards $34M to 30 agencies to end homelessness

seattle homelessness

Tax dollars required to end homelessness…

In a previous post, I told you about Seattle’s serious homelessness problem. From my post:
“In 2016, the King County region saw an increase of 19% of our unsheltered population, the majority of those people residing in Seattle. In November of 2015, Mayor Murray declared a State of Emergency on Homelessness to bring light to this crisis and seek greater support from our state and federal partners. Mayor Murray has increased spending on homelessness intervention and prevention and the City of Seattle is now spending a record high of nearly $50 million dollars to address this crisis.”
The city hired a “Director of Homelessness” to ensure that the City’s increased efforts were well coordinated and driving toward the greatest outcomes for those in need. The new Director of Homelessness was tasked with executing the Mayor’s priorities on this issue. In August 2016, the city hired George Scarola to fill this position, who makes $137,500 per year.
In 2016, the Human Services Division invested $55 million in homelessness services. That large amount of tax-payer dollars didn’t solve the problem so $34 million more is needed.
From MyNorthwest.com: Calling it a fundamental shift in the City of Seattle’s approach to homelessness, Mayor Tim Burgess says the Human Services Department will fund 30 agencies to help move people into permanent housing. Those agencies plan to use the $34 million awarded to move more than twice as many people into housing next year than in 2017.
“By moving people from living on the street to permanent homes, we provide them a springboard to better opportunities and a more stable life,” said Mayor Tim Burgess. “We are focused on the only result that ends homelessness: housing. We are holding our providers accountable to that same result. I commend HSD for their focus on results and accountability for public dollars.”
The goal is to move more than 7,000 households into housing in 2018, including 739 families and 1,094 youth and young adults. (According to the HSD 2016 report, there was 6,128 exits to permanent housing throughout King County. Yet in 2017 there was another 7,000 homeless? That’s an awful lot of new homeless households in one year. The numbers just don’t make sense to me.)
The city says the awards fall into seven categories: Prevention, Diversion, Outreach and Engagement, Emergency Services, Transitional Housing, Rapid Re-Housing, and Permanent Supportive Housing.
The Human Services Department received 181 applications from 57 agencies, according to the city.
According to the city’s annual point-in-time count, 8,746 people are homeless in Seattle, and there are 3,857 unsheltered people.

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How does a state, city, etc end homelessness if you keep giving him taxpayers money for doing nothing. They need jobs not handouts. Handouts keeps them on the government nipple while taxpayers are having their taxes raised to sky high amounts. What happens when the money runs out, which it eventually will.

True Dan
True Dan

Of course the numbers don’t make sense. The Seattle Government just wants to give away taxpayers money to make it look as though they are doing something about homelessness and to buy votes. Give out the handouts and the homeless will come running from far and wide. And, by the way, Seattle doesn’t have enough money so the City Council and Mayor want to raise existing taxes and create new taxes. I wonder to what good use the funds used to create new bike lanes in downtown Seattle could have been put. Perhaps to provide housing for the homeless.


Here are my predictions.
A. Violent crime will rise in direct proportion to the influx of homeless.
B. Poverty rate will also rise as well.
C. Bankruptcy in less than 10 years.


There is much truth needed to be written in the post and comments, but the other half of the picture needs to be considered also. Ever since November 22, 1963, we have shifted into a statist military industrial nation, then, under the Bush-handled Reagan administration, into a globalist military industrial nation that invites masses of people seeking nothing here but an opportunity to overthrow our nation. Jobs leave, unemployables rush in, major central bankers get rich and powerful beyond belief.


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These giveaway schemes are appalling. Jobs are drying up everywhere and they continue to farm work out to foreign nations. Then they import welfare recipients and expect those with jobs to pay for it. What would they do if all those with jobs just quit? Who would pay for this foolishness then? When The Church does mission work they teach them skills. They show them how to open business, how to pool their money and send people to school, etc.. They don’t just hand out money. The goal is that there are opportunities for those willing to work. The goal… Read more »