Utimate Smackdown! I love the touch about supporting the policy of President William McKinley even though Gibson Guitar has hired 600 new employees. LOL!

The House Energy and Commerce Committee sent a very civil missive regarding the Gibson Guitar Company raid to the Dept of  Justice, the Dept of the Interior and Dept of  Fish & Wildlife. 

Full PDF of Letter Here
H/T Kelleigh

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This reminds me of the incident re an antique Erhard piano made circa 1900 in Paris using elephant ivory for the white keys. I cannot recall the pianist’s name: a citizen of the US of A, she waited years for the particularly fine tonality of an Erhard. When it got to NY, Customs agents descended on it and ripped those keys out. Why? Because elephants are endangered and their ivory is forbidden to be brought into the country. Never mind that this was from a century earlier, and in another nation! For US Customs, the sins of the father are… Read more »