Useful Idiots for Islam

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In political jargon, “useful idiot” is a term for people who, unwittingly, are propagandists for a cause the goals of which they are not fully aware, and who are used cynically by the leaders of the cause.
Fact #1: As a money-making operation, ISIS or Islamic State are kidnapping thousands of women and children from their homes and selling them into slavery. See, for example, this Dec. 27, 2015 (UK) Express article.
Fact #2: A Syrian operative admitted that more than 4,000 covert ISIS gunmen had been smuggled into western countries, hidden amongst “innocent” refugees. (Source: Express, Nov. 18, 2015)
And here are Islam’s useful idiots:
Useful idiots for Islam
H/t John Molloy

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0 responses to “Useful Idiots for Islam

  1. No surprise here, Dr. Eowyn. The vast majority of millennials are not only whiny, snively idiots, but “entitled” spoiled brats as well. To wit:

  2. I guess these girls are unaware that liberalism can get you killed.
    Perhaps we should send them info on a nice Swedish girl, Elin Krantz, that also thought she loved diversity and was open to immigration.
    They can google her name and plenty info comes up including before, when she was alive and beautiful,and after, when she left dead when her rapist was so violent he burst her brain vessels.
    Or the young woman that was taken when she left her job as a nurse and they found her dead in a field in a not so nice position either.
    Both were killed by illegals.
    Or the info on the two beautiful young girls, high school age, from Australia, both ran away and joined ISIS and both were used as sex toys and when one end up pregnant, they killed her, her friend followed shortly.
    These young people have not realized, death is permanent.

  3. My wife has worked with a young woman who fell in love with a muslim. She soon began adopting muslim clothing styles, covering her head, etc. We don’t understand how a young American girl can be so stupid, in the face of daily reports of muslim atrocities around the world.

  4. Slavery still exists in Saudi Arabia (as well as parts of Africa) today. But what is Saudi Arabia? For all practical purposes, it is Great Britain’s vassal state, run by a family of criminals whom we and Great Britain protect. Saudi Arabia is not even a nation-state in the modern sense of the term: The Royal Family there considers themselves to be owners of the land—as if it were their personal property—who allow others to live on it. (Churchill and others either set up Saudi Arabia or allowed it to become established in its current political structure. They also established the current national boundaries in the Middle East, leading, in part, to the present troubles).
    What kind of a religion is this that encourages all of the worst carnality of men? St. Thomas Aquinas tackled this matter head-on: He wrote that Mohammed sought out men as carnal as himself, and he encouraged his followers to do the same. (And they consider Jesus Our Lord to be a prophet, as if He would EVER condone their evil?!)
    Islam, like the New World Order manipulating it, is a BEAST SYSTEM. It is a criminal racket with a political ideology and structure, masquerading as a religion!

  5. Excellant article and comments. Ditto to all.

  6. How many rapefugees did these girls invite into their homes? Silly girls…

  7. Exactly I concur with all comments, it’s good vs evil..
    It is impossible to imagine what the world would have evolved into without European Colonialism. Like what would have happened if you father never met your mother? But we can catch a glimpse of what Islam would do if not opposed because they have been pretty consistent for 1000 years.
    There is a line in the sand and you stand on one side or the other.
    I called Cruz an anti-semite for his crack about NY and was accused of being a liberal troll.

  8. sign should read “Rapefugees Welcome”
    might as well be gazelles waiting for tigers, or
    ‘3 blind mice’…that pic would make for a great caption contest 🙂

  9. …Or don’t think at all-same results.

  10. I don’t even know where to start.

  11. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this amazing post. Our Lord warned us to be both kind and gentle, but also wise and intelligent. In other words, he warned us not to behave as fools. Such is the situation regarding the above women. . .

  12. Who are the Jihadis serving as useful idiots for?
    The idiots part works, but the words ‘Jihadi’ and ‘useful’ are hard to put into the same sentence.
    Hmm let’s see here now Andy:
    The jihadis kill a bunch of Christians and eliminate Israel, further undermine whatever is passing for a government in Iraq; maybe knock out Hassad. Freak out American voters to want to stand down.
    Buy some Nukes from N Korea and turn ISIS to ashes.
    Now who would want that?
    Hmmmmm yeaah.
    Then The UN whacks Iran and we’re well on the way to the NWO. Then put Obama in charge of that.

  13. guys….at all you have one mistake there…there is aproximately 1.7 bilion muslims around world….if they were all terrorists ,believe me you all would be dead….but that’s not right…muslims are not terrorists….terrorim has no religion…ISIS is not islam…Vahabism is not islam

    • “if they were all terrorists”
      WRONG! No where in this post have I said that all Muslims are terrorists. But it is true that 9 of the 10 most dangerous countries for Christians are Muslim.
      “muslims are not terrorists
      WRONG! There are so many examples of terrorists who clearly are Muslim that you must be insane to make this claim.
      “ISIS is not islam”
      WRONG! To begin, ISIS is the acronym for the ISLAMIC State of Iraq and Syria.
      “Vahabism is not islam”
      WRONG! Wahhabism is a radical/fundamentalist/extremist branch of Sunni Islam, prevalent in Saudi Arabia, and subscribed to by Osama bin Laden.
      Either you, arius, are abysmally ignorant or you are attempting to deceive, i.e., engaged in taqiya. You must think we are fools.

  14. How many muzzles have the administration imported into the White House and positions in the government?

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