USA officially has clowns in charge: John Kerry Brings James Taylor To Paris To Play ‘You’ve Got A Friend’

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Daily Caller: Under fire for being a no-show at the Paris March Against Terrorism, the Obama administration sent Secretary of State John Kerry to Paris today to give a “big hug” to the French.
In addition to expressing solidarity with the French people, Secretary Kerry brought singer James Taylor to play his 1970s hit song “You’ve Got A Friend” for the French.
Kerry awkwardly stood by as Taylor played his song for the crowd, who applauded loudly when he was done.
An appropriate response (as seen on The Five):

You can’t make this stuff up…

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0 responses to “USA officially has clowns in charge: John Kerry Brings James Taylor To Paris To Play ‘You’ve Got A Friend’

  1. I am so embarrassed and ashamed for my country. 🙁

    • Sigh! I don’t think it’s our country any more, or will it ever be again I fear. Lets have honesty in politics, dress them all up in clown suits, paint up their faces and have them run around with banana cream pies and seltzer bottles
      Or more fitting, dress them up as demons.

  2. The only explanation is that they installed a chip in James Taylor’s head and were threatening to make him have straight sex with Kerry’s wife then blow his head off for an encore if he didn’t fold up like pocket knife and sing into that guitar mike.
    He should’ve said to get the sound system straight, only then I’ll sing, you turds.
    Then when that idiot brings over another mike, it wasn’t even on. What a totally screwed up gig. We know Kerry could f*ck up a free lunch, but James Taylor, Liberal Cambridge Moonchild or not, knows how to perform his biggest hit, and that sucked wicked.

  3. Call it “Kerry’s Travelling Ass Clown Circus”

  4. While we are all being kept busy by these ‘theatrics’ as a result of staged Pariss shootings and it’s aftermath,Obama has just met Queen’s distant cousin ,David Cameron to announce jump starting relations with a bunch of backward ,illiterate clergies called MULLAHs.

  5. As I noted elsewhere, I just hope the French and the British have noodled out that, in dealing with the 7th Century savages, they are pretty much on their own.

  6. Son of the Rabbit People

    I think they are trying to force the French to surrender.

  7. It just goes to show you that even ‘the world’s lone superpower’ has a fragile hold on reality. All it takes is an asshole in a critical position here (like, say POTUS), and another asshole there (like the AG), and a couple of them in a row over there (secretary of state), with anti American advisors, racist hatemongers, gaystapo, and a few million unfettered, disease ridden illegal criminal aliens all over the place…….. and…… Bingo!
    Just add water and you have Instant Third World Nation!
    All brought to you by the Democratic National Committee, Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid, LLC. (“What laws? ….. We don’t need no stinkin’ laws….. we make it up as we go along!”)
    It’s all so ……… transparent.

  8. One of the single most embarrassing things I’ve ever seen! Is this our new foreign policy?

  9. Also… done before on The Simpsons (the episode where Homer’s on the Space Shuttle)– folk who dream this up weren’t even original.


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